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Chapter 81: Changes in the Trial Ground

A month passed.  

Shocking changes happened in the trial ground.  

A kid conquered the entire trial ground and formed his den there.   

He captured every person in the trial ground and created rules for them.  

However, any words that came from his mouth were the rules.  

If anyone broke or didn't follow his rules, he would thrash them so badly, they had to take a rest for weeks.  

While a few stupid and courageous people challenged his authorities but ended up dead without complete body parts.  

Hence, everyone followed his rules without hesitation.  

Also, the kid built a battleground for everyone.  

Every week, a few people battled there whether they wanted or not.  

Since the rules said anyone could issue a challenge for a fight as long as he or she had a grief. Only a death match needed both parties to agree.  

In the meantime, the kid and a fatty opened a gambling stall before the fight.  

However, the betting rate would be as low as 1: 0.5.  

Though, a death match betting rate was 1: 3.  

Also, if anyone discovered rare cultivation resources, he or she needed to pay him 10% as a tribute.    

As for newcomers, they had to pay a hefty sum of gold to stay here. If they didn't, either they returned or remained as corpses at the entrance.  

Meanwhile, outside the trial ground.  

When people heard them, they all became enraged but only gritted their teeth in anger since they couldn't enter the trial ground.  

While a few wise people thought the situation to be not that bad because only with a few mishaps and struggles, their disciples would temper themselves to reach a higher realm.  

Some daring people followed the kid's step and tried to conquer the ruin.  

However, everyone surrounded them and killed them with no mercy.  

Inside the trial ground.  

At the cliff, a small figure was overseeing a few groups of people working and constructing a huge building in front of the caves.   

The groups were heavily sweating and looked dead tired, however, none of them slack nor halted the construction.  

Slowly, a fat person appeared behind the small figure and spoke in a nervous voice.  

"Young Master Hou, the long-awaited battle between the senior brothers will happen today. We should reach there early."   Find authorized novels in Webnovel, faster updates, better experience, Please click <a href=""></a> for visiting.

Hou glimpsed at Fatty Hai and noticed a trace of fear within his eyes.  

He knew the sight of watching his clan disciples dying shook Fatty Hai.  

A week ago, Fatty Hai and the girls brought all their clan disciples to live at the cliff and guard together.  

For a few days, diligently, those disciples guarded the cliff.  

However, when Hou left to stroll around the trial ground, those disciples rushed to check the caves, thinking he hid a rare heavenly treasure since they had to keep guarding the place.  

Even though Fatty Hai and the girls blocked and persuaded them not to enter, they couldn't stop nor convince them.  

Only a few disciples remained with them while most entered the caves and searched for the rare heavenly treasure.  

Later, they spotted a purple fire sphere and thought it was the heavenly treasure. But they could neither move nor touch it.  

When Hou returned, he found those disciples trying to break the purple fire sphere.  

In rage and furious, instantly, he killed those disciples before displaying their dead bodies outside the caves.  

Afterwards, he inquired and learned everything.   

When he discovered a few disciples, who tried to enter but later stopped, Fatty Hai and the girls pleaded and begged for forgiveness to spare them. 

But, without hesitation nor pity, he broke their arms and legs before chasing them away from the cliff.  

Hence, he decided to build a building in front of the caves and gathered a few strong people to defend around it.  

Since that day, Fatty Hai never doubted Hou would also kill him without blinking his eyes if he made any mistakes.  

As for those girls, they didn't appear before Hou and hid at their resting place in fear.  

Hou merely glanced at Fatty Hai and walked towards the battleground.  

When they arrived at the battleground, they caught sight of a crowd of people.  

Many people stood and circled around the battleground waiting for the battle.  

While a few people formed a long queue in front of a stall, with greedy expressions. 

It was the gambling stall.  

Although the senior brothers battle was not a death match, it was still the most talked and awaited match.  

Hence, the betting rate would not be the same as the normal rate but rather a higher rate than a death match.  

After all, this battle would change a few people's fate.  

When everyone discovered Hou and Fatty Hai, he or she hastily opened a path for them.  

Before long, the gambling stall opened and shocked everyone.  

The win rate was 1: 10. Though winning chances were 1/3 since the battle was between 3 people.   

Everyone rushed and joined the long queue with greedy and anxious expressions.  

After an hour, three groups of people arrived, each from a different direction.  

The 1st group had a fairly handsome boy wearing a white cloak and beside him was a pale girl with a bitter expression on her face. While behind them, were their followers.  

The 2nd group had a brute boy wearing a red cloak and beside him was a badly beaten boy with a swelling and worried face.  

The 3rd group had a thin boy wearing a blue cloak and beside him was a trembling boy with an anxious expression on his face. While behind them, were their followers.  

The pale girl, the badly beaten boy and the trembling boy were the same people, Hou previously thrashed after hearing them non-stop boosting about their senior brothers.  

While the handsome boy, the brute boy and the thin boy were their senior brothers.  

When Hou captured those senior brothers, he gave them an ultimatum either they fight each other and decide who among them is better or fight him within a month.  

Once those senior brothers found out about the actual reason for their misfortunes, they tortured those boys and girl every day.  

However, they had their own pride and arrogance, so they placed a bet between them.  

The loser had to submit and declare the winner as the best.  

Additionally, they also included those boys and girl in the bet.   

If the handsome boy wins, then those both boys would become the girl's slave.  

And if the brute or thin boy wins, the girl had to marry one among the boys.  

Those senior brothers shot cold glares at each other before entering the battleground.  

Fatty Hai banged a gong which reverberated over the entire battleground.  


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