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Chapter 27: Confrontation

In the Liu Clan Library

It bewildered everyone and wondering what was going with Clan head Zong.

The grand elders from the main Liu Clan fumed in rage and wanted to go slap him.

But he was the father of Empress Bing.

So they could only wait for his reply before reprimanding him.

As for Patriarch Fu, he felt very wronged and utterly humiliated, getting pummeled in front of everyone.

Even though they used to spar with each other and get badly beaten until one surrender, they never let out the words.

After clumsily standing up, he at once wanted to fight against him.

But, seeing his sworn-brother angered face, he calmed down and decided to at least hear his reply before doing anything.

As for grandpa Zong, the event which all started with the Growth Pill already enraged him.

His sworn-brother gave it to Hou when he came to visit last time.

But, as soon as he showed up, he asked Hou " little brat, why are you still alive?"

This pissed him off so much, he lost control and didn't think anything before beating the shit out of him.

After finally calming himself, grandpa Zong still shouted in anger.

"Brother Fu, even though I respect you but this time you are out of the line."

"All these happening is all your fault."

"If you had not given that damn Growth Pill to Hou, nothing like this would have happened."

"I know you gave it with good intention thus I could still bear it."

"But why do you have to curse little Hou as soon as you see him?"

"Do you know he almost died?"

"His luck kept him alive right now."

"What happened to your boasting about taking the responsibilities?"

Everyone became stupefied and taken back after hearing that.

When they looked at Patriarch Fu, they too wanted to smack him to ease their mind.

This event wouldn't have happened at all if he had known Hou like the rest before giving him the Growth Pill.

Patriarch Fu froze and flabbergasted while hearing his reply.

Inwardly he cursed and regretted ever finding that Growth Pill in his entire life.

When he glanced at Hou who was standing fine, he sighed with relieved.

After he thought about the old man Shi, he lowered his head in ashamed.

But when he recalled something, he absurdly glared at the old Patriarch Ning.

When old Patriarch Ning informed them that Hou was dead, he thoroughly believed his words. Find authorized novels in Webnovel, faster updates, better experience, Please click <a href=""></a> for visiting.

He should have inquired more about the matter instead of hastily rushing here.

Afterwards, a regretful expression appeared on him, he cursed himself for blindly believing and trusting someone.

If only he wasn't the old Patriarch, he'd have already smacked him to death.

As for old Patriarch Ning, with an awkward look, he stood rooted on the ground.

He had nothing to say as he told them, Hou was dead.

When he saw Patriarch Fu glaring at him, he showed his stiff smile and pretended to not notice that.

Since someone else also told him, he also felt regretful but no point crying over spilt water.

Meanwhile, Miss Lily and Sissy were both gritting their teeth in anger. But only shot a cold stare with their eyes as they didn't know what fate awaited for them.

After everyone greeted mother Bing, he or she stood in the corner.

But, no one kneeled at her because of the outsiders.

While Elder Yu raised his eyebrows as he saw them greeting her first before Clan head Zong.

He thought something was amiss before getting worried.


A huge massive monstrous black double-headed crow was flying up in the sky, approached in a rapid speed toward the Red Mist city.

As soon as it entered the city, a loud enraged old voice resonated in every corner of the city.

"LIU CLAN! Here I come."

The voice alarmed yet astonished everyone as Liu Clan was the strongest clan in the entire city.

So they were trying to guess the voice's owner.

When they gazed up in the sky, the sight baffled them.

What they discovered was a massive monstrous black double-headed crow floating up in the air.

On top, stood a blue-haired old man and a mid-aged man.

All the big clans and sects were trying to guess their identity and background as they didn't recall their faces nor the flying beast.

Since they were calling and challenging Liu Clan in open, all those clans and sects thought them as powerful people.


Back at the Liu Clan library.

When everyone heard the voice, he or she moved toward the window at the top of the clan library.

Afterwards, they glanced towards the source of the voice.

When they recognized them, everyone stayed vigilant yet no one left the clan library.

While Grandpa Zong and the rest of the grand elders crushed all the talismans.

The defensive formation arrays activated from every corner in the top floor to in the clan library building.

All of sudden few lights and sparks shone before changing into massive golden engravings and different the beasts illusionary image.

Later, it merged into every pillar supporting the building on the corner before surrounding the whole building.

At the first floor, the two colossal of dragon statues shook as if it would stand.

It radiated into golden colour then absorbed all the heavenly Qi from the surrounding.

Afterwards, a tiny golden pattern appeared and formed a tiny blue perfectly clear sword-shaped ice on the top floor of the building.

Old Patriarch Ning looked at mother Bing before he shouted out loud, enough to shake the entire city.

"Old Shi, Since you've come here already, do you dare to enter here?"

Afterwards, a massive crow at once descended with an extreme fast speed and floated up above the clan library.

Wong Shi carefully looked at the clan library building.

When he saw so many formations arrays covering the entire building, he slightly frowned. He stared at the top floor and discovered a tiny sword-shaped ice before he got a cold chill behind his back.

While Wong Lei just stood behind his father.

After, Wong Shi looked at the people on the top floor of the building before he spoke in a worried tone.

"Old Ning, Is my granddaughter Lily all right?"

"As long as you hand over her without harm, I'll forget everything about this."

Before anyone could reply to him, with an arrogant demeanour, Hou shouted.

"Damn shitty geezer, who are you trying to threaten?"

"If you don't get down and appear before me, miss Lily would end like that."

After shouting, he pointed his finger towards the ground.

A few frozen body pieces shattered everywhere on the ground

When Wong Shi listened to his words, he became annoyed and displeased with his tone.

He only glimpsed at Hou before looking on the ground.

After he realized what it was, he raised his eyebrows but had no sympathy for that mere guard.

But, he still shot a venomous glare at Hou before speaking in a murderous tone.

"Little brat, If you dare, I'll feed you alive to my pet."

It annoyed Hou since Wong Shi didn't do what he asked.

So, he gazed at the grand elder Li and said in a high pitched voice.

"Lazy geezer, go bring miss Lily here to show him."

Soon the grand elder Li dragged miss Lily and placed her in front him.

Hou looked at miss Lily and grabbed her by the throat before giving a sly look at Wong Shi.

Later he spoke in a loud voice.

"Old geezer bastard, Since you dare to say that, I'll give you a choice."

"Get off that damn bird and kill it or let me turn miss Lily like those pieces on the ground. So which one will you decide?"

At once, both Wong Shi and Wong Lei released their aura and shouted in a loud voice at the same time.

"Little bastard, if you dare to harm her, I'll turn this place upside down and buried you within it."

"Little brat, Let go of her right now or I'll kill you and all of your entire family."

Suddenly, a cold chilly voice resonated.

"Supreme Shi, Such an arrogant word. Since you want to kill him and his entire family. Why don't you come inside and do it?"

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