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Chapter 41: Fight

After Hou won the bid with his extravagant amount, the auction ended just like that.

Everyone left the auction with disappointment while guessing the prodigal young master's background.

As for Hou, he was sipping his tea and trying to show himself aloof. Hu Jiao and the trio didn't know what to do, so they only waited for him to call them. While Fatty Bo and Elder Feng glanced at each other before calling the attendants to bring the auction manager. Lily was trying to think if she missed anything.

Meanwhile, a terrified mummy was praying and hoping that Hou doesn't ask him to pay in his stead.

Finally, the entire hall emptied except for them. Just as fatty Bo tried to ask Hou something. Three figure entered the seating area no.50 startling the terrified mummy.

Hou turned toward them and gave a brilliant smile without saying a word.

Those 3 figures were from the seating no.80. Those 2 teen girls with a veil covering their faces and a mid-aged woman wearing a dark red cloak. One of the teen girls had a blue veil wearing a white cloak was and another teen girl had a black veil wearing a purple cloak.

The blue-veiled teen girl coldly stared at Hou before threatening him.

"Little brat, If you don't give us that Purple Snow Dove to us, you'll regret later."

When the red-cloaked mid-aged woman listened to their words, she slightly raised her eyebrows but said nothing instead kept her guard against Lily.

While everyone tried to think where he or she got the guts to barge in here and threatened him.

But after seeing them also with a Peak Stage Heavenly Origin Realm expert, they only waited how Hou would deal with them.

Once Hou heard their words instead of agreeing or refusing, he threatened her back while showing his creepy smile.

"Little biatch, If you don't leave all your money and that Golden Crow, then I'll let you live your damn life with a fat pig."

He peeked at Fatty Bo which didn't go unnoticed by them.

The black veiled girl took a whip under her waist and lashed at him, in anger. However, Hou already approached them with a dagger in extreme speed.

When they saw him rushing toward them, they quickly dispersed and moved toward the stage. Seeing that Hou just leisurely walked toward the stage.

The red-cloaked mid-aged woman slightly looked at them before turning her head toward Lily and said.

"Fellow cultivator, These girls are only impulsive and playing a game while they actually won't harm your young master. Since they're all at Peak Stage Spirit Origin-Realm, I hope you do not intervene with them. Just let them gain few experiences."

Lily shot a weird glare at her before giving a hint.

"Their childish behaviour is perfectly reasonable considering their age, however, playing with a fire is a no-go."

"And I won't interfere as long as you also don't."

The red-cloaked mid-aged woman said nothing and only stared at the stage. While Hu Jiao and the trio were pitying those girls. Only Fatty Bo and Elder Feng worried about Hou.

Once those teen girls reached the middle of the stage, the blue-veiled teen girl looked at him and spoke in a cunning tone.

"Little brat, do you want to bet? If you win, we'll let you leave without harm but if you lose, we'll take the Purple Snow Dove. Do you dare?"

Hou glared at them before mocking them.

"Once I finished beating the shit out of both of you, I'll feed you both to a fat pig."

Without letting them any chance to speak, Hou sprinted toward them.

The blue veiled girl raised her both fists and circulated her metal Qi before turning her fists into like a metal glove.

Afterwards, she waited for him to enter her attack range.

While the black-veiled girl also circulated her wind Qi and lashed her whip at Hou before a few tiny Weapon Qi like snake flew at him.

Hou rushed in Z pattern and dodged all those tiny weapon Qi.

When he entered inside the range of the blue-veiled girl, she rapidly punched at him with her fists. Like 100 fist in each different direction.

The blue veiled girl was using the 1000th Iron Fist battle skill, but she has only completed step 1 so she could only unleash 100 fists.

Hou stopped his pace and tried to block while also stepping back. But he still stuck around 30 hits with her fits on his upper body and his face.

He rubbed his body in pain before quickly changing his target.

Hence he charged in S pattern toward the black-veiled girl who was lashing weapon Qi at him. While the blue-veiled girl pursued him at a close distance.

By the time Hou was 1 meter away from her, His clothes ripped off and few slashing wounds appeared, however, none were fatal.

He did a back kick at the blue-veiled girl before slashing with a dagger at the black-veiled girl.

When he discovered both dodging his attack easily, helpless, he jumped up high in the air.

The black veiled girl sneered at his stupidity for showing such an opening so she used her whip to strangle him.

However, just as her whip touched his body, he disappeared from the spot, leaving only his afterimage.

Next second, his head appeared right in front of her eyes.

Afterwards, she got a head-butt and fell on the ground along with him on her top.

Before she could move, a dagger was already at her throat and extremely miserable looking face with a sly smile stared at her. She froze and became terrified when she saw his smile.

Hou had only jumped up in the air to use 9 Mirage Dash Step, however, he had not master step 1 at all. He only used it to dash toward her.

Still feeling pain in his face, Hou looked at her and spoke in a chilly voice.

"Now that you are in my hands, let me cut you up so that the fat pig can easily gobble you."

He moved the dagger toward her face and was about to touch her chin.

Suddenly, a massive big fist materialized with Qi struck his back, sending him flying in the air before plummeting him on the ground.

Afterwards, he stayed motionless.

The blue veiled girl who hit him with a massive big fist panicked and hurriedly came to check on him.

However, as soon as she entered within a meter range, 4 weapon Qi burst out from Hou and pierced both her arms and legs before impaling her on the ground.

Hou promptly jumped up and walked while limping with a cunning smile.

He had used Ten Thousand Heart Strike but he still had not mastered the step 1 or he could've to strike 10 weapon Qi and killed her instantaneously.

As he took a step toward her, the red-cloaked mid-aged woman appeared in front of the blue-veiled girl. She anxiously looked at her before coldly glaring at Hou. As she tried to unleash her aura, suddenly, she felt a deadly crisis on her back.

So she hurriedly picked the blue-veiled girl before dodging the spot.

A single tiny dragon soul manifestation landed on that spot and blasted before burning into purple flame. Find authorized novels in Webnovel, faster updates, better experience, Please click <a href=""></a> for visiting.

The red-cloaked mid-aged woman looked at Hou and discovered Lily slowly appearing in front of Hou.

Lily had attacked with her Nine Dragon Roar skill when the red-cloaked mid-age woman at the spot.

Lily had a sword in her hand and readily glared at the red-cloaked mid-aged woman.

Once the red-cloaked mid-aged woman saw the sword in her hand, she shuddered and quickly picked the other girl on her other hand and hastily disappeared.

Hou looked at them escaping and glanced at fatty Bo however fatty Bo just stood there in a daze.

He could only shake his head and helplessly sigh before softly murmuring to himself, however, everyone clearly heard it.

"Here I planned to give these beauties to fatty Bo, but he just stood like an idiot watching them leave. Such a pretentious pervert dares to stare but no guts to do it."

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