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Chapter 38: Fatty Bo

Hou and Lily wandered around the streets of the city, checking every places and shop however everyone looked at them with a strange gaze and avoided them. After a while, Hou noticed why they avoided them because they hadn't taken shower not changed their clothes for weeks.

They quickly searched for a big inn and entered the inn.

Without even saying anything Lily threw 50 gold on the counter.

The attendant hurriedly led them toward a luxurious room and left after opening the room.

Once Hou and Lily entered the room, they didn't care about anything and both directly went to take the shower together.

After showering and changing into new cloth, they both looked clean and refresh.

Later they headed toward the dining hall.

While eating, they asked the waiter for the most famous and biggest Auction House in the city.

After learning the name Blood Fang Auction house, they left the inn and headed toward Blood Fang Auction House.

As they were leaving, a pair of eyes with greedy lust, stared at Lily from the 3rd floor of the dining hall in the inn. After their figures disappeared, the pair of eyes tilted around and exciting said.

"Brother Bo, I just remember a very important work so I'll be taking my leave."

He stood and left with a mid-aged old man.

A fatty sat alone at the table in the room.

Fatty Bo watched them leaving and turn his head at the empty corner and asked.

"Elder Feng, what do you think about that lady from earlier?"

Slowly a figure of a shadow emerged. It was a mid-aged man with a purple coloured cloak and a tattoo of a tiny python on his neck. He looked at fatty Bo and spoke in a serious tone.

"Fatty Bo, If you're also thinking like that kid Zhang Yang, I suggest you to stop planning to do anything stupid or you will lose your little bird this time for sure."

Fatty Bo appeared embarrassed, ashamed, terrified at the same time when he heard his words however his quickly adjusted himself back to normal due to his thick skins.

After, he asked another question.

"So do you think brother Yang will suffer badly?"

Elder Feng looked at him like an idiot and sneered. Find authorized novels in Webnovel, faster updates, better experience, Please click <a href=""></a> for visiting.

"If he tries to do anything against her like how he does to those commoner girls then today is the last time you see him alive. Not even his clan will try to avenge him because they don't want to provoke Peak Stage Heavenly Mortal Realm expert."

Hearing it, Fatty Bo became astonished and amazed, however, he dubiously asked.

"Even if Peak Stage Heavenly Mortal Realm, she won't dare to do anything to me if she knew my identity."

With a helpless expression, Elder Feng shook his head before honestly saying.

"Fatty Bo, Even though I always praise you for being intelligent, your lustful nature rashly makes you stupid and dumb. All this whole time you've been only focusing on the lady instead of the important person."

Fatty Bo opened his eyes wide open and said in a stuttering voice.

"You mean to say that kid is actually a powerful old hermit wearing a kid's skin."

His reply baffled Elder Feng and became totally speechless, how he reached such a stupid conclusion.

"Fatty Bo, Can you stop imagining stupid things?"

"If you can have an identity as the young master of Blood Fang Auction House then wouldn't that kid also have a background? Don't forget that kid has reached Peak Stage Spirit Origin Mortal Realm and has a lady Peak Stage Heavenly Mortal Realm following him."

"He should at most 10 years old."

"Only the biggest Clan or Sect have someone as him and nurtured as a young genius."

"Now you can guess what this means."

"Anyway stop having any idea on that lady and make a plan to gain some favour from the child."

"It'll lead you toward a successful life if you somehow maintain good relation with him."

After, that elder Feng disappeared from the spot, leaving fatty Bo frozen.

After a while, fatty Bo stood up and excitingly ran toward the Blood Fang Auction House.

Meanwhile Hou and Lily were standing among the crowd in front of a mid-sized building heavily surrounded by the guards. This building was the most famous spirit beast auction house, Blood Fang Auction House in the city.

At the entrance gate, 2 female attendants were checking the entry tickets.

Hou glanced around all those tired and bored people waiting in the queue. He jumped on Lily's back before ordering her to rush toward the entrance.

With a helpless gaze, Lily glanced at Hou who was smiling innocently.

She at once ran toward the entrance while pushing all the people from the queue with her aura.

Finally, she arrived in front of the attendants.

Before they could speak, Lily took out 100 gold and threw at them. She entered the gate without looking back, however, Hou was mocking and making faces at those people behind them.

At the end of the queue, Hu Jiao and Fang Lao along with the old-men were hiding and felt relieved once they saw him entered through the gate.

Later, a carriage stopped at the front of the entrance.

A skinny youth around 18 years and 2 females stepped out of the carriage.

The youth scanned the crowd before entering along with his 2 female servants.

He was Zhang Yang, the young master of Zhang Clan who was the lecherous pervert from earlier.

Another big carriage also stopped, 2 teen girls around 16 covered with veil came out along with a mid-aged woman wearing a dark red cloak.

All the people in the queue turned their heads but only not guess their identity. They too quickly entered through the entrance without taking a queue.

Finally, after a while, a fat youth came running quick who like a running pig at the entrance and entered swiftly through the gate.

His appearance baffled everyone while they thought how this fatty could run so fast.

Meanwhile, the sight in front impressed both Hou and Lily inside the hall. It was actually an enormous open coliseum. Trees and plants surrounded it, like a small garden.

The right side of stairs led toward the VIP area while the left side toward the general area.

However, everything was open and could see anyone from any corner.

A female attendant came toward them and led at the seat no. 50 in the VIP area and left after saying auction will start in any moment soon.

Once they sat down, they noticed slowly people were entering.

While Hou was looking around and enjoying his tea, Zhang Yang stepped into their seating area.

Zhang Yang looked at Lily, with a lecherous expression on his face while swallowing his own saliva and he said.

"Miss, Will you honour some of your time and spend with me?"

Instead of a reply, a teacup landed on Zhang Yang's face and a heavy trampling struck on his entire body.

After beating for a minute, Hou stretched his body and returned to his seat before ordering Lily to gag and tie Zhang Yang like a mummy. He cunningly asked.

"Hey skinny pervert, Since you've also entered, I suppose you got enough money to bid for auction right? Help me buy a few things here today then I might leave your little bird to attach."

"If you don't agree then you'll also get your stupid head chopped."

Zhang Yang felt miserable and heartbroken when he listened to his words. He hurriedly nodded his head since he couldn't speak at all.

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Please feel free to comment and help me out with names. Hopefully self created. Even if i don't select them, it'll noted and will be kept as future references.

Thank you for reading, enjoying and supporting this novel.

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