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Chapter 48: Entering the Ancient Ruin

Next day, they left toward the ancient ruins.

After flying on the Purpled Snow Dove for a day and a half, they finally reached the ancient ruin and slowly dived.

The ancient ruins looked just like an abandoned underground city.

Many unknown writings and symbols engraved on every part of the structures.

The entrance gate was an enormous bonehead of a wolf.

A few people crowded around the gate. However, no one among them approached to enter the gate. They seemed like waiting for someone.

Some even had some stalls but clearly lacked an enthusiasm for doing any business.

Soon Hou, Lily, and Long Anqi approached the gate, those people slightly looked at them before shaking their heads.

Hou glared at those people, and seeing no one bothering them, he directly headed to enter through the gate.

Before he entered, he paused after pondering something.

He stared at Long Anqi and said in a sly tone.

"Anqi, stay here outside with Purpled Snow Dove and wait for us to return. It is very dangerous and we might not be able to protect you." Find authorized novels in Webnovel, faster updates, better experience, Please click <a href=""></a> for visiting.

Long Anqi also thought same and nodded her head.

Lily glanced at Hou, whose expression clearly showed no trace of concern at Long Anqi.

She sighed and passed 100 gold to Long Anqi before signalling the Purpled Snow Dove to protect her.

Hou turned back his head while inwardly laughing out with a satisfied expression.

He didn't want to share any rare cultivation resources with her.

Afterwards, he entered through the gate. Lily too followed behind him.

Long Anqi scanned around and headed along with the Purple Snow Dove towards the very far corner of the entrance to hide behind a bush.

Later, a massive dragon descended and a few people stepped on the ground.

There were 6 mid-aged men, 1 old man, and 4 youths.

Zhao Ruge and his guard were among them.

Seeing them, some surrounding people observe them with a wary expression.

A mid-aged man approached towards them and whispered something at the old man, who listened and pondered.

However, the old man shook his head and walked toward the entrance. Rest of the people with him followed behind him. Soon, they too entered.

Hou and Lily looked around the ruins and found only the abandoned broken buildings.

Hou became totally disappointed and thought Ying Yue gave a fake information, he wanted to return. However, Lily wanted to cheque the centre of the ruins.

After a while, they reached the centre and discovered a huge bonehead of a tiger. At its jaw, just like outside, there was an entrance.

When they entered through the gate, formation arrays flickered around the boney head.

Feeling the formation array Qi surrounding them, Lily grabbed onto Hou and tried to escape, however, a sudden beam of light blinded and teleported them.

Hou opened his eyes and looked around at the surroundings, both he and Lily became astonished and flabbergasted, seeing a totally different sight.

They stood on the top of the mountain and saw every corner in the ruins,

They saw a dense forest filled full of spiritual plants and trees, also found Heavenly Qi around the surrounding was dense and purer.

The most shocking part was the whole sky was burning in red flames.

After a while, they spotted a small lake far away and headed toward there.

Just behind that mountain, there was a teen girl in a white cloak and a young man in a blue cloak sitting under the tree.

A few paces behind them, a mid-aged woman in a red cloak and 2 mid-aged men both in a black cloak stood and guarded them.

The teen girl stared at the young man and asked with a worried expression.

"Big brother Lei, Do you think that Xiang Chu will come here?"

Shi Lei only gazed at the sky and replied in a low voice.

"Sister Shuang, once that bastard Chu hears about this ancient ruins, he'll definitely come because he is the most eager one to break through next Realm."

"Only in that way, he will get a recognition from his master and won't have any obstacle marrying Ouyang Lanyu."

"And this is my only opportunity to stop him, there is no way, I, Shi Lei, will let anyone marry my Ouyang Lanyu."

Cheng Shuang looked at Shi Lei and just sighed before with a resolute expression on her face, she said in a serious tone.

"Brother Lei, If he truly comes, I'll help you and make him stay here forever."

Shi Lei gazed at her and nodded his head.

At the other corner of the forest, the old man and his group also arrived.

The old man glanced at one youth and spoke in a serious tone.

" Chu, I hope you'll successfully grab this opportunity if not, you can forget Ouyang Lanyu."

Xiang Chu bowed and nodded his head toward the old man with respect.

Afterwards, he parted with a mid-aged man.

Zhao Ruge and his guard Meng too left toward the other direction.

Other 2 youths along with their guard also headed in a different direction.

Finally, only the old man and 2 other mid-aged men remained on the spot. The old man looked at the direction where Shi Lei and Cheng Shuang were sitting and sighed.

He turned toward the other 2 mid-aged man and said.

"Go take care of them, however, leave them alive."

Just above the burning sky, a pair of eyes watched everything and said in a soft voice.

"So finally, the trial has begun."

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