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Chapter 10: Crimson Auction House

Miss Nina carried Hou on her bosom and stood in front of a mid-sized heavily guarded mansion. They saw a long queuing of crowds gathering and waiting in front of the entrance gate.

This mansion was the Crimson Auction House, but, no one knew the boss of this auction.

The sheer number of Early Stage Sky Origin Realm guards and Peak Stage Sky Origin Realm guardians intimidated most of the clan and sects in the city.

They didn't want to offend them so most of them didn't bother sending a spy.

Also, Everyone knew the Crimson Auction House for its fairness all around the Empire.

Miss Nina carried Hou and entered straight through the gate without bothering to line up of the long queue and guards.

The crowds were gazing at them, guards were forcing themselves not to look but couldn't help peeking at Miss Nina and instead shuddered by Hou's glare.

A mid-aged fat plump man politely welcomed them before leading them toward the VIP room no.10 which Jia Clan reserved.

He left the room before notifying the auction will begin in an hour.

Hou jumped off her bosom and sat next to her. He stared at her without blinking.

Miss Nina looked very much satisfied, knowing that finally, Hou started staring at her.

Last time he didn't even glance at her properly so she felt a lot better. She asked in a cheerful voice,

"So little stalker, am I that beautiful that you can't even blink your eyes?"

Hou laughed out loud and raised his short legs on her lap. With a mocking tone, he said.

"Miss Nina, aren't you a narcissistic bitch? you wouldn't follow me if you are that beautiful."

A loud smack of spanking, cries of a baby followed by curses, and afterwards, pitiful begging tone came out from one of the VIP rooms.

One maid entered VIP room no.10 to check but froze. Naturally, she didn't dare to say anything, so she closed the door shut and escaped back.

Eventually, rumours spread like wildfire in the city.

That Miss Nina from Jia Clan was spanking a baby inside the VIP room in the Crimson Auction House.

Some said she perversely obsessed over kids; some even said she was even crazier than the weird stalking kid from Liu Clan.

Unbeknownst to all these were happening.

Finally, Miss Nina sat down, satisfied with smack-spanking and massaged her palms, while Hou stared at her in fear yet seemingly had an ominous scheme hid in his eyes.

Miss Nina played with her nails and said,

"Little stalker, now that we have understood each other and grown closer, from now on, you call me Big Sis." Find authorized novels in Webnovel, faster updates, better experience, Please click <a href=""></a> for visiting.

"Ok, let's watch the auction, Big sis will buy anything you like today."

Hou glared into her eyes. In an arrogant demeanour, he fished a token out his sleeves and placed it in front her eyes.

It had "Liu" with the golden engraving various symbols of the Formation Array in it.

"Big sis Nina, for purchasing at the auction, you wouldn't find any more prodigal people like me in this city."

"After all, I learned it after observing these past 2 years. You see this token in my hand? Grandpa Zong gave me this for my little shopping here. This token holder symbolizes Liu Clan and I can spend up to 1.000,000 gold coins in every Auction House in the whole Empire."

"So I wouldn't bother you to buy anything for me but I'd love to buy something for you if I find them here."

Hou winked at her while hiding his grand scheme.

With a bitter expression, she thought about her own savings and sighed in dejection.

She gave an awkward look at another prodigal young master from Liu Clan.

Her father always said everyone viewed Liu Clan as the strongest clan in this city.

But, no one knew how they produced the prodigal young masters of every generation.

But, when she heard his words, that he'll buy something for her, her eyes shone bright like a diamond and she showed a radiant smile.

Unfortunately, Hou didn't give a shit to her expression and instead gloated at her being similar to a fool.

He poured tea and took a sip.

A loud clap rang in the auction hall, making everyone quiet down.

Everyone waited and expected for a good show.

At the stage, 2 figures slowly appeared.

One figure was the same mid-aged fat plump man from the earlier, while the other was a bewitching, matured sexy lady, with her petite figure and a massive bust enough to make everyone ogle at her.

The maids placed rows of the tables behind them.

On top of it were the auction items and item no. for the show. A black cover sealed it from view.

The mid-aged, fat plump man bowed and greeted everyone and said,

"Welcome all respected esteemed guests for joining our Auction House. Today I'd like to introduce everyone to one of our newest auctioneer, Miss Lily."

Then he left off from the stage leaving miss Lily.

Hou looked at miss Lily then back to miss Nina and smirked. Noticing his gaze at her chest, miss Nina hinted at her palm.

Hou immediately shrunk his body to the corner while miss Nina giggled and drank her tea.

Miss Lily showed her flirtatious smile toward everyone before saying,

"With a great deal of pleasure, I'd like to introduce myself as auctioneer and host to this auction today."

"Let us begin!"

A maid beside her pulled the first-row table in front of her and uncovered the item no.1.

Miss Lily explained the item no.1.

"Our starting item no.1 is a baby cub of the snow-wolf king. As should be obvious, this baby cub is already at the Mid Mortal Origin Realm. It will grow and advance until Peak Earth Origin Realm if it didn't die prematurely. Even though it has ferocious nature, once you tame it at the cub, until death, it will stay loyal to its master."

"All right, Starting bid at 500 gold and minimum raise is 10 gold."

Immediately someone shouted, then followed by the rest. Eventually, some young master bought it at 1860 gold. Just like that, the auction house sold item after item.

But, like the rest of the big Clan and Sects, Hou or miss Nina showed no interest in buying these items.

After 3 hours, the main event for the auction came and everyone had an anxious expression; even big Clans and Sects.

Right at that moment, Hou spotted Sissy along with 2 old-men entering VIP room no.15.

They were already eager for the main event. He chuckled and shifted his sight back at the stage.

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