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Chapter 66: Fighting Yeti Again

Next day, Hou, Cheng Shuang and Ruby reached the peak of the small mountain.

They discovered a group hiding under a big rock, gazing at the White Yeti.

The White Yeti was sleeping peacefully under a tree.

Behind the White Yeti, they caught sight of a small garden glittering with the spirit plants, flowers, and trees.

Rich and pure dense Heavenly Qi emitted out somewhere from the garden.

The group also noticed their presences and stared at them.

Xiang Chu recognized Ruby and walked toward them with a cold glare.

However, he froze and stared with his eyes wide open when he discovered Hou.

As he saw him inside the explosion he thought Hou already died.

He realized he couldn't win the battle without getting injured.

So, with a bitter expression, he turned back and whispered something to the group.

Soon they ignored them and waited for more people to appear here.

Xiang Chu's reaction startled and bewildered both Ruby and Cheng Shuang, but they did not bother to think about it.

When Hou saw them hiding again, he shot a disdain gaze toward them.

With an arrogant look, he walked toward the White Yeti.

The White Yeti immediately stood up and showed a mocking expression towards Hou.

Afterwards, it roared unceasingly one roar after another.

Suddenly, many figures appeared and surrounded the area.

All these figures were Black Yeti, Green Yeti, Red Yeti, Blue Yeti, and Yellow Yeti.

They were about 50 in numbers.

All of them reached High Stage Spirit Origin Realm to Early Stage Earth Origin Realm.

They all roared out loud and madly dashed towards everyone.

The sight terrified and agonized the group and the girls.

They cursed at Hou and the White Yeti.

However, Hou only sneered and disappeared from his spot, leaving a blurry shadow.

In an instant, he appeared in front the White Yeti and aimed his punch at its face.

The White Yeti didn't evade instead made a fist and threw it at him.

Quickly, Hou fished out his dagger and channelled his Qi forming a weapon Qi.

Both the weapon Qi and the fist collided head-on, creating a small wave.

The wave pushed Hou into the air while the White Yeti didn't even budge an inch.

Just like an arrow, the White Yeti dashed and appeared in front Hou.

It pounded him with a barrage full of fists.

However, only the first hit landed on him, while the rest passed through his afterimage.

Hou glared at the White Yeti and ran towards the group with a cunning smile plastered on his face.

The White Yeti chased after him.

Meanwhile, Shi Lei and Fan Le both arrived at the mountain's edge.

Loud roars and powerful shockwaves rang out from the peak.

Both shot a meaningful glance at each other and rushed toward the mountain's peak. Find authorized novels in Webnovel, faster updates, better experience, Please click <a href=""></a> for visiting.

As Shi Lei already guessed, Hou and Cheng Shuang must have reached there since their trails led him here.

At the same time, the group stood at one spot and defended themselves from the Yetis.

Even though there were many Yetis surrounding and attacking them, they easily protected themselves.

They thought if they could persist for a few hours, they could defeat them all.

Just around that time, they discovered Hou appearing closer towards them; they became alert and ready to strike at him with a deadly blow.

However, they saw a massive figure chasing after him.

Instantly, without any hesitation, they unleashed their powerful blows at both Hou and the White Yeti.

Hou immediately evaded their attack and disappeared from the spot.

While all their hits landed on the White Yeti.

The White Yeti stumbled for a few steps before glaring at them with a malicious look in his eyes.

It roared in madness and charged at them.

While Hou appeared behind the girls and helped them defend against the Yetis.

Soon, tragic cries and powerful shock waves came from the groups' direction.

After an hour, Hou and the girls cleared and killed all the surrounding Yetis.

They took a rest and recuperate for a few minutes.

Afterwards, they headed towards the groups' direction to view the battle.

When they arrived, they found only 2 remaining people left from the group.

One was Xiang Chu, and another one was a youth wearing a red cloak.

Both had few injuries and scars but no fatal wounds.

Around their surroundings, many body parts of shattered Yeti, along with a few dead bodies lay.

In front of them, the White Yeti and 5 other Yeti stood and viciously glared at them.

Noticing someone's presence, they turned their sights toward that direction.

At once they became enraged and furious after recognizing Hou.

However, they didn't dare to rush at him.

Instead, they soon began their battle again.

The red-cloaked youth formed a weapon Qi in his hand, which resembled a long spear. It was formed with lightning Qi.

He thrusted it using his full power aiming towards the Yetis.

While Xiang Chu formed a barrier around them that looked like an ice tornado, blocking their figures.

The White Yeti dodged the weapon Qi and dashed towards them.

While the other Yetis also dodged but didn't leave the area.

Just as the weapon Qi landed on the ground, it split into many tiny fragments and rushed onwards and impaled the other Yetis.

The White Yeti arrived in front of the barrier and bashed with its fist against it.

Numerous rippling cracks and fragments appeared around the barrier, but it did not break.

Once again, the White Yeti smacked with a shocking strength against the barrier.

A slight small opening formed at the barrier.

Just when the White Yeti used both hands to tear the barrier apart, 2 powerful weapon Qi charged straight towards its face through the small opening.

The White Yeti hastily blocked with its hands, but one weapon Qi still struck its right eye.

Without hesitation, the White Yeti retreated from the spot.

Finally, the barrier dissipated, and their figures came in sight.

The red-cloaked youth pursued the White Yeti but suddenly, a hazy shadow appeared behind the youth.

Before the youth could react, the shadow cleaved the youth into two halves.

The shadow was Hou. He waited for the perfect opening to clean those remaining groups up.

He tilted his head toward the daze Xiang Chu.

While the girls didn't feel surprised or any pity toward the youth, Shi Lei and Fan Le also arrived at the peak and caught this sight.

They stared at Hou and remained rooted on the ground with disbelief in their eyes.

As soon as Xiang Chu recovered, he also discovered Shi Lei, so he ran away in fear.

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