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Chapter 95: Changes in the Rocky Mountain.

At the rocky mountain's peak, many changes had happened.

Instead of an empty shade, a grand ceremonial stadium stood with a bustling crowd in a queue front of its entrance.

Each one of those people emitted an overbearing aura, however, they patiently stood in a line and waited for their turn to enter the stadium.

Besides the stadium, a couple of people were dismounting from their spirit beast or carriage and placing them inside a stable as huge as the stadium.

200 metres away from the spot, a mass of commoners was arguing and brawling with a few workers, while a few were setting their stalls and advertising their goods.

Opposite to them, a 20 stories high building stood aloof, while a few people entered in and out of the building.

At the 20th floor of the building, a bewitching lady and a dandy girl stood outside the room after knocking once on the door.

A voice came out of the room.


As the bewitching lady and the dandy girl entered the room, they smelled reeking of wine and spotted a few empty wine jars lying around the floor.

At the top of the roof, the sunlight passed through a figure size hole toward a huge couple bed.

While in the corner, someone had just placed a warm breakfast on the table.

When they glanced toward the huge bed, they found a matured lady and a kid still sleeping there.

The bewitching lady cast a cold glare toward the matured lady but did not speak.

While the dandy girl sprinted toward the corner and ate the warm breakfast placed on the table. Find authorized novels in Webnovel, faster updates, better experience, Please click <a href=""></a> for visiting.

The matured lady slowly opened her eyes and teased once she noticed a glare toward her.

"Wench Yue, is your butt still itching and swelling in pain?"

Ying Yue ignored her words and sat opposite the dandy girl as she waited for them.

After the dandy girl finished eating the breakfast, she glanced toward the matured lady who was stretching her body and asked.

"Big sis Lily, how long does Hou plan to sleep?"

"It's already wedding hour. Is he planning not to attend the wedding?"

Lily peeked toward sleeping Hou and sighed recalling the night drinking wine with him until they both passed out on the bed.

She grabbed her clothes and walked toward a bathing pool at the next inner room.

Later, a splashing noise along with her voice rang from the inner room.

"Anqi, how many times do I have to tell you? You need to fix your speech and address Hou as the young master if you want to continue staying with us."

"As for the wedding, it won't begin since the Ouyang Clan and the Black Wind Clan have not arrived here."

Long Anqi stuck her tongue out and giggled since Lily would always correct her.

However, since Hou didn't mind her, she planned to stick only calling his name.

Meanwhile, Ying Yue scanned the inner room then shifted her sight at the sleeping Hou.

She pondered whether she should take her chance but she quickly dismissed that plan once she remembered the earlier event.

3 weeks ago, after she gathered the construction workers, she finally became free and schemed to have some alone time with Hou.

However, Lily did not leave Hou from her sight and stayed with him as if she was his shadow.

When Ying Yue realised that, she had enough with Lily and made a bold decision to seduce Hou in front of her.

Hence, she planned a perfect romantic atmosphere on the 20th floor of the building as soon as the workers completed building it.

She had decorated the whole 20th floor with an expensive furniture and beautiful paintings.

At one room, she placed a huge couple bed, on top, piled with many red roses while surrounding with glittering gems on the floor.

Beside the bed, she had lined 50 full jars filled with each different delicious and strong wine.

Afterwards, she brought Hou and Lily to the room and drank while chatting random stuff.

As Hou and Lily emptied 30 full wine jars and hiccupped in drunkenness, without hesitation, Ying Yue forced a kiss on Hou's lip.

However, it didn't last long since Lily kicked Ying Yue on her butt sending her flying up in the air.

Just like a falling star, Ying Yue flew and crashed on tiles before passing through the roof and landed on the ground in front of the stable.

For a whole week, she had to remain on her bed and avoid people as her left butt cheek swelled as twice big as the original size.

When Long Anqi heard about the event, she explained to Ying Yue that they were both heavy drinkers and would not become drunk even after drinking a dozen barrels.

Only then she discovered they faked as drunkards at that time to expose her scheme.

Yet she didn't lose hope and pretended like it never happened while plotting new schemes.

As Ying Yue reminisced, she unconsciously rubbed her butt as if still sensing the tingling pain there.

Suddenly, a loud shout echoed in the room.

"Lily, bring me more wine. I will show my awesomeness."

The voice startled both Ying Yue and Long Anqi, they glanced and giggled toward the sleeping Hou who was mumbling in his dream.

After an hour, Lily came out humming a tone from the inner room looking refresh with her wet purple hair.

A soft knock rang on the door and a maid entered with a vigilant expression.

The maid bowed toward Lily and spoke in a polite tone.

"Madam Lily, the Ouyang Clan and Black Wind Sect have arrived the mountain and approaching toward the peak right now."

"Everyone is waiting for young master Hou's presence and orders."

Lily nodded her head and walked toward the bed before carrying the sleeping Hou toward the inner room.

She replied to the maid as she washed Hou's body with warm water.

"Tell everyone to welcome Ouyang Clan and Black Wind Sect and led toward the ceremonial stadium."

"We would reach there soon."

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