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Chapter 61: Explosion

A massive figure jumped up in the air and raised both of its hands while gathering an explosive Qi between them.

Inside the explosive Qi were various chaotic Qi elements contained, which violently circled around each other and tried to devour one another.

Once the explosive Qi reached the size of its own body, the massive figure descended at an extremely fast speed towards a small child.

When the massive figure was in range of the small child, it threw, without any hesitation, the explosive Qi at the child.

The child hastily dodged out of range from the explosive Qi while leaving an afterimage behind.

One blurry figure after another appeared, with a distance of one-meter in-between them.

As soon as the 3rd blurry figure appeared, a powerful shock wave struck from behind before it dissipated into nothingness.

After the shock wave landed on the ground, a loud explosion occurred reverberating around the entire small mountain.

The loud explosion created another powerful shock wave, it was as if the whole mountain could collapse at any time.

A huge deep hole appeared on the ground.

Afterwards, the whole mountain shook for a minute before it calmed down.

A moment later, everything remained in stillness before all the dust swept up from the ground blocking the devastating sight.

Meanwhile, the 2nd shock wave pushed the child far away, smashing into a tree.

After a while, the child stood up, staggering on his feet and stared at the sight with disbelieving eyes and somewhat in fear.

Even though the child looked very awful with messy hair, along with bloodstains and tattered clothes, it had no serious injuries.

Before the dust could settle the massive figure appeared in the child's view, in an instant, the child retreated without bothering to look anymore.

Afterwards, the child appeared miles away from the previous spot.

Meanwhile, the shock wave also blew at all the figures within the area.

All these figures also speedily ran out from the spot toward three different directions.

Though, a few figures simply chased after them.

Later, the dust cleared and only the massive figure stood there, scanning and trying to locate the child.

But when it saw no one in the area, with a disappointed expression, the massive figure roared out loud like it was taunting and provoking someone.

When the child heard the roars, instead of showing any fear, it laughed like a mad person.

Obviously, the child was Hou and the massive figure was the White Yeti.

Hou glanced back toward the devastating sight and peered at the escaping figures.

All those escaping figures also appeared to be in a terrible appearance with tattered and the bloodstained clothes.

Though a few figures seemed heavily injured.

Once he caught sight of Cheng Shaung and Shi Lei, he headed straight ahead towards them.

When he appeared before them, his presence startled and baffled them because he was the target who stood within the impact range of the destruction.

However, they said nothing as Cheng Shaung had fatal injuries.

There was a long claw slash on her right shoulder which barely hung with her skin's support.

One among the Black Yeti had chopped almost her entire shoulder apart.

And the shock wave pushed her away and smashed her straight on of the big rocks, breaking her last supporting rib on her right shoulder.

Hou glanced at her wounded shoulder but showed no expression on his face.

Later, 3 Black Yetis caught up and surround them.

Hou tilted his head toward those Yetis before an enraged expression appeared on his face when he recalled those taunting roars.

He dashed toward them leaving his blurry figure while circulating his Qi.

Soon he formed the 10-weapons Qi and it circled around his body.

With lightning speed, he appeared beside the head of one Black Yetis.

He thrust and pierced the 10-weapons Qi into his head before returning to his original spot.

While that the Yeti died standing on its feet.

When the rest of the Yetis noticed that, they were with a burning rage, charging at Hou.

However, Hou evaded both Yetis and rushed toward the dead Yeti again before chopping its head off.

He stood there holding the head and grinned with a creepy smile.

Both the Yetis roared and rushed at him with bloodshot eyes.

Hou only dodged their attacks while taunting them with the dead Yeti's head.

After some time, both of the Yetis stopped their attacks and jumped up in the air like the White Yeti before. Find authorized novels in Webnovel, faster updates, better experience, Please click <a href=""></a> for visiting.

Soon they too formed an explosive Qi in their hands however the size was only as big as their heads.

When Hou caught their act, he too jumped up in the air.

Just like those Yetis, he also circulated his Qi and formed only 1-weapon Qi.

Its size was longer than his arm and resembled a flame sword.

Once the weapon Qi looked stable, Hou stared at the Yetis in the air.

Then, with a sonic blast, he dashed in the mid-air point towards one of the Yetis.

That Yeti immediately discovered him dashing toward him, it stopped flowing it´s Qi into the explosive Qi instead it raised the explosive Qi toward Hou.

Hou dashed again and aimed the weapon Qi at its neck.

In an instant, he passed by that Yeti and tilted his head back.

As for that Yeti, it only saw the blurry image in front its eyes for a second before blacking out.

Afterwards its headless body dropped slowly from the sky.

While the other Yeti finished and formed a completed explosive Qi in its hand.

Instantly, it charged while aiming the explosive Qi at Hou in mid-air.

Hou ignored the Yeti and dashed above him into the sky.

Once he reached the limit, he descended at an extremely fast speed like the White Yeti.

He raised his dissipating weapon Qi in his hand while aiming at the Yeti's chest.

Both the weapon Qi and the explosive Qi crashed into each other.

The explosive Qi was at once integrated into the fire when it touched the weapon Qi.

Hou easily impaled the Yeti with the weapon Qi through his chest.

Afterwards, both descended on the ground at a rapid speed.

With a loud bang, both of them landed on the ground creating a big crater.

Hou stood up on his shaky feet and grinned at the dazed Cheng Shuang and Shi Lei who stood and stared at him with their wide-open eyes.

The reason for their shock wasn't because he killed those Yetis. But, the time he took to kill them was so short that rather they needed longer time to recover out of the daze.

Later, Hou chopped the last head and took all the three Yeti's heads.

Afterwards, he glimpsed at the duo but didn't say a single word.

Soon, they moved toward the exit of the small mountain and headed for a quiet place.

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