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Chapter 110: Leaving Toward the Imperial Palace City

Mountain piles of empty plates were on a long table.

Hou was sitting around the long table and eating various delicious foods with his both hands at the extreme speed that every second he would empty a plate.

Several maids were placing new dishes and clearing the empty plates from the long table.

Everyone was looking at him in shock and disgust because he only swallowed the food without a pause whether the food tasted like sweet, sour, salty, bitter, pungent and astringent.

After a whole day, Hou stopped and lied flat on the ground rubbing his round tummy, however, he was still carving for more foods even though his stomach was full.

Hou stood up supporting his body with his hands and scanned the surrounding people. He saw each one with a different expression on their face; shocked, speechless, disgusted, frightened, and so on.

However, he ignored them and walked ahead.

Lily, Long Anqi and Ouyang Lanyu hurried after him.

The beautiful mid-aged woman and the youth too followed behind them keeping a small distance between them.

Meanwhile, the maids and the Alchemists took a deep breath as if a heavy burden left from their body. Even though they wanted to jump and shout in joy, they didn't dare as Hou had yet to dismiss them.

On the way, Lily noticed Hou kept frowning and had a slightly pained expression on his face as they walked every 20 steps.

"Young master Hou, are you alright?", Lily asked with a concerned tone. However, Hou ignored her and continued walking.

Finally, they reached near a small hut surrounded by a lush garden filled with blooming flowers and butterflies hopping from one plant to another.

As soon as they entered the hut, Hou dashed toward a room and jumped on a bed clutching his stomach.

Before long, his loud wails in anguish rang out from the room.

Startled! The girls hurried and entered the room but stood rooted after a step when they discovered a shrinking body struggling on the bed.

At a rapid rate, the body shrunk and halted when it turned the same size as a baby. The baby stopped wailing and coughed out a mouthful of blood.

The girls recovered and glanced at each other as they didn't understand the situation. So, they approached to check the baby.

However, before they could reach the baby, he wailed again.

His body started to grow at an unbelievable pace that the girls watched in disbelief at the entire process of a baby turning into a grown teenage boy.

Once the process completed, the boy lost his conscious and fell into a deep slumber.

The girls scanned his body and heaved a sigh in relief knowing the danger passed without any harm on his body.

As if in an agreement, Lily and Long Anqi undressed his clothes and wiped the blood around his body, while Ouyang Lanyu rushed toward an inner room and returned with a bucket of warm water.

Suddenly, Ouyang Lanyu exclaimed in shock after sensing his aura.

"Did he fail his breakthrough? Why is he still at Peak Stage Earth Origin Realm?"

Startled! Only then, Lily detected his realm and understood why he kept frowning earlier. They had missed due to his sudden change and thought he succeeded.

Lily pondered in silence, but she found nothing wrong with their preparation nor understood his absurd change.

A sudden word appeared in her head clearing her confusion.


She shook her head and wore a bitter smile because she had no knowledge nor met anyone with bloodline.

She stopped thinking about it since they would return to Imperial Palace City and meet with Mother Bing.

Next day, Hou woke up and found himself sleeping on the bed. He examined his body and discovered no changes.

A worried expression appeared on his face and he began to rethink whether he did everything wrong.

He stopped thinking after a while as he didn't understand it.

If nothing worked, then he would use his last resort.

Eat everything!

Although he had that thought, he seemed reluctant to experience the excruciating pain remembering his pasts and the dream of being a bird and the torturous consequences after devouring everything.

Hou stood up and exited the room. He discovered the girls were packing their stuff and ready for a departure.

Before he could question, Lily appeared in front of him and adjusted his messy hair and clothes.

"Young master Hou, we have delayed a lot of our time here," Lily said.

"We need to reach Imperial Palace City within a week, or Mother Bing would become worried and search for you."

Hou nodded his head in excitement hearing he would soon meet with Mother Bing.

Although he never spoke about Mother Bing, he always missed her and wished to meet her every day.

He ran toward Long Anqi and stuffed all the rare fruits in her baggage as he shouted toward Ouyang Lanyu who was struggling with a decision whether she should take everything. Find authorized novels in Webnovel, faster updates, better experience, Please click <a href=""></a> for visiting.

"Lanyu, leave those damage swords. No one would take them from here."

Then, he shot a glare at Long Anqi who was watching him and sneaking a fruit in her mouth.

"Anqi, hurry up, or I would leave you here without foods."

Long Anqi panicked and began to place the rare fruits in her baggage without sorting them.

Meanwhile, Lily peeked at Long Anqi. For years, she had taken the note of Long Anqi eating the spirit fruits, but she discovered no changes in her body.

Although Lily wanted to ask her origin, she stopped because it would not change anything between them.

After an hour, they finished packing with their baggage and stepped out of the hut.

At the garden, ten beautiful girls with sexy dresses were giggling and dancing, swaying their bodies in flirtatious steps.

On their every move, the wind blew their clothes and showed their delicate skins and cleavage as if helping those girls to reveal their charms.

A beautiful, mature woman and a youth stood in front of the hut waiting for Hou and the girls.

As soon as Hou and the girls stepped out, the matured woman greeted and pointed toward those girls at the garden.

"Young master Hou, those girls are the newest product of our Misty Garden. Do you want to taste them?"

Hou glanced toward those girls and showed a perverted expression watching their bouncing body.

However, he shifted his perverted eyes toward the matured woman whose bosom looked as big as his head and formed a sly smile with drools on his mouth.

The mid-aged woman shuddered and blocked her chest with her hands. Without even a word, she understood he would prefer her than those girls.

"Young Master Hou, would you prefer me to bring some older girls for you?". The mid-aged woman asked in a nervous voice, afraid that Hou would jump on her. Even though she would not mind it, but her owner would kill her if she ever cheated.

However, instead of a reply, a slap landed on her face, stumbling her few steps backwards.

Lily raised her leg and gave a kick on the mid-aged woman's stomach who fell to the ground in pain.

"Dirty old hag, stop talking nonsense. From today, we won't stay here anymore but remember to clean the hut every day. If anything happened to the hut, don't let me find you," Lily said as she whistled toward a direction behind the hut.

In an instant, Purple Snow Dove appeared beside Lily and rubbed its head on her shoulder.

Hou shook his head and jumped on the back of Purple Snow Dove.

Lily, Long Anqi and Ouyang Lanyu too followed him, carrying their baggage.

Then, Purple Snow Dove let out a loud shriek and flew toward a direction up in the sky leaving behind cloudy trails.

The mid-aged woman stood up and wiped her blood from her mouth. She wore a bright smile realising her misfortunes ended from this moment. She glanced toward the youth and said.

"From today, you would take care of the hut. If you make any mistake, join the eunuchs in the palace."

The mid-aged woman left the place ignoring the youth's pleading.

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