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Chapter 40: Bidding

Inside the Blood Fang Auction House

After a loud gong rang in the stage reverberating in the entire hall. Everyone stopped chattering and looked at the stage.

Slowly 10 male attendants pushed the 2 sided roll cage covered with a black sheet at the front of the stage.

While a beautiful female auctioneer came along with a few guards and introduced herself on the stage. Afterwards, she took out the black sheet covering the 2 sided roll cage.

Inside the 2 sided roll cage was an enormous savage spirit beast. It was the Sawtooth Bulbari.


Spirit Beast: Saw Tooth Bulbari

Grade: Early Stage Earth Origin Realm

Territory: Green Forest Forbidden Zone

Description: It has a very big and round upper body part looks like a mini mountain covered in green coloured, jaws like a shark, shorts legs like a boar and it has a big and beautiful blue flower at its back however when it senses any danger, it emits a deadly poisonous gas.


The auction started and sold beast after beast. However, nothing interest Hou, while Hu Jiao and the trio excitingly waited for a flying spirit beast to appear.

After a while, they displayed a huge flying spirit beast. It was the Red-Crowned Crane.


Spirit Beast: Red-Crowned Crane

Grade: Peak Stage Earth Origin Realm

Territory: Forbidden Blood Zone

Description: It is snow white with black on the wing secondary's, which can appear almost like a black tail when It is standing, but the real tail feathers are actually white. Measuring about 50m.


As soon as Hu Jiao caught sight of the Red-Crowned Crane, she liked it so much, she became excited and too eager to bid.

When Hou noticed that, He gave a look at fatty Bo. Fatty Bo hurriedly messaged using a talisman to the guard beside the auctioneer lady.

Afterwards, the auctioneer bowed and apologized to everyone before saying they had sold the beast to the seating area no. 50.

However, at the seating area no.80, 2 teen girls were fuming and cursing at the auctioneer for being biased and not following the rules.

The auctioneer also looked troubled and embarrassed, however, she thickened her skin and ignored them before continuing the auction.

Fatty Bo felt the same and wanted to say ' you should at least bid ' to Hou. However, every time he tried to say something to him, he would swallow his words back and sweat a lot, knowing Lily was behind them.

Hou showed a knowing smile at him and spoke in a sly tone.

" Don't worry, fatty Bo, I'll also follow the rules from now on since it's no fun for me to just win like that in the auction."

Fatty Bo sighed in relief while Lily recalled something and looked around everyone before pitying them.

After a few rounds, Hou found out that shady pervert aka Fang Lao still couldn't decide so he thought he should just choose one for him.

Next spirit beast came out, It was a huge Golden Crow, the same size as Red-Crowned Crane. So he decided to get that for Fang Lao. Hence he waited for a few bids before starting.

Finally, when the bid was at 150,000 gold, only a few bidders remained. He decisively said.

"200,000 gold."

As soon another bid came from the seating area no.80. It was from the 2 teen girls.


Hou raised the bid.



Another bid came again from the same seating area as soon as he raised it. Find authorized novels in Webnovel, faster updates, better experience, Please click <a href=""></a> for visiting.

Hou looked at them and found out they coldly staring at him. He smiled at them and sat down.

When those teen girls saw him back down, they weren't happy at all and instead gave a mocking look at him before sitting down. Thus they won the Golden Crow.

Afterwards, Next spirit beast appeared, it was a baby Flood Dragon. Just like before Hou found the beast perfect for Fang Lao.

When the bid was at 120,000 gold, he finally bid.


Another bid came as soon as he bid, it was from the same seating no. 80. Those teen girls only stared at him.

Hou once again smiled at them while his eyes slowly shined and sparkled. When Lily saw that, she backed off a step from her spot. However, no one discovered her little action.

After that, another bid came and those teen girls didn't bid anymore. Thus that bidder won the baby flood dragon.

Finally, the last spirit beast before the main show was out. It was the Stinging Nettle Bug.

This time Hou bid first before anyone else could. As soon as his voice died, another bid came from the same seating no.80. Those teen girls gazed at him and showed their happy smile.

Hou once again just smiled and sat down. Hu Jiao and the trio looked at him with odd gazes and wondered what he planned to do.

While fatty Bo and Elder Feng thought he had no clue about bidding in the auction.

Only Lily vaguely guessed but kept quiet.

Then Hou glanced at fatty Bo and indifferently asked.

"Fatty Bo, tell me about the spirit beast for the main show."

Fatty Bo didn't saw his shining eyes and directly said.

"There are 3 spirit beasts for the main show today. At the 3rd place is Fire Golden Tiger: Mid-Stage Sky Origin-Realm, at the 2nd place, is Red Scaled Dragon Snake: High Stage Sky Origin Realm. We estimated both these beasts final price for 800,000 gold each. At the 1st place is Purple Snow Dove: Early Stage Heavenly Origin Realm which our auction house estimated priced at 2,000,000 gold."

Hou slightly nodded his head and stared without blinking at those teen girls at the seating no.80. Noticing his stare, those teen girls smiled at him before looking at the stage.

Finally, the main show started. Some big clan bought the Fire at 860,000 gold while the Red Scaled Dragon snake sold at 930,000 gold.

Those teen girls didn't show any sign of excitement seeing those spirit beasts and only intensely stared at the final cage. When Hou discovered their expression, he smiled and slowly stood up.

Seeing him slowly standing from his seat, It perplexed, and bewildered Hu Jiao, the trio, Elder Feng and fatty Bo.

Just as they would ask if something was wrong.

The auctioneer revealed the final cage and tried to give the details about the spirit beast.

However, a loud childish voice interrupted her which reverberated in the entire hall.

"I bid 10,000,000 gold."

"I bid 10,000,000 gold."



Hou stared at those teen girls at the seating area no.80 and slyly said.

"Stupid little witches, Now outbid me if you can."

Afterwards, he sat down on his seat with an arrogant demeanour and sipped his tea slowly.

Absolute complete silence remained in the hall. Everyone froze for a moment before he or she looked at the voice's direction.

Both those teen girls looked at him with their wide eyes and mouth open. His bid stupefied them. How they never expected him to bid so high price. They've heard of the news of the Purple Snow Dove so they hurriedly came with their small savings around 3,000,000 gold altogether. And they thought had enough to win the Purple Snow Dove.

After recovering back to normal, they once again glared at him while gritting their teeth in anger since they couldn't overbid him. They looked at the mid-aged woman wearing a dark red cloak behind them and reluctantly sat down while thinking something.

As for Hu Jiao and the trio, they finally felt relieved knowing that he was just as they expected him to be.

While it also shocked Elder Feng and fatty Bo for a while however they quickly recover themselves. They looked at each other and excitingly smiling. Already guessing him having a powerful background and now extremely prodigal that made him like a walking treasure. If they manage to get on his good side, then they could profit a lot.

As for Lily, She had a déjà vu moment while also pondering something was still amiss.

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