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Chapter 7: Cultivation Path

Hou only took a glance at the books in his hands before throwing them away.

He looked at servant Li with a red face trying to hide his embarrassment, unable to read the texts from these books. As a thought passed, he showed a cunning look at servant Li.

Servant Li sweated a lot seeing his expression.

However, when he noticed the extreme behaviour, he realized that the boy couldn't read jack shit at all. He wondered why he even came here but thinking about his Mother and Grandpa he asked in a polite tone.

"Young master Hou, do you perhaps need me to read it for you?"

Hou nodded his head unconsciously.

When servant Li saw that, he gave him a disdainful look. He crossed his hands and explained.

"Young master Hou, how much do you know about cultivation?"

"You have come here to learn, so, let me explain it to you."

"We have nine known Cultivation Realms Paths."

"Mortal Origin Realm: This realm is the first step toward the cultivation world."

"When a mortal unlocks their attribute Qi in their first awakening ceremony, he then steps into the Mortal Origin Realm."

"They start controlling and gather Qi inside their Dantian."

"Spirit Origin Realm: When a Peak Stage Mortal Origin Realm practitioner reached the bottleneck and passed his breakthrough, opening the barrier, this realm is the Spirit Origin Realm."

"They start refining their soul using their attribute Qi, however, they need suitable attribute skills for refining."

"Earth Origin Realm: When Spirit Origin Realm practitioners finish refining their soul, they must refine their fleshy body."

"When they complete this step, it will lead them to the Earth Origin Realm. They need to practice physical body refining techniques suitable for their attributes."

"Depending on the physical refining body technique it will give the fleshy body a boost.

"A high-rank cultivation skill is a skill which can even rival against those strength type beasts in terms of fleshy strength."

"Sky Origin Realm: When Earth Origin Realm practitioners finish refining their body, they step into the Sky Origin Realm."

"After they can start refining their blood."

"While in some cases, such as the bloodline inheritors, the most difficult and painful part is refining their blood. But once they do, they can rival the same realm with an early stage against a peak stage.

"After they completed refining their blood, they can try to enter Heavenly Origin Realm."

"Heavenly Origin Realm: When they reached this realm, they start expanding their meridians, veins and Qi aura using their attribute Qi."

"When they expand their every meridian, their Qi aura increases."

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"Once they completed expanding each of their meridians and reached the bottleneck at the realm, they can attempt for Sovereign Mortal Realm."

"Sovereign Mortal Realm: When they reach Sovereign Mortal Realm, they can borrow strength and Qi to gather through the expanded meridians, recovering their injuries faster."

"Once they have gathered enough suitable attribute Qi to form a core in their heart, they need to pass one Heavenly Lightning Tribulation to form the core successfully."

"When they passed the phase, they step into Supreme Mortal Realm."

"Supreme Mortal Realm: When they step into Supreme Mortal Realm, they can simply absorb and gather heavenly Qi into their core from the surrounding."

"Heavenly Qi is the purest form of Qi and will merge into any attribute Qi."

"Once someone merges and refines their attribute towards the peak, they can begin the breakthrough process."

"However, they have to face three Heavenly Lightning Tribulations."

"If they can conquer this, thus they step into the Monarch Mortal Realm."

"Monarch Mortal Realm: When they step into Monarch Mortal Realm, their attribute merges into nature."

"Every time they need to use the attribute, they can borrow the nature attribute without using their own."

"Records say at this Realm they need to refine their soul by solely using heavenly Qi and survive six Heavenly Lightning Tribulations."

"Sage Mortal Realm: Lastly Sage Mortal Realm but sadly we have no records on it in our clan library. Most of us have only read the ancient books and myth."

" Anyways did you understand all the cultivation paths?"

"Are you eager to become a cultivator?"


Hou listened to the servant Li's explanation about the cultivation with disturbing him. Even though he knew about it when he heard, he immersed himself in it.

He just couldn't wait for his awakening ceremony in 2 years.

However, he didn't want to show that thus as soon as servant Li finished explaining, he pouted and showed his fake arrogant look.

