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Chapter 99: Battle

High above the ocean of the clouds, an intense battle was happening between a few silhouettes.

Like a lightning and thunder roars in the cloud, those silhouettes moved at a tyrannical speed and clashed from one spot to another in the cloud.

3 silhouettes were circling around a figure and waiting for an opening to take a strike.

Each of those silhouettes would display a monstrous strength and strike aiming to take the figure's life.

However, the figure would receive their attack with a deadly attack. Find authorized novels in Webnovel, faster updates, better experience, Please click <a href=""></a> for visiting.

On their every collision, big bang explosions and sparks would occur and disperse the clouds to reveal their appearance.

A white-haired old woman with huge scaled claws floated in the sky as she showed a playful smile toward the 2 old men and a handsome mid-aged man.

Although, those 3 men appeared dishevelled and slight injured, their injuries were healing at the extreme rate.

However, they felt distressed and verged on the breakpoint because even with their combined strength; they stood at a disadvantage position fighting the old woman.

After all, they were fighting to survive and leave the place before someone joined the battle.

Meanwhile, everyone on the ground grasped a breath with amazement and fear watching the intense battle in the sky.

For most people, this was their first time seeing such a high realm action in person at the close distance.

Although they sensed the shattered deadly Qi from the battle almost reaching toward them, with the stadium protection, they stood safe and viewed the battle.

While some scared people doubted whether the stadium would keep protecting them, so they ran out of the stadium and hid far away though still looked at the battle.

Meanwhile, the 5 old men and Bai Li's group glanced toward Hou for his order.

However, they found Hou glued to the battle and didn't seem to plan on ordering them to assist Ye Wan.

The 5 old men seemed relieved knowing they don't have to battle Ouyang Patriarch Min. Yet, they became quite puzzled and worried since they had done nothing here and wondered whether Hou would pay them.

As the Bai Li's group, they thought Hou wanted to watch the intense battle and forgot about their presence. So, they only waited for the battle to end. Furthermore, they knew their old Sect Master would handle the battle without their help.

Meanwhile, Hou was gazing at the battle in the sky without bothering the pleading and begging cries of teary Ouyang Lanyu who was clutching his body.

He seemed a little surprised noticing their battle skills and strength. After all, it was also his first time witnessing a battle between the Sovereign Realm experts.

However, what baffled and fascinated him most was their healing ability. He had seen the old woman with her claws ripping apart those men's hands and legs.

Yet, those old men regenerated their limbs back on the next collision.

Now he understood the might of the Sovereign Mortal Realm.

He wondered whether he should capture one of them for target practising but he dismissed that thought once he remembered Ouyang Lanyu and recalled something.

With a smug smile plastered on his face, Hou rubbed Ouyang Lanyu's hair and spoke.

"Real show has yet to begin. When it starts, you might change your tone."

He grabbed a wine cup from the table and gulped in a breath before asking.

"Ying Yue, will that person appear here?"

Ying Yue scanned the whole stadium and responded to him in a sincere tone.

"Yes, young master Hou. That person has already arrived here and hidden somewhere right now."

Hou nodded his head while throwing the wine cup in the air as he gave a signal toward Lily with his eyes.

Meanwhile, Ouyang Lanyu became confused with their conversation and tried to guess whom he meant by that person.

Just as she prepared to ask him, suddenly, an overbearing, suppressive aura emitted out beside her.

When she turned her sight toward the aura, she discovered Lily leaping in the air while revealing her Realm.

Early Stage Sovereign Mortal Realm.

She and everyone within the stadium became shocked and bewildered with the emerge of the youngest Sovereign Realm expert in the entire Ice Empire.

Even though none detected her Realm before, they never had predicted such a result.

All of those lecherous males became scared and fell to the ground as their feet lost the strength to even stand. They hoped and prayed that she doesn't come after them.

While the powerful individuals started to consider after the wedding, they would greet them and form a friendly relationship.

After all, only a few places trained and nurtured such a monstrous genius like Lily or Hou.

Meanwhile, up in the sky, those 3 men and the old woman also detected her aura and became startled.

However, they didn't think much and ignored her since they felt Lily still didn't qualify to interfere in their battle.

When Lily caught them ignoring her, she showed her dazzling smile and gathered her Qi on her hand.

A tiny purple flame appeared on her palm and slowly enlarged while manifesting into a purple flame bird.

Once the purple flame bird expanded 10 times larger than her height, Lily grip her hand and formed into a fist.

The purple flame bird shrieked opening its mouth toward those 3 men up in the sky and flapped its wings creating a swirling storm.

Without any further delay, the purple flame bird gathered all the fire Qi at its mouth and released it toward those men in the sky.

In a blink of an eye, the gathered fire Qi travelled in a lightning speed and stuck on one of the old men, just like a sonic beam.

Instantly, the purple flames burned the old man's lower body into ashes while consuming his Qi from his body.

Hence, the old man chopped off his lower body and fell to the ground after he lost his balance and could not control his body in the air.

Meanwhile, the purple flame bird dissipated in the air after losing all the Qi.

Lily slowly descended to the ground beside Hou as if she was just like a falling feather.

She seemed exhausted as her face appeared paled and could barely stand on her feet.

So, she sat down and began to recuperate her Qi because she had used almost all her Qi on the earlier strike.

Meanwhile, the men and the old woman up in the sky, they glanced at the old man falling to the ground with disbelief and panic-stricken expressions on their faces.

They did not comprehend nor believe their eyes how Lily managed to possess such a destructive attack.

Just before the attack, they assumed she was only attempting for a futile effort to please Hou.

However, when she released her attack, they did not even detect any trace of danger nor see the incoming attack toward them until it landed the old man.

All their hair stood erect and fear crept into their hearts as they discovered the purple flames burning the old man's lower body into ashes.

Furthermore, they sensed the old man seemed unable to heal himself anymore after the attack. Their instinct told them that the purple flames burned the soul.

Hence, they stayed vigilant for her next attack. But, when they discovered Lily taking a rest, they heaved a sighed in relief knowing she won't attack them anytime soon.

Just as those men in the sky planned to escape using their full strength, the old woman grabbed an opening after seeing their hesitation and punched them.

Both those men also fell to the ground beside the other old man adding another 2 craters with a loud bang.

Right at that moment, Hou clapped his hands motioning those 5 old men and Bai Li's group to capture them.

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