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Chapter 73: Escape

Outside the trial ground  

As time passed, no changes appeared on the gate, everyone became worried and pondered for a solution to break the gate.  

Soon, a few people formed a group, though not everyone joined, like Lily and the old man.  

When the group was discussing their thoughts and plan, suddenly, a spark emerged from the gate's centre and floated in front of the gate.  

Slowly, the spark enlarged into a figure and fell on the ground.  

After that, another spark appeared and formed into another figure before also falling to the ground.  

A loud bang rang around the area startling everyone.  

When the people discovered those figures, they instantly appeared in front of them.  

They found 2 wounded youths lying on the ground.  

One youth was missing a whole arm while the other youth had a long sharp wound on the back.  

They were Xiang Chu and Fan Le.  

Before anyone could ask them anything, both Xiang Chu and Fan Le weakly stood on their feet and wailed toward their elders.  

"Grand Elder, help!"  

"Elder Mang, help."  

In a flash, an old man appeared next to Xiang Chu and held his shoulder.  

Meanwhile, Chu Mang also arrived in front of Fan Le and took him away from the place without hesitation. As he knew his young master would never ask for the help unless the situation was extremely dire.  

Suddenly, another spark came and formed a figure.  

The figure resembled a huge round giant with tiny feet.  

Xiang Chu stared at the figure and shuddered in fear.  

He pointed his finger and shouted in a loud stuttering voice.  

"Elder, please kill that brat fast."  

Somewhat displeased with his tone, the old man glared at Xiang Chu, however, he still sent a strike toward the figure.  

When his strike reached a metre in front the figure, a shadow appeared and blocked it with a powerful slash.  

The clash created a powerful shock wave and swept outwards in all direction with a shocking momentum.  

The shadow was Lily.  

She stood in front the figure and shot a cold glare at the old man and Xiang Chu.  

Though her hands trembled from the impact. 

When she recognised the figure, she dashed without hesitation and blocked the strike.   

Meanwhile, the old man also recognised the lady and stopped his 2nd attack.  

Furthermore, he did not want a bitter fight without learning about their background and the actual situation.  

Hence, he asked her.  

"Young lady --."  

However, a loud enraged voice interrupted him.  

"Sly thief and sneaky bastard! You both are dead now. Let's see who'll save you here."  

Xiang Chu instantly became alarmed and stared the old man with a questioning look.  

He didn't understand why the old man stopped his 2nd attack and thought the old man knew them.  

Instantly, he thought of a plan before the old man would sell him out to them.  

A sudden idea came into his head and he showed a cunning smile while staring at Hou with malicious eyes.  

Afterwards, he shouted in a loud voice.  

"Everyone, that kid has tons of rare spirit plants, flower, and fruits in his huge bag. Grab them before he escapes from here."  

Meanwhile, when those people watching and gloating them heard his words, instantly, they scanned the huge bag with their greedy eyes.  

While doing that, Lily at once formed 3 tiny dragon souls around her and took a defensive stance.  

As for Hou, he panicked when he found their gazes on him.  

Hence, without hesitation, he opened his huge bag and took a long deep breath.  

Afterwards, he opened his mouth wide and suck the air.  

Before long, a powerful suction appeared inside his mouth and all the spirit plants, flowers and fruits flew toward the suction.  

As his huge bag emptied and shrank each passing second, Hou's clothes tore and shredded into pieces while his stomach grew little by little into a round shape, just like the air filling a balloon.  

Once his huge bag emptied, his expression changed because he felt like he would explode anytime.  

Slowly, a terrified and dreadful expression emerged on his face.  

He quickly scanned his surroundings and saw everyone's vicious and furious expression.  

They looked like they wanted to charge toward him any moment.  

He glared at everyone before focusing his eyes on Xiang Chu and spoke in a pained voice.  

"Sneaky Bastard, I'll come back and repay this debt."  

 Afterwards, he dashed toward the bridge and jumped into the endless flames.   Find authorized novels in Webnovel, faster updates, better experience, Please click <a href=""></a> for visiting.

Lily also followed him without hesitation.  

Meanwhile, the sight shocked and puzzled everyone for a second before a few people rushed after them.  

However, the instant they entered the endless flames, a loud voice rang from the endless flames.  

"That sneaky bastard has obtained a heavenly treasure and a battle skill from the trial. If not, why do you think I chased after him? So, if you don't want them, chase after us."  

Immediately, those people returned to the bridge.   

Afterwards, everyone showed a greedy and an excited expression on his or her faces before surrounding the old man and Xiang Chu.  

Even though Xiang Chu wanted to deny him, he knew no one would believe his words.  

Helplessly, he glanced at the old man ready to unleash his aura.  

So, he didn't speak at all.  

The old man released a massive and powerful aura suppressing everyone.  

However, instead of fighting them, he grabbed Xiang Chu and ran at extreme speed.  

The 2 mid-aged man also dashed and joined them. 

Soon, those suppressed people recovered and pursued after them.  

Only a few people remained on the area who also wanted to chase them. But, they had to wait for their young master and misses.  

Just as everything returned to normal, another spark appeared and formed into a figure.  

Ruby opened her eyes and scanned her surroundings before dashing toward her elders.  

Afterwards, another 2 sparks appeared and also transformed into figures.  

Shi Lei and Cheng Chuang appeared in the sight along with the 2 huge bags.  

Before they could speak, a red-cloaked mid-aged woman grabbed them and disappeared from the spot.  

She was their elder.  

Even though the remaining people discovered them with the huge bags, they didn't stop the mid-aged woman. They recognised her as the elder of the Rippling Sect.  

Furthermore, they had seen those rare spirit fruits, flowers, and plants when Hou ate them. They could find those rare resources easily or just buy it from the auction.   

Hence, they didn't dare to offend their Sect and only waited for their young master and misses.  

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