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Chapter 57: Joining a Group

Meantime, Lily stood in silence while gazing at the escaping figure toward the lake.

Just next to her, a disfigured body laid on the ground.

Someone had chopped the body into 2 halves, from the waist while the face still showed a shocked and unwilling expression.

It was the guard Meng.

While the escaping figure was the mid-aged man.

When Lily killed the guard Meng, the mid-aged man at once ran for his life toward the lake with no hesitation.

After the figure disappeared from her sight, Lily headed back toward the cliff.

When she found the empty cliff, she scanned the area before finding leftover traces.

She slowly followed the trail, leading her toward Hou's direction.

Meanwhile, Hou stood in front of the group and pondered whether to follow them toward the trial ground.

He started toward Lily's direction before shifting his sight at Cheng Shuang.

When he heard the rare resources, it piqued his curiosity and wanted to join them.

But, he knew it was no simple offer.

Instead, they had something plan for him as they followed him for a long time.

A slight weird smile appeared on his face before he spoke in a low voice.

"Big sis, I'll join you as long as you guys protect me."

His words startled them but they didn't change their expression.

With a relieved and happy face, Cheng Shuang nodded her head and replied to him.

"Don't worry, you'll be fine as long as you stay with us."

"First let us introduce ourselves."

"I am Cheng Shuang."

"Little brother, what's your name?"

"Hou," Hou spoke in a low and clear voice.

After Cheng Shuang glanced at Shi Lei and introduced him, and the red-cloaked woman.

Soon they headed toward the trial ground.

Meanwhile, at the lake.

The battle between man and the beast ended with a shocking momentum.

With a tragic cry, the Green Water Wyrm fell into the lake.

The water splashed in all direction around the lake.

Afterwards, everything turned into complete silence.

When the old man peeked into the lake, he found the beast motionless and slowly floating on the water.

At once, he appeared beside the corpse and dig out its core before glancing around the surrounding.

He found the injured mid-aged man just near the battle area waiting for him with an anxious expression.

When the injured mid-aged man discovered the old man, he dashed toward him.

Afterwards, he explained everything leaving no detail.

But the old man showed no interest instead just moved toward the trial ground.

Meantime, outside the trial ground.

Chu Mang and Fan Le stood in front of the enormous gate while staying vigilant against two group near them.

The first group had 3 people. A teen girl and the two mid-aged men.

The teen girl was at Peak Stage Spirit Origin Realm while the two mid-aged men at Peak Stage Heavenly Origin Realm.

While the 2nd group had a youth and a mid-aged man.

The youth was Xiang Chu, Early Stage Earth Origin Realm.

After spending few weeks here, he stumbled on a rare spirit fruit which let him breakthrough and entered Earth Origin Realm.

As for the mid-aged man along with him, He was also at Peak Heavenly Origin Realm. Find authorized novels in Webnovel, faster updates, better experience, Please click <a href=""></a> for visiting.

All of them had arrived here a week ago and waiting for the trial gate to open.

Even though Chu Mang didn't care about them, he didn't dare to risk Fan le's life.

So, he also waited without bothering them.

Meanwhile, Lily walked behind Hou's trail all the way from the cliff and finally reached the pit.

She peeked into the pit and found an unrecognizable body.

But, as she found Hou's Fire Qi traces, she guessed the body's owner was that brute youth.

After she scanned around and found 3 unknown footprints along with Hou's near the area.

With a bitter expression, she once again followed their trial.

As for Hou, With a happy expression plastered on his face, he followed them and chatted with those duos in joy.

He learned Cheng Shuang and Shi Lei came here on a mission but they didn't explain.

While he realized it had to do with this Shi Lei as he showed a painful and a vicious expression.

Even though he knew they had a motive for inviting him, he played along with them.

As both were also Peak Stage Spirit Origin Realm. Only the red-cloaked woman was the problem as she was at Peak Stage Heavenly Origin Realm.

But he thought Lily also rushing after his trails, so he only showed his weird smile.

Occasionally he would also glimpse at Cheng Shuang.

Ever since he noticed her gaze at Shi Lei, he pondered over something in secret.

While the red-cloaked woman discovered Hou's action but remained silent and vigilant.

Soon they also reach near the trial ground and could see the sight of the enormous gate.

The sight startled and bewildered Hou as the gate was so enormous as the mountain.

It was also a boned-head but a dragon.

Same like outside, the entrance was also through the mouth but closed.

In front of the gate had a bridge and under the bridge, an endless burning flame burned without a depth.

When he saw the flame, he felt an odd sensation, but faint, so he didn't bother at all.

He also spotted a few groups waiting at the entrance.

Just as he wanted to ask something, he discovered Shi Lei staring daggers at the youth from one of the group. As if he wanted to eat him alive.

Shi Lei's expression and breathing turned so unnatural like an angry crazy person.

At once Cheng Shuang blocked his vision, and he calmed himself.

After Shi Lei forced a smile on his face.

But, now Hou knew, their mission was just Shi Lei's grudges against that guy.

They came only to kill that guy.

He once gazed at the youth before shifting his vision at Shi Lei.

Afterwards, He showed his creepy smile and his sparkling eyes.

Seeing that, only the red-cloaked women crept out before she doubted their decision to let him join them.

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