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Chapter 2: Beginning II

At the Immortal Realm Plane

A lonely person was standing and watching over the cliff as if trying to remember and locate the most beautiful thing in the entire plane.

After staring for a while, she spoke:

"How long?"

Suddenly, a mid-aged person with an eerie aura appeared a few paces behind that person.

He replied as he bowed her with respect:

"He has already been born and entered the Lowest Mortal Realm Plane as according to the plan, so it might take a few years. but I fear Empress Fann already knows about it."

"Princess, should we continue with Plan B?"

As if hearing a ridiculous joke, the Princess started to laugh, but the man felt cold sweats poured down behind his neck.

Finally, she stopped and said:

"If Empress Fann could do anything, she wouldn't wait till now. As long as the seal remains, none of us can enter there, even if someone wants. I've already waited for 20 thousand years, so, I can wait for several years more as it is nothing for me."

"As for Plan B, no need."

"We're not prepared for it."

The mid-aged man frowned hearing that but still asked:

"Yes, Princess, so should we recruit this generation geniuses?"

"Search only the useful and efficient ones. As for rest, no need but leave them, no harm."

She stared at the cliff as if that part was her entire world.

"Yes, Princess."

The Mid-aged man disappeared and moved extreme fast toward the Ancient City.


At the Lowest Mortal Realm Plane

After the baby closed his eyes, the injured couple recovered from their disturbed state.

They couldn't believe they were still alive, even after those many assassins surrounded them. What the most unsettled part was, a weak and unknown baby had killed them through a wail.

The injured couple nodded their heads in an understanding while staring at each other.

As if knowing, they were thinking the same. Finally, the injured mother looked at her own son, panting badly from all the running during these days. She shifted her sight toward the baby and said.

"Xiu, from today onwards you're the big brother and he's your little brother, Hou."

Xiu glanced at his mother and nodded his head.

The mid-aged man showed a tender smile as he watched at his wife and his son.

He was the current Emperor of the Ice Empire, Emperor De, known as a warm-hearted, yet the weakest emperor in the generation in all the history of the Ice Empire.

3 days later, they met up with the remaining injured Royal guards and the generals.

Among them, the two mid-aged old men came forward before him and kneeled on the ground, but they said nothing.

Emperor De swept his gaze toward his most trusted palace Head guard and general.

The general looked like the younger version of the Emperor, with a few facials similarities, who was also his only brother.

The other mid-aged man was the palace Head guard, serving and protecting the Royal Palace through all the generation.

Emperor De knew both were still his most trusted and formidable aides so he did not doubt them at all.

He said: "First, let's return inside the palace."

They soon entered the carriage, and it moved toward a direction quickly, yet steady paced.


At the cliff, a few dark shadows had been observing them for the past few days.

One of the dark shadows was extremely thin and looked like someone who will only live for a few years.

He spoke in a very sinister voice:

"Why did the source say that the 2nd princess was arriving with the Emperor?"

"Did the Sky Sword Sect interfere or did someone leak news about us?"

Another dark-coloured cloaked person replied with a bewitching voice.

"Once the Sky Sword Sect found out that the 2nd princess was a genius with the sword, who at 7 already had achieved sword intent at Early Stage Spirit Origin Realm, they'd pay anything just to protect her. So, it doesn't come as a surprise if someone leaked it."

"We should leave her and focus on the next step."

The skinniest person glared at the dark-coloured cloaked person and spoke in a cold tone.

"Sovereign Ling, do you think I do not know where your stand at Sky Sword Sect?"

"No matter, what kind of your relation with Sovereign Sword Yang you had in the past, it doesn't change that he almost wiped out your family at the last Supreme Sects Gathering Summit."

"Even though, the 2nd princess is one of the genius in this generation, yet not the strongest among them."

" But, just the title of a disciple of Sky Sword Sect would be enough reason for them to protect her from any harm.

"After the next Supreme Sects Gathering Summit, she'd be someone even we wouldn't dare to touch…. you need to do justice for your beloved disciple and family. My son, he didn't deserve to die. Don't forget you have made an oath that, you will revenge them even at your last breath!"

Sovereign Ling looked at the mid-aged skinny man in silence.

Only she understood her own pain, sadness, and agony within her,

"Since we've already failed this time, we can only go ask for help from that person. " said another mid-aged man with helplessness and some fear when he recalled that person.

All of them stayed quiet as they knew whom they planned to ask for help as their last resort. Though they seemed reluctant to involve themselves with that person, they had no option.

One by one they vanished in the air as if they had never been here.

The lonely cliff was all that remained, but if someone looked up from below the cliff, then they'd only see the dark skies.


