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73.8% The Ancient Rare Phoenix: Colourful Flames / Chapter 88: Leaving the Ancient Ruin

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Chapter 88: Leaving the Ancient Ruin

Fatty Hai, Gu Qing and the other girls were discussing and contemplating everything that just happened.

Just a moment ago, Hou shocked them with his decision to leave from the trial ground.

Although, they felt relieved with their freedom, his last words complicated their situation.

He told them to take care of the trial ground.

They too wanted to rule the trial ground like him however they knew it was impossible for them with their low Realm.

Hence, they discussed whether they should return their clan. Find authorized novels in Webnovel, faster updates, better experience, Please click <a href=""></a> for visiting.

Finally, they reached an agreement to remain and planned to hire few Peak Earth Origin Realm experts since they didn't want to encounter with him in outside world.

At the battle ground

Hou was watching a battle between 2 teen boys.

Absurdly, the battle halted when a baby's wail echoed around the battleground.

Both the teen boys sprinted toward a teen girl with a baby in her bosom.

A happy expression formed on Hou's face when he saw the sight.

He recognized them as he was their matchmaker.

Slowly, he walked over and tossed a small pouch toward them before heading toward the exit.

Within the small pouch contained few rare resources and golds.

The teen boys and girl stared at his back with nervous and puzzled expressions.

Meanwhile, Lily followed Hou carrying the 2 Scarlet Tailed Tiger cubs in her hands while glimpsing everywhere with her glittering eyes in curiosity.

On the way, both Hou and Lily caught everyone giving them an odd look while opening a way for them.

Finally, they entered through the exit portal and appeared in front of the trial ground entrance.

In a flash, a masked lady appeared in front Hou and shouted in a high-pitched voice reverberating in the whole place.

"Slippery brat, now let see where you can run."

Her voice interrupted and startled everyone before they too recognised Hou and showed their malicious and furious expressions.

In an instant, they dispersed and surrounded him in a circle, leaving no escape route nor letting him enter the trial ground again.

Just like a cunning fox, Hou formed a smile on his face and scanned their faces.

As the masked lady tried to question him, suddenly, a hand flashed and choke her neck halting her voice.

Lily glanced around everyone while slowly dragging the masked lady toward Hou with a déjà vu feeling.

However, this time she didn't panicked nor planned to search for an escape.

The surrounding people stared at her in shocked and perplexed expressions as they couldn't detect her nor follow her movements.

Hou jumped in excitement and rubbed the furs of the 2 Scarlet Tailed Tiger cubs on the ground.

In a teasing voice, he spoke while peeking at the masked lady.

"Murderer, did you really remain here waiting me for almost 2 years?"

"Since you showed your loyalty for me, I'll let keep you with me for few years."

Tears poured down from the masked lady's horrified eyes while trying to plead for a mercy yet couldn't speak a word.

Once Lily reached near Hou, she threw the masked lady toward him hearing his rambling.

Then, she created a fist size a purple flame in her hand and raised high above in her head.

Just like a firework, the purple flame burst in tiny sparks before landing on the surrounding people.

Instantaneously, the surrounding people ignited and burned into ashes.

Though none of the sparks headed toward Hou nor the masked lady.

While a handful of people survived with their quick reaction and resolute decision though they lost one of their limbs.

They all chopped their limbs themselves once the tiny sparks landed on them.

As they dashed to retreat, a childish voice rang scaring the life out them.

"This time is only for those assassins and rebels. If anyone dares to aim again for my trial ground, I'll come knocking on the doorstep of your Clans and Sects."

"It won't end with just losing limbs."

Hou glanced at the trembling masked lady who was coughing and crying in fear.

He smirked a creepy grin at her and leisurely headed toward the exit.

Meanwhile, Lily peeked at the masked lady with a pity expression, however, she still picked her and followed him.

After 2 days, they appeared outside the ancient ruin.

The ruin was just like a newly establish city.

The street bustled with people and the different stalls.

Watching the sight and sensing the low Heavenly Qi around the area, Hou sighed in relief.

However, he didn't appear happy instead his eyes turned cold and murderous.

Even Lily shuddered slightly seeing his eyes and had a bad premonition.

Hence, without a word, she headed toward the far most corner detecting her contracted spirit beast.

Later, they caught a sight of a well decorated small building and a massive spirit beast sleeping behind it.

Their footsteps alerted the spirit beast, it woke up and glared at them.

However, recognizing them, it flapped its wings and appeared in front Lily with a cheerful shriek.

Lily showed a gentle smile at the Purple Snow Dove and rubbed its head.

Meanwhile, slowly a dandy girl and a bewitching lady stepped out of the building before the dandy girl stared them with her teary eyes and called them in an excited voice.

"I knew you would return for me."

As for the bewitching lady, she stood still and only gazed at Hou's white eyes as if time froze for her.

After all, she already learned there was a kid with white eyes ruling the trial ground.

However, she never once thought the kid as him.

If she had known, she would not have torment herself waiting for them along with the dandy figure.

Instead, she would send someone to learn his situation before deciding her next plan.

But she could only blame her luck for wasting her 2 years here.

Hou casted his sight toward the running and teary Long Anqi before gazing at dazed Ying Yue.

He ignored both and passed through them before sitting on the chair.

Meanwhile, both Long Anqi and Ying Yue spotted 2 Scarlet Tailed Tiger cubs and a trembling lady.

Yet both ignored them and walked toward Hou with complex expression.

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