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Chapter 52: Blood Pearl Lotus

Everyone hiding around the small lake slowly emerged outside to view the lotus blossom.

Each person excitingly gazed toward the lake's centre but still kept vigilant around other people.

Slowly under the lake, few tiny leaves spouted up, rippling the water.

Before suddenly the water burst up from the under the lake, drenching the water everywhere, gradually the enormous lotus leaves emerged.

Gradually the leaves stopped emerging under the lake. Slowly, Heavenly Qi around the area gathered before abruptly huge blood-red pedal of lotus appeared one by one.

6 tiny blood-red coloured pearls inside the lotus which were glittering and translucent as though turned into crystals.

After a moment, everything remained quiet as nothing had happened.

Seeing that, everyone rapidly gasped their breath before coldly looking at each other and crazily unleashed their aura.

When Chu Mang saw that, his expression suddenly changed as he knew this lotus. Find authorized novels in Webnovel, faster updates, better experience, Please click <a href=""></a> for visiting.

It was the spirit plant Blood Pearl Lotus, High Rank 3 Heavenly Mortal Grade.

Those glittering pearls have the densely pure Heavenly Qi enough for any Peak Stage below Heavenly Origin Realm to breakthrough Realm without obstacle.

Chu Mang coldly glanced at the people who were releasing their aura and struggling to rush first to snatch those pearls.

He instructed the black cloaked people behind him to clean them all, leaving behind none alive. Then, he darted toward the lotus.

Meanwhile, Hou, Lily, fatty Hai and Gu Qing were also astonishingly staring at the lotus.

Hou amusingly watched the people ready to battle, casually, took a wine gourd before taking a sip.

As he was drinking the wine, from the corner of his eyes. He discovered the brute Zhao Ruge and his guard Meng along a group who also prepared to battle.

He poked once at Lily before pointed at them while slyly smiling. Seeing his weird smile, Lily sighed in helpless. She glared at those people and slowly unsheathe her sword.

While it quite puzzled Fatty Hai and Gu Qing. But, they quickly found their elder. Thus they hastened toward their direction.

Noticing them leaving, Hou said nothing but inwardly laughed and pity their fate. He thought if they survived this then he'll forget about robbing them.

Soon Hou and Lily dashed quickly in the direction toward the brute Zhao Ruge.

As they were half a distance away, suddenly a very high pitched, enraged roared came from opposite the lotus.

Initially, calm lake slightly shook before a big wave emerged. Suddenly, there was a big ripple then, a hideous, massive Green Water Wyrm appeared on top of the lotus. It was at Mid Stage Sovereign Mortal Realm.

The Green Water Wyrm fiercely looked around the lake and scanned all the people who had already halted their action. They were trembling and staring it in fear and disbelief.

Before, anyone could even think escaping, the Green Water Wyrm released his aura and a wave of unprecedented suppression spread around all the people within its vicinity.

Meanwhile, When Hou and Lily first heard the roar, they hastily U-turn without hesitation back to where they came from.

When Zhao Ruge and his guard Meng noticed them fleeing away, Zhao Ruge was a bit surprised and furious. Therefore, he moved his body in reflex and chased after them, so did his guard, Meng.

As soon as they left, a wave of tremendous suppressive force landed on their previous spot. However, they didn't notice that and kept chasing without bothering to look back.

As for people, they were suppressed and lying on the ground. Except for Chu Mang but he looked very weak and frail.

He immediately sprinted back toward Fan Le then picked him up and hastily escaped. Without looking at the suppressed group of black cloaked people who were begging and pleading at him.

Once he was in the safe distance, he looked back in fright then watched everything in disbelief. The Green Water Wyrm was leisurely forming a water spear formed by the water Qi and striking all the suppressed people. While impaling them through the head or upper body parts on the ground and leaving none alive.

Seeing that, he timidly ran along with Fan Le toward the trial ground.

Once they left, an old man and a mid-aged man appeared at their spot. The old man slightly glanced around the lake before he discovered his disciples were also there but were already dead.

He charged in fury toward the Green Water Wyrm while releasing his aura. He was also Mid-Stage Sovereign Mortal Realm.

Soon, only the loud angry roars and intense battle between a man and the beast reverberated around the area.

Faraway from the lake, Fatty Hai, Gu Qing and their elders heard the loud noises. They were curious about the noises, but, remembering how they almost lost their lives, they speedily rushed toward the ruin's exit.

Hou and Lily were standing in front of the brute Zhao Ruge and his guard Meng at the cliff.

Hearing the roar noises, Hou finally knew it mixed what within those chaotic heavenly Qi. The Green Water Wyrm most likely left his aura inside the lotus so it could track and trace when it fully bloom. but, when the lotus bloomed, it emitted out the dense, pure Heavenly Qi along with the Green Water Wyrm's aura around the surrounding.

Hou shifted his gaze at Zhao Ruge who was fuming in rage and maliciously staring at him. He slyly smiled at him and mocked.

"Stupid brute, Have you even notice anything after you started to chase us here?"

Zhao Ruge just laughed at him. But, his guard Meng knew about outside and wanted to say. However, Zhao Ruge didn't listen to him. He nervously glanced everywhere around the lake then finally saw a mid-aged far away from another side who was watching the battle.

He sighed in relief before cunning looking at Hou and Lily.

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