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Chapter 47: Anqi's Decision

Meanwhile, Ying Yue pondered for a sec before staring at the corner of the room.

Slowly, a figure of a mid-aged woman appeared there.

She looked at Ying Yue with an emotional gaze and asked in a soft voice.

"Yue, do you truly want to walk this path?"

Ying Yue looked at the mid-aged woman and spoke with no emotion.

"Aunt Ling, if even you cannot help me take my revenge on them, the only choice left for me is to walk on this path and take it myself."

Aunt Ling sighed for a while, then she asked.

"Why is this Hou so important to you, that you would even try to seduce him? Isn't he still a kid?"

Ying Yue showed her bright smile and happily replied.

"He's the only grandson of Liu Clans branch head from the Red Mist City. That branch has most wealth and cultivation resources than their other clan branches and main clan combined."

"And if I somehow obtained that wealth, I could easily set up my force and take my revenge sooner."

Aunt Ling pondered for a moment and nodded her head, however, she still didn't trust her words.

So she asked in doubt.

"Is that all? You can easily find a wealthy clan with your beauty. I don't believe you've tried to seduce him only for that right?"

Ying Yue slightly nodded her head and said in honest.

"When that Liu Clan branch offended Supreme Wong Shi by capturing the adopted granddaughter of his."

"All the clan grand elders, Patriarch and even the old Patriarch from main Liu Clan came to Red Mist City, then battled against Supreme Wong Shi. However, no detail spread about it and everyone said it was only a rumour."

"Also, another unbelievable rumour said Hou had died. But, somehow he revived later, though I don't believe that."

"Everyone assumed as a baseless rumour until I discovered the whereabouts of Supreme Wong Shi's adopted granddaughter. You won't believe her location right now."

Her words slightly surprised aunt Ling, yet still didn't believe those rumours, as both were unconvincing. Though she still curiously asked.

"So where is she now?"

"She just left from this room." Ying Yue answered and giggled.

Her reply puzzled aunt Ling, so she asked in confusion.

"Do you mean one of those girls from earlier?"

Ying Yue nodded before saying.

"Yes, the older girl is her."

"The weirdest thing is, she protects and follows Hou everywhere unlike the rumour."

"Maybe the whole rumour is false and instead, the Rain Forest Academy is secretly nurturing Hou as their next genius."

"If he is, by the time he grows up, he would be my weapon and shield. Then, who can stop me from letting me take my revenge?"

"That's the main reason I want him."

Aunt Ling pondered in silence before nodding her head. If Hou became strong and powerful as Ying Yue hoped, then there would be anything to worry. However, she quickly dismissed that idea when she remembered something. She asked with an anxious tone.

"Is there anything for us to worry about the Imperial Palace City?"

When Ying Yue heard that, her expression changed and became serious.

However, she relaxed after remembering something and replied with a smile.

"Nothing to worry."

"Ever since the Crown Prince Xiu inherited the Monarch Zhu legacy, Sky Sword Sect stopped influencing Princess Cui Ci and the palace."

"Though they tried to arrange a marriage between her and their Sect master's son. However, hearing Empress Bing was still alive, they quickly removed that plan and remained vigilant."

Aunt Ling sighed in relief before hugging her. She rubbed her head before disappearing from that spot.

Ying Yue closed her eyes and showed her bright smile while pondering something.

Afterwards, Hou, Lily and Long Anqi left the tavern and entered an inn to stay for a night.

When Lily only asked for one room, Long Anqi slightly flustered, but she didn't have any money and could only reluctantly follow them. Find authorized novels in Webnovel, faster updates, better experience, Please click <a href=";s-decision_29550937928418908">;s-decision_29550937928418908</a> for visiting.

Inside the room, both Hou and Lily hurriedly undressed and entered a pool bath together. She stared at Lily with a weird gaze, yet still followed them.

At the pool bath, suddenly, Hou asked Long Anqi a question.

"Anqi, are you lost again?"

Long Anqi stared him in annoyance but still asked.

"What do you mean?"

Hou was certain now the reason she became lost and couldn't a way out from the wilderness because she was an utter stupid. He asked in a blunt tone.

"When are you planning to leave?"

Long Anqi froze before she cried out loud while wiping her tears.

However, occasionally, she would peek from a corner of her eyes at Hou and Lily.

Hou wanted to slap her but Lily stood up and blocked his vision. He sighed and asked.

"If you tell me the reason you want to stay with us, I might consider."

Long Anqi stopped pretending and looked straight into his eyes before replying with sincere.

"I have no money with me, and you're a rich young master, while big sis Lily is a powerful person. If I stay with you guys, I'll get to enjoy and live a peaceful life with no danger. So please let me stay with you."

Instantly, he stood up and looked at her before asking.

"Do you want to leech from us?"

Long Anqi nodded her head with a dazzling smile.

Hou showed his creepy smile while his eyes slowly shined in a bright spark before he slyly asked.

"How long do you play to stay with us?"

When Long Anqi caught his smile, she felt something amiss.

However, recalling how she had lived in the wilderness alone, and now experiencing an enjoyable and peaceful life, she answered in a hurried voice.

"I want to stay with you guys forever."

When he heard her words, finally Hou couldn't control himself, laughed out loud while clutching his stomach. While Lily wanted to warn her, but knowing Hou, she only sighed and pitied for her.

Long Anqi gave a confused look at him and asked in suspicion.

"So will you let me stay with you?"

Hou forcibly stopped his laugh and agreed with a weird smile.

"Yes, You can live with us for the rest of your life. Even if you want to leave, I'll never let you."

Afterwards, he left the pool bath, leaving them alone.

Lily glanced at Long Anqi and said in a bitter tone.

"I hope you don't regret this decision later."

She stood up and left too, while Long Anqi just became puzzled.

But, she didn't consider much, as she won't wander alone in the wilderness anymore.

She felt relieved and happy.

Afterwards, she started to clean herself.

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Proofread by SpacePhoenix.

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