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Chapter 67: Fighting White Yeti II

All the remaining Yetis lied on the ground breathless.

Hou gazed towards the White Yeti's direction.

Even though the White Yeti retreated, it never left far from the garden.

He let out a wild laughter and shot a mocking smile towards it.

Afterwards, he looked at Shi Lei and Fan Le while pondering something.

Shi Lei and Fan Le approached closer towards him and stopped a meter before him.

When Cheng Shuang found Shi Lei, with an excited expression, she dashed at him and hugged him.

She calmed down and stood behind Shi Lei. However, she appeared a little hesitant yet didn't speak a word in the end as if she was recalling something.

When he discovered her wounds had completely healed, it surprised and startled Shi Lei.

He bowed toward Hou with a gratitude expression and he sincerely said.

"Little brother Hou, thank you very much for guarding and healing sister Shuang's injuries. I will remember this debt and someday will return it to you."

Hou showed his weird smile toward them and slightly peeked at Cheng Shuang.

He thought she would urge Shi Lei to run away from here.

Afterwards, he glared at Fan Le, however, instantly turned his gaze when he saw Fan Le's eyes glowing abnormally and also his pink cloak.

Fan Le showed a bitter smile and thought about why his bewitching skill didn't work on him.

When Shi Lei turned toward Fan Le to introduce everyone, Hou sprinted towards the White Yeti's direction.

They too rushed after him, without hesitation.

The White Yeti also noticed Hou rushing at him, it glanced around the garden.

Eventually, a determined and vicious expression appeared on the White Yeti's face before jumping and madly banging on the ground with both hands.

Just like banging a beat on the drum, the ground shook and vibrated around the area.

Before long, tiny shock waves rippled everywhere while the ground cracked and crumbled into pieces.

When Hou entered the White Yeti's range, it jumped higher and stomped on Hou as if it wanted to smash him to death.

Hou hastily evaded leaving his afterimage and appeared a meter away.

He turned his back and saw the stomp formed a huge crater on his earlier spot.

The shock wave swept up the dust and blocked his vision.

However, he flipped back a step as a huge fist brushed the air an inch away from his face.

At once, he formed 10 weapon Qi and thrust towards the fist.

The weapon Qi stabbed on its knuckle though it was not deep.

Meanwhile, the rest also arrived and surrounded the White Yeti.

Ruby transformed her both arms into claws like a dragon and sprinted towards White Yeti.

Shi Lei formed a big hammer with his Qi and also dashed towards the White Yeti. It was double his height.

Fan Le formed countless rose petals and thrusted towards the White Yeti.

Cheng Shuang also formed thick thorny vines and aimed towards the White Yeti's hands and legs to immobilize it.

Noticing their presence, the White Yeti tried to retreat, but Hou appeared behind him and blocked his exit.

When the White Yeti found no escape route, he charged his Qi around his body turning its fur into a golden colour.

Every single hair changed and appeared like a golden needle.

Then its realm rose to High Stage Earth Origin Realm.

Afterwards, it sprinted straight towards Hou.

Though Hou noticed it, he felt no pressure and also dashed towards the White Yeti to battle head-on.

Quickly both appeared within the range and exchanged a few blows yet they both missed their target.

As they engaged in the battle, suddenly, Shi Lei appeared behind the White Yeti and bashed with his hammer on its back.

The White Yeti heavily crashed on the ground,

As it struggled to stand on its feet, Ruby's powerful claw came at its head.

The White Yeti instantly sat on the ground and blocked her claw with both hands.

While countless rose petals silently stabbed on its back.

The White Yeti groaned in pain and roared however thick vines tied its lower body and immobilized it.

Hou too appeared in front of it and slashed at its head with the weapon Qi.

Yet the White Yeti dodged with a hair's breadth though losing its left arm.

Afterwards, the White Yeti roared before it released all of its full power.

It broke free from its bind and scanned around with its ferocious eyes.

The White Yeti jumped up high in the sky and raised the only hand above before gathering around it a destructive Qi.

All its fur turned into Qi and moved toward the destructive Qi, creating more chaos.

(Editor note: picture a very big naked ape xD hilarious)

Slowly the destructive Qi was raised bigger than its height.

When Shi Lei, Fan Le, Ruby and Cheng Shuang saw the sight, they instantly retreated far away in fear.

They still remembered the devastating strike.

While Hou jumped into the sky and also gathered his fire Qi around his dagger before a big weapon Qi appeared around his dagger just like a long sword. Find authorized novels in Webnovel, faster updates, better experience, Please click <a href=""></a> for visiting.

Afterwards, just like a released arrow, Hou dashed out leaving his afterimages one after another behind until he appeared right above the destructive Qi.

Instantly, he chopped at the destructive Qi along with the White Yeti.

With no sound, his weapon Qi passed through them before slowly dissipating.

As if cutting a paper with a sharp blade, it cut through the destructive Qi and the White Yeti, cleaved both into two halves before igniting into an explosion.

The explosion occurred so fast that Hou didn't get to react and completely wrapped him.

The chaotic Qi within the explosion wounded him and entered his body, giving him an excruciating pain.

He lost control of his body and fell from the sky.

With a loud bang, a small deep crater formed on the ground.

Afterwards, complete silence remained in the area while the explosion radiated so strong that it was preventing everyone's sight.

TriggeredTurtle TriggeredTurtle

Please read LilyStarsMoonTears' novel and its also a reincarnation story.^^


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