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Chapter 107: Imperial Palace

Three years passed in a flash.

At the Imperial Palace City.

Inside a massive palace, a mid-aged man in a golden-silk robe was sitting on a throne at the highest spot, listening to a noisy discussion of the surrounding people in the hall.

The mid-aged man became quite intrigued with their discussion. However, he showed no expression on his face instead appeared aloof. Find authorized novels in Webnovel, faster updates, better experience, Please click <a href=""></a> for visiting.

The discussion revolved around a group of people, a young boy and three beautiful girls, mainly focusing on their actions.

Those people had appeared around three years ago and roamed in the entire Ice Empire, creating shocking events from one place to another.

Whenever that group appeared in a town or village, they would destroy a well-known Clan or Sect in the name of justice and leave witnesses to tell their tales.

One time, in a small town, they had barged into the major's house and massacred the major, his son and his servants after they learned their crime of kidnapping and raping of the innocent girls.

Other time, in an Alchemist city, the group crippled a few known Alchemists and killed their disciples, learning those Alchemists sold their pills at a high price to the people. Sometimes, those alchemists even sold failed pills, blackmailed some poor people to work for the whole life.

Another time, the group had met with poor young siblings begging on the streets and learned their parents died in a battle protecting their Clan. However, their Clan disowned and banished the siblings because of their weak aptitudes for the cultivation while also coveting their parent's properties. Hence, the group cleaned all of those responsible people for their greed and returned all rightful properties to the siblings.

Like many other events occurred, but, none compared with their infamous killing. It happened when the group had killed Sect Master, Sect mistress, and the grand elder of the Cloud Sect for forcing their disciple to participate in an open orgy for a month.

Later, everyone discovered the Cloud Sect had kidnapped almost a million young mortal boys and girls for an orgy since the establishment.

As their deeds spread throughout the Empire, their fame became so famous that people gave them a name, the 4 Heavenly Saviour.

Thereon, everyone with a tragic fate would wait for them to visit their city, so they could ask for their help and seek a revenge for all the injustice they had suffered for years.

Meanwhile, every Clan and Sect remained vigilant and hoped that they never encounter them.

After long hours, the surrounding people stopped their discussion.

An old man in a white robe with a long beard and white hair stood and bowed toward the mid-aged man sitting on the throne.

"Your Highness, we should give a generous reward and a title to the 4 Heavenly Saviour to show our Ice Empire supports their action. If we do that, we would gain the support from the people and stabilise the entire situation around the Empire while also suppressing the Sects and Clans."

"Furthermore, we could also try to win and invite those 4 Heavenly Saviour to stay here in the Imperial City. With the resources from the Empire, they would become the most famous and strongest people in the future."

The mid-aged man gave a slight nod to the old man and considered his words in silence but he had already decided to reward them. He only waited for someone to offer an advice so he could understand their true intention.

"Alright, Mao Xin, it's your responsibility to bring them here," the mid-aged man spoke in a calm voice as he signalled a palace eunuch who wrote something on a scroll and brought it along with a seal toward him.

When the mid-aged man glanced the texts on the scroll and found nothing amiss, he placed the seal it.

The eunuch took the scroll and gave it to Mao Xin.

The mid-aged man felt tired sitting all day and listening to their discussion so, he slowly left the hall.

In a flash, the surrounding people stood and kneeled on the ground until the mid-aged man disappeared from the sight.

Afterwards, the surrounding people once again began to chatter and bicker, echoing their loud voice throughout the hall.

However, it still revolved around the 4 Heavenly Saviour.

After leaving the hall, the mid-aged man walked toward the inner part of the palace.

Once he reached a garden, he stopped and glanced toward a small lake.

A mid-aged woman was standing beside the lake and reading a scroll.

She seemed bothered with something as she kept frowning and dark lines formed on her forehead.

The mid-aged woman stopped reading and heaved a long sigh in distress as she found the contexts too difficult to read any further.

She ripped the scrolls into 4 pieces and dragged her body toward a direction murmuring in a low voice.

"One more month. Hope he at least learned something."

With a helpless expression, she shook her head because she understood from the scroll he didn't change at all.

Even though she noticed the mid-aged man ahead of her, she ignored and passed him.

Startled, "Bing!", the mid-aged man called out her name, however, the mid-aged woman still ignored him and disappeared from his sight.

The mid-aged man felt something amiss, so he hurried his steps toward the tore pieces of the scroll on the ground.

He picked and arranged the pieces to read the contexts.

As he read the contexts, he stood frozen and his mind stopped working for a second.

A while later, he recovered and rubbed his both eyes because he didn't believe what he read from the scroll.

He read it again and realised it was all true.

A bead of sweats appeared behind his back and drenched his golden robe.

Anxious! He burned those pieces into ashes to leave no traces of any evidence of the scroll. Only then, he heaved a sighed in relief knowing nobody would learn about it.

However, his worries didn't disappear as the contexts kept appearing and echoing inside his head.

After all, it related to the earlier discussion and revealed the events in details.

On every action, those 4 Heavenly Saviours had premeditated and lured those Sects and Clan in a pit to take their action against them.

Their most infamous deed never happened like the rumours instead those 4 Heavenly Saviours found some perverted people and created a fake Heavenly Grade Skill according to the wild imagination of those perverted people. Then, they published a rumour about that skill around the Cloud Sect and sold it to the Cloud Sect Master on the auction. Just like that, the Cloud Sect Master returned to his Sect and created an orgy as that skill required one.

However, just before it happened, those 4 Heavenly Saviours brought a long rally of people who loathed the Cloud Sect and killed the Sect Master, Sect Mistress and a grand elder of Cloud Sect. Because those three people were the strongest support of the Cloud Sect.

On the siblings' part, those 4 Heavenly Saviours created a fake will and the properties of their parents to the siblings while lying about those siblings begging on the street and banishment due to their weak aptitudes. In fact, those siblings didn't like how their clan had treated them and the weak disciples so they left on their own accord.

Likewise, they had played a crucial role in every event before it even happened.

Suddenly, the mid-aged remember his earlier decision, so he ran in a hurried pace toward the Palace Hall.

As soon as he entered the hall, he rushed toward Mao Xin and grabbed the scroll from his hands.

Before the surrounding people could react, the mid-aged man burned the scroll and left the hall without giving any explanation to them.

After all, the mid-aged man recognised one among the 4 Heavenly Saviours.

If someone discovered their real deeds and the identities, a chaos would befall on the entire Ice Empire since that one person has a close relationship with him.

An adopted son!

Right now, the mid-aged man only wanted to declare that he had no parts on their action but he understood nobody would believe his words.

Depressed! The mid-aged man walked toward his chamber to rest while pondering how to clean these mess.

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