When he saw servant Li's questioning expression, he glared and hopped towards the other bookshelves.


Meanwhile, a white-haired old man and a mid-aged woman were standing in the garden. They have been staring into each other silently with a complex emotion.

They were Grandpa Zong and Mother Bing.

Finally, Grandpa Zong stopped hesitating and spoke to break the silence.

"Bing, have you considered returning to the Imperial Palace?"

Mother Bing didn't respond t him.

Her eyes started to turn red and wet as she reminisced her days at the palace.

Mother Bing was the brilliant genius to hail from the Liu Clan reaching Mid Spirit Origin Realm at 9 years old.

She moved to the main branch in the Imperial Palace City as the personal disciple of the Liu Clan Patriarch.

At 17, she was already at Peak Earth Origin-Realm, there she met with the young Emperor De. She fell in love with him and married at 20. Since then, she lived at the Imperial Palace.

At 28, she reached Mid Sky Origin Realm when she gave birth to Crown Prince Xiu.

At 35, she reached her limit and staying at Early Heavenly Origin Realm. Therefore, she started to only take care of her son and Emperor De.

But at the awakening selection for Princess Cui Ci, the assassins injured her heavily and almost died.

2 years ago, at the Imperial Palace, the night before her fake death Mother Bing, Emperor De, and Crown Prince Xiu were kneeling in front of the Sacred Royal Ancestral ground.

There stood an enormous gate covered with ferocious ice dragon markings. After waiting for an hour, a slight chilly old-aged voice came from inside.

"So, is this child you have chosen for the inheritance? Cowardly trash, are you sure you want him to take this trial? Did you forget that you ran away halfway into the trial?"

"Do you think we're going to help you so easily?"

Emperor De's entire body shuddered when he heard the voice.

He adjusted his mind and bowed toward the gate.

"Greetings to Ancestor, this lowly descendant begs you to give us a chance."

"I'd do anything to remunerate my past mistake."

"Please let him have once chance. Our Empire is on a verge of collapsing due to the Sects. Those hateful Sects even murdered our guardian." ——

Suddenly, another loud enraged, aged voice interrupted him from speaking.

"How dare you blame others when you're only a cowardly trash who couldn't handle this trial? If you had inherited our ancestors, Monarch Zhu Legacy, those ants wouldn't dare to think anything against our Ice Empire." —

Again, another aged voice rang in a soft tone.

"Enough! No need to talk about it."

"Let the boy do the trial, Monarch Zhu's bloodline still runs in his vein. We, the remnant only handled this trial. The rest is not our concern. Child, come inside the gate but once you enter, you can only return if you succeed."

Emperor De thanked him and bowed, before nodding toward Crown Prince Xiu. All this time Mother Bing and the Crown Prince spoke no words. With helpless feeling, Mother Bing watched Crown Prince Xiu entered through the gate, tears poured out of her eyes before she fainted.

Emperor De slowly closed his eyes and sighed in pain.

In the night after talking with Emperor De, she sneaked out of the Palace along with a baby in her bosom. After a month of her journey, she returned to her clan in the Red Mist City and settled down.

Grandpa Zong just let Mother Bing reminisce the moment while looking up in the sky. After an hour Mother Bing woke up, she gave a resolute look at Grandpa Zong and said.

"Father, ask nothing about the Imperial Palace City and do not involve yourself and the Clan."

"Just help me with raising my Huo here for 10 years."

Grandpa Zong agreed but in his heart, he knew a lot of the things that were happening in the Imperial Palace City and his daughter will have to still take part in it.

But, he could not guess her plan, so he still agreed.

"All right, you are fine and safe, that's all that matters."

"Raising Hou here won't be any problem, I'll do everything necessary to keep him safe."

After saying this he headed back to the Hall.


Nina and her father headed toward the Liu Clan.

Nina was pondering about the weird baby while her father was still thinking if recently any genius had emerged in the Liu Clan for marriage.


Back at the clan library.

A Baby and an old man were roaming around the books and making loud noises.

However, all disciples backed off from them even before they came in their sight.

With a fake smile, Servant Li was praising and explaining to Hou all the random books they encounter.

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