After returning to the palace, Emperor De entered the secret palace garden, which was surrounded by all kinds of different formations.

At the centre was a clear pond, standing next to it, were a white-haired old-man and a petite girl around 8 years.

The white-haired old-man was an elder of the Sky Sword Sect, Elder Ba, and the petite girl was the current 2nd princess of Ice Empire, Chu Ci.

They have been discussing the legendary ice flame at the Forbidden Northern Zone. No one knew the actual origin of this ice flame.

But, the rumours said an unknown Ancient Monarch Realm cultivator died and gave birth to the ice flame from his core.

As Emperor De sight caught them, they noticed his injured body. Princess Chu Ci ran towards her father, wiping her tears:

"Father, how are you injured?"

Emperor De just ignored his daughter, then expressed his gratitude to the white-haired old man.

"Elder Ba, thank you for coming and protecting Chu Ci."

Elder Ba smiled and returned to greet him:

"It is our duty and responsibility to protect disciple Chu Ci."

"Even if I wasn't here today, with the teleport talismans Sovereign Sword Yang gave to her, she could anytime return to the Sky Sword Sect."

As Elder Ba said that, he took out a pill and gave it to Emperor De.

It was a High Rank 4 Origin Grade Rejuvenate Pill.

Emperor De took it and directly ate the pill, asking nothing further.

His injuries healed instantly, even his scars from his younger days disappeared.

A surprised and shocked look appeared in his eyes. He bowed at Elder Ba and said:

"Elder Ba, thank you again for this fabulous pill."

"Mind if I ask you when you are going to depart back to the Sect?"

Elder Ba peered his expression and said to him:

"We'll leave in a few hours. We were waiting for you to return."

"As this might be our last farewell since Princess Chu Ci will leave for a few years." Find authorized novels in Webnovel, faster updates, better experience, Please click <a href=""></a> for visiting.

"She won't return anytime soon."

Emperor De glimpsed at his daughter with sadness while a joy was in his heart.

But, more helplessness was deeply hidden within his eyes. He said to his daughter:

"Chu Ci, you're our entire generations hope, the best born in our Royal family. I hope you come back soon before we pass. Go see your mother before leaving."

After saying that, Emperor De bowed at Elder Ba and silently left from the garden. Looking at his back, Princess Chu Ci continued crying before rushing toward her mother's palace.

Emperor De came into the chamber and saw his first wife lying in the bed with a baby.

Then sat next to her after sending all the palace maids out of the chamber.

"Bing, have you thought this thoroughly?"

Empress Bing opened her eyes and looked her husband in the eyes.

She remained quiet for a while and spoke with a bitter smile.

"Dear, this world is too cruel for him to stay in the palace and stay at a low-profile without showing his abilities."

"If any of those Sects discovered him, even more danger than Chu Ci's breakthrough period will happen to us."

"We've already learned from Chu Ci's selection for the Sect."

"If we do it again, our empire might collapse before knowing about what happened to us."

The Emperor closed his eyes to think for a second. He understood they only have this option to choose. However, he still asked with some hope.

"I knew all of this would happen when Chu Ci first broke through the Spirit Origin Realm."

"But do you truly have to leave us, this palace, our Xiu?"

Empress Bing silently look at her husband, tears dropped out of her eyes, yet she stubbornly kept her mouth shut to not make any sound of her sobbing.

She wiped her tears and forced a smile:

"When Chu Ci broke through the Spirit Origin-Realm, our Guardian Tai left suddenly, but we know those hateful Sect Elders killed him."

"If we want to live fearing no one, then I must keep Hou out of here till he grows up. Also, our Xiu is very strong, he already survived returning home with us."

"He is the crown prince, so he can survive here at all cost. "

"I'm also doing it for his future too, after all, someday he will need most of the help from my Hou."

Next day, the news of the Empress Bing's death instantly reached every corner in the Imperial Palace City. Along with Princess Chu Ci departure to the Sky Sword Sect.

Yet Emperor De expressed neither happiness nor sadness. The Imperial Palace resembled the calm before the storm.

All these commoners, nobles, and even Royals couldn't decide how they should react to these.


At Red Mist City

A baby about 2 or 3 years was walking behind the merchants and mercenaries dragging the caged beasts.

All these caged beasts were at the Early Stage Mortal Origin Realm.

The baby continued looking at them in a daze but couldn't figure out why he was even following them.

Suddenly, a mid-aged woman with a veil on her face picked up the baby. She looked at the baby and sighed.

Almost every week the baby would go missing, but always be found somewhere near beasts, looking at them like an idiot.

She took a glance at the caged-beasts before returning home along with the baby.

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