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Chapter 49: Encounter

After 3 days, Lily was sitting on the rock and closely watching the intense battle in front of her.

The intense battle was between Hou and three Red Fang Wolves, all were at Early Stage Earth Origin Realm. It has been going on for an hour now.

Hou looked awfully terrible covered in blood, there were claw marks and a long cut made by the blade formed with wind Qi on his back and chest, bite marks visible on shoulder, arm, and legs. Despite looking like that, his injuries weren't fatal.

He thought he could easily subdue these wolves, but he was totally wrong. These wolves speed was even faster than his, evading his attacks most of the time, and their attacks would hit him 1/3 time.

These wolves were circling around him and attacking periodically like a formation. Whenever one bites him or lands a hit on him, the other two would immediately jump to bite or throw wind Qi blades on him. If it was unsuccessful, then they would repeat everything.

Finally, after Hou successfully evaded their attack, then began to attack. He dashed toward his right and aimed at the head of the wolf with his dagger.

At the same time, rest of the wolves jumped at him to bite. As his dagger was just an inch from the wolves, he did a backward dash dodging the attack from behind while just leaving his afterimage.

After that, he dashed once more, while speedily forming 8 similar weapon Qi around his dagger, then slashed each wolf. He once again left his afterimage between the wolves.

He was a meter away from the wolves, watching them like he was just merely a bystander. On his dagger, only 2 weak weapon Qi were left and were dissipating, albeit slowly.

All the wolves dropped heavily on to the ground and started to burn. One was directly torn into 8 pieces, then turned into ashes, another was slashed through the stomach and was slowly burning, while the last was only had its both front legs chopped off and is madly glaring at Hou. Suddenly, it opened its mouth then unleashed a powerful wind blade at him, using all his strength. Find authorized novels in Webnovel, faster updates, better experience, Please click <a href=""></a> for visiting.

Hou quickly dodged it, but he still got hit on his left leg. He checked it and found it had merely passed through the flesh and wasn't a deadly hit.

Hou, staggering, stood up and slowly walked in front of the last wolf and raised his dagger to strike with the remaining weapon Qi, impaling the wolf through the head. Soon, it also started to burn.

Hou checked his body and shook his head before limping towards the small lake they had seen from the top of the mountain.

Lily lazily stretched her body before slowly following behind him.

Next day, when Hou and Lily were resting under the tree, some running footsteps were heard, startling them.

Hou stood up and looked at the direction of the sound while Lily stayed vigilant.

Finally, they saw a fatty and a teen girl was hurriedly running away from something when the fatty and the teen girl saw them, they changed their direction toward them.

Before they could approach them, a person fully covered in a black cloak appeared between them.

Seeing that both the fatty and the teen girl started to tremble with fear and halted their steps. The fatty looked pleadingly at Hou and Lily and begged.

"Fellow cultivator, Please save us from him. As long as you do, I'll tell all the information I know about this place. "

The black cloak person glared behind him and stared coldly at Hou and Lily, and hoarsely said.

"This matter has nothing to do with you. Leave before I change my mind. "

Hearing that, Lily was about to unsheathe her sword, Hou raised his hand to stop her, then amusingly looked at the black cloak person, as he was just a Mid Stage Earth Origin-Realm, then glanced at the fatty and the teen girl, who were both only at Mid Stage Spirit Origin Realm and slyly said.

"As long as you all three hand out all the valuable resources and the information you've obtained here to me, then I'll spare your lives. If not then, he "

Saying just that, he started to walk towards them while evilly smiling and showing his shiny eyes.

The fatty and the teen girl were startled and became even terrified and frightened. They slowly started to back off, while cursing their luck. However when they realized they couldn't outrun them then just sat down, hoping at least their lives would be spare as he had said.

On the other hand, the black cloak person was only slightly amazed by his words but didn't think anything much, as his other companions should already be rushing here. So he just charged at Hou to delay till they come here.

Hou also dashed at him, while taking out his dagger in his hand, he aimed to strike at the head.

The dark cloak person dodged the strike by a hair's breadth and at the same time also hacked at him with a short sword. But it merely only pass through his afterimage.

Just like that, they exchanged some blows back and forth, successfully evading each other.

Once they parted, Hou started to circle around him, like how those wolves had and sent a casual strike with weapon Qi at him.

Seeing that, the black cloaked person covered his upper body with armor Qi, which was formed by ice Qi, and vigilantly waited for an opening.

Suddenly, the black cloaked person unleashed an ice cyclone, it started forming around him, then started to haul him inside.

Instead of resisting, Hou rushed inside, then circulated more than half of his fire Qi into his hand, he formed 10 weapon Qi like his dagger.

He raised the dagger straight in front of him, then started flowing all his remaining Fire Qi and dashed using 9 Mirage Dash Step towards the black cloaked person.

Seeing that, the black cloaked person was very alarmed and tried to defend forming more ice around his body, however, he just saw a blurry figure with 10 weapons Qi formed with Fire Qi in front of his eyes, then the next thing he noticed, it had already passed through his body, then his vision went dark.

Hou looked back behind him and saw the dark cloaked person still standing, however, there was a big hole in his upper body, which was slowly burning.

Then he glanced at the shocked and terrified fatty and the teen girl, who was still looking at the dead body behind him.

He sat down, then started to circulate his breathing technique to recover the Fire Qi. While Lily was pleased with the result, she appeared next to him and worriedly looked at him, before sitting down.

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