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Chapter 116: Arrived at Liu Clan

At the quiet garden inside the Palace, a mid-aged man in a golden robe was feeding raw fleshes to the fishes in the pond. He seemed in a good mood as he continued humming a cheerful tone.

Several huge fishes with sharp teeth were swimming at the pond and fighting against each other for the fleshes. Those fishes ate only the flesh of the spirit beasts and considered as the treasure among men. The blood of these fishes was the highest grade aphrodisiac which would boost the men's lower part for whole ten days while during the effect, the women would lose their consciousness and only desire for men. That's why the men gave a name to the fish as Holy Ten Days.

A few footsteps rang behind him. Even so, he didn't turn around and continued with feeding the fishes.

However, all of a sudden, a cold chill appeared behind his back, so he shifted his sight behind his back.

A white-haired old woman and a white-robed young man stood a distance away from him.

Tiny glittering blue ice pieces were floating around the old woman's hand and emitting a cold around the surrounding area.

Before the mid-aged man could ask anything, the old woman raised her palm toward him.

Instantly, three long blue ice spears appeared out of nowhere and surrounded the mid-aged man from three different directions.

"Little De, who is Hou? Tell me everything about him," asked the old woman emitting a dangerous glint from her eyes.

Startled, her question stunned the mid-aged man who remained rooted in a daze for a moment. The mid-aged man examined their expression, but he still didn't find any clue.

Suddenly, he remembered the reports and sensed a bad premonition.

"Elder Si, did Hou provoke you in any way? If he did, please forgive him. He is only a mischief child with no guidance. I'll make sure to teach him a lesson and also find people to guide him on a correct path," said the mid-aged man with a nervous voice.

"Stop talking nonsense and explain whose child is he!" shouted Elder Si with a displeased tone.

The mid-aged man hesitated and glanced toward the white-robed young man. He still didn't figure why she was asking about Hou. However, he understood they met with him today, and Hou must have done something to them.

The mid-aged man gritted his teeth and spoke in a low voice, "Hou is mine and Bing's second child. After we had survived the assassin attempt, we hid him at Liu Clan with his grandpa until he grows up."

His heart kept thumping at a rapid pace while his clothes drenched in his sweats.

Elder Si scanned his expression and wore a meaningful smile on her face. Without a word, she turned around and disappeared the sight.

The mid-aged man fell flat to the ground and closed his eyes.

However, before he could take a deep breath, an indistinct voice came from somewhere deeper within the garden.

"Bring him and his guardian girl to the sacred ground."

The mid-aged man jumped back on his feet and gazed everywhere in the garden with a frightened expression.

His hands and legs kept trembling, but he forced himself to calm down.

After a while, he began to walk toward the Palace hall at a slow pace as if he was carrying a heavy load on his back.

Meanwhile, the white-robed young man spoke no words and with a complex expression, watched the mid-aged man leave the spot.

Back at the Paradise Mansion.

Within a dark room, Madam Liao was standing beside the window and gazing toward the Palace.

Even though she had stopped Fatty Bo from following Hou, she wanted to follow Hou and asked him a couple of questions to clear her suspicion. Find authorized novels in Webnovel, faster updates, better experience, Please click <a href=""></a> for visiting.

However, she didn't because she thought that she might leak her information to Hou.

Furthermore, after Ping Clan Head's appearance, she didn't trust Hou anymore. She had a gut feeling that if she did, she would make the biggest mistake of her life. Hence, she didn't hesitate to cut off ties between Fatty Bo and Hou.

A moment later, Madam Liao shifted her gaze from the Palace to an empty corner in the room and asked, "did you recognise their skills?"

Suddenly, a shadow formed at the empty corner and responded to her in a hoarse voice.

"Yes, Madam Liao, the kid used the 9 Mirage Dash Step, and the lady used a skill resembling the Nina Dragon Roar. Only Royal Palace had those skills and hid them deep within the Palace Vault, however, twelve years ago, those skills went missing along with Ten Thousand Heartsrike and Jade Heart Dragon Sword."

Madam Liao frowned and pondered everything in her head, but she couldn't connect the dots.

"Is there a chance they came from the Royal family?" Madam Liao asked again even though she didn't believe it herself.

The shadow took out a red pendant and said, "Impossible!"

"The pendant didn't detect any sign of Monarch Zhu's bloodline on them. Furthermore, if they were from the Royal family, they wouldn't enter the Paradise Mansion unless they want to break the oath between our Ancestor."

Madam Liao nodded her head while she became even more confused. However, she had a hunch that they were part of the Royal family.

"Gather everyone and search for their information in detail," she said as she understood that she needed their complete information and figured out whether an ally or an enemy before taking any action.

Then, she began to walk toward the exit.

The shadow hesitated for a moment before speaking in a low voice, " Princess, you need win Jum Bo's heart sooner and start the trial before the deadline. As long as you dual cultivate with him, your Realm would rise faster than any genius in this generation. Only then, we would regain our chance to prove our loyalty to them. Please do not forget our Ancestor's bitterness."

Madam Liao paused her steps and glared toward the shadow, however, she didn't rebuke at all. With a dark expression, she headed toward Fatty Bo's room.

Meanwhile, a carriage stopped in front of a massive gate at the Liu Clan.

Hou and the girls slowly stepped out of the carriage and approached toward the gate.

Just as they took a step, suddenly, a tiny kid bumped into Hou and fell to the ground.

Hou swept his gaze toward the tiny kid and examined him.

However, his expression froze and became enraged upon seeing the kid's appearance.

Without any words, Hou grabbed the kid and threw him high in the air before sending relentless punches and kicks at the kid.


The kid fell to the ground creating a deep crater. He had a broken nose, dislocated bones, his clothes covered in blood with fists and kicks marks, and his faces had swollen too big that no one would recognise him anymore.

Meanwhile, the girls said nothing and only stood as they watched Hou thrash the kid. After all, the girls had seen Hou beating a kid once in every city or village for the entire three years though they could never understand his reason for his action.

When the surrounding guards around the gate saw the sight, they became alarmed and took a defensive stance while a guard hurried toward the Clan to notify the elders.

However, Hou and the girls ignored them and entered through the gate after throwing a small pouch toward them.

The guards didn't know what to say or do, so they only followed them at a close distance while keeping their defensive form all the time.

Once they left the sight, the injured kid stood up from the crater and began to limp toward a corner. A sly smile hung on his mouth as he peeked at their direction.

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