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Chapter 53: Fighting Zhao Ruge

Hou thought this brute youth couldn't differentiate his position.

He was only at Peak Stage Spirit Origin Realm while his guard was at Mid Stage Heavenly Origin Realm.

Both together couldn't harm him with Lily guarding him.

While Lily caught the guard scanning outside, with a worried and an anxious expression.

But, after a moment it vanished instead, a mocking face smeared on his face.

Before letting any chance for them to speak, Lily unsheathed her sword and sprinted toward the guard Meng.

While circulating her Qi and materializing 2 tiny dragon soul out of the weapon.

She sliced her sword horizontally, sending a deadly strike at the guard Meng.

After Guard Meng hastily evaded the strike, he escaped out of the cliff toward the mid-aged man.

While Lily pursued him with no hesitation, leaving Zhao Ruge and Hou alone there.

Zhao Ruge clutched his fist tight before golden knuckle formed around his fist.

He walked toward Hou, showing his malicious smile.

Instead of showing any expression, Hou took out his wine gourd on right hand.

He quietly drank the wine while rotating a dagger in his left hand.

Once Zhao Ruge was near 1-meter distance from him, Hou channelled his fire Qi and formed 1 Weapon Qi looking like the dagger.

He at once launched it toward Zhao Ruge.

Seeing that, Zhao Ruge smirked in disdain and evaded his shoulder to left.

The weapon Qi passed by an inch away from his chest, just as he wanted to mock Hou.

Hou suddenly appeared in front him and caught the Weapon Qi on his left hand.

He without hesitation, thrust and impaled his shoulder with it.

Afterwards, Hou vanished, only leaving a burry aftereffect as he never appeared there.

Zhao Ruge looked at his wounded shoulder while suffering the excruciating burning pain from it.

He quickly took out the weapon Qi from his shoulder and threw it away.

He shot a cold stare at Hou who was still drinking wine using his left hand.

When Zhao Ruge saw that, It made him so furious, he almost breathed fire.

He formed a golden body armour Qi around his body before rushing at him once again.

After Hou put back his wine gourd and finally looked at him with a teasing smile.

He formed weapon Qi one by one till 10 before launching each at Zhao Ruge in the different spot.

Afterwards, Hou threw all; he dashed leaving his afterimage and caught those weapons Qi.

Later, he threw them each one at Zhao Ruge, though Zhao Ruge blocked those few with his fist and his armour Qi, receiving no damage.

Feeling relieved, Zhao Ruge unceasingly punched his fist at Hou, but, none of it landed on Hou.

He sighed in depress and thought if he should escape outside for help.

Once the guard Meng reached the other side, the mid-aged man's spot, he stopped and glared at Lily, with a sly smile.

When the mid-aged man noticed the guard Meng's presence, he startled for a sec but still jumped and came closer toward him.

Finally, Lily realised this guard did not flee alone, instead lured her here since he found his other ally.

But she didn't plan to escape as though it had no pressure, even after knowing his companion was at Peak Stage Heavenly Origin Realm expert.

She shifted her vision back at the cliff but she didn't worry about Hou.

Then she slowly circulated her purple fire Qi toward her sword and materialized 3 tiny dragon soul form which revolved around her within a metre.

When they saw 3 tiny dragon soul, their expressions became serious.

With no words, both circulated their Qi and formed a weapon Qi at their hand.

While an armour Qi around their bodies before dashing toward her.

Soon they attacked her from the different direction, but, none of their attacks landed a hit her as she easily dodged them.

Also, they didn't dare to enter within a 1-metre range around her as the 3 tiny dragon soul form would savagely attack them.

With a helpless expression, they glimpsed toward the lake.

While hoping the old man end the battle soon and help them or they'll both soon end up dead.

Meanwhile, Zhao Ruge was weary and fatigued looking in dishevelled appearance as he has been battling with Hou for half an hour. Find authorized novels in Webnovel, faster updates, better experience, Please click <a href=""></a> for visiting.

Yet none of his blow landed on Hou.

He was in total disbelief and fuming in a rage.

Finally, with a reluctant look, he planned to escape from him, so, he violently charged out the cliff.

But, he ended up running away toward the other direction from his guard Meng.

Hou glanced toward the battle area between Lily and guard Meng.

But he was not concerned about her as she wouldn't lose anyone below Sovereign Realm expert as long as she wields that sword.

He walked gradually as he followed behind Zhao Ruge's trails.

As he was walking, he spotted 3 wounded people on the way, resting and staring at him with a wary and alarm faces.

After he showed his creepy smile at them, he continued walking after the trails.

These 3 wounded people were Shi Lei, Cheng Shuang, and the red-cloak mid-aged woman.

Shi Lei and Cheng Shuang stared at each other with amazement in their eyes.

They nodded their head in agreement.

As they had already seen Zhao Ruge escaping alone just a while ago, with a dishevelled appearance running for his poor life.

Since they already knew Zhao Ruge as an arrogant brute who fears nothing and doesn't leave without his guard Meng.

As they wanted to know if he made Zhao Ruge into that miserable state and had him a run for his poor life.

Afterwards, they stood up and deliberately followed behind Hou at a slow pace.

While Cheng Shuang pondered and planned something if he was the one.

She slightly glanced at Shi Lie' face and blushed a little before her face turned normal.

The red-cloaked mid-aged woman noticed that and only sighed while shaking her head.

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