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Chapter 44: Long Anqi

The dandy girl froze and became total speechless after hearing his words.

Hou swam around her and asked again.

"Are you really not a peeping tom?"

Finally, the dandy girl recovered herself however she couldn't rebuke him at all as Lily's hand choked her throat.

Lily was also suspicious about her and glared at her.

When she discovered the dandy girl couldn't speak because of her, she removed her hand from her throat before grabbing her shoulders tight as she didn't want her to escape.

The dandy girl relaxed and wiped her tears before she spoke in an excited voice.

"Hello, Big Sis and Lil bro, I'm Long Anqi. Nice to meet you. When I saw a huge flying spirit beast diving over here, I wanted to see it. Thus I carefully approached, however, I accidentally slipped on the rock and fell over the waterfall."

Afterwards, she unconsciously rubbed her butt before noticing Hou's glare.

Hence, she showed her awkward smile while hiding her embarrassment.

Hou turned his gaze toward the waterfall before posing another question in suspicion.

"What are you doing here?"

When she heard his words, her face turned red before she replied with a hesitant expression.

"I ran away from home and since then, I've been living here."

In astonishment, Lily gazed at her entire body before asking.

"How long you have been living here?"

Once again, she turned bright red till her neck.

She lowered her head and replied in a low voice.

"Like about a year."

Suddenly, Hou laughed out loud and pointed his finger at her before mocking her.

"Haha, so you're actually a stupid lost girl. Don't tell you've run here in the circle for a year now."

Long Anqi shot an angry glare at him, however, she didn't say or do anything to him as she knew they were her only way to leave this wilderness.

Hence, she gave a pleading look at Lily and asked.

"Big sis, will you take me along with you?"

When Lily discovered her look, she released her hand from Long Anqi's shoulder before nodding her head.

Afterwards, she swam toward the shore and Long Anqi followed behind her.

While Hou lost interest in her before swimming around in the circle again.

When Hou came out, both girls sat near the Purpled Snow Dove.

Hou peeked at Long Anqi, however, didn't speak while Lily came to him and put him on his clothes.

Hou told Lily to prepare a camp while he practised 9 Mirage Dash Step.

Every half an hour, loud noises resonated in the wilderness like something heavy dropping on the ground.

When Long Anqi heard the noises, it piqued her curiosity since it was her first time hearing such sound.

Just as she stood and took a step, Lily caught her hand before shaking her head.

With a confused expression, she stopped and helped Lily with setting up a camp.

After half a day, Hou returned with his exhausted and shabby body.

Without a word, he jumped on Lily's bosom before sleeping peacefully.

Lily took him under the Purpled Snow Dove before also sitting and closing her eyes.

Meanwhile, Long Anqi stared at them but said nothing.

Next day, Hou once again left somewhere to practice while Lily and Long Anqi went hunting some spirit beast for dinner.

Behind the other side of the waterfall

When Hou was slowly practising 9 Mirage Dash Step again.

Suddenly, a long snake charged to bite at Hou, He quickly dodged it and looked at the snake. It was the spirit beast.


Spirit Beast: Green-Scaled Snake:

Grade: Mid-Stage Spirit Origin Realm.

Territory: All Zone

Description: It has the mixed bloodline of the flood dragon and Green Headed Python. It has scales similar to the flood dragon and is only 15 meters long. It is extremely territorial and will attack anyone within it. Its bite will paralyze the entire body for an hour.


Hou thought something before he only dodged its attack.

Just before the Green-Scaled Snake attacked him again, he circulated his fire Qi and followed the 9 Mirage Dash Step.

He successfully evaded the attack by a hair's breadth.

The result surprised him when he discovered the new way of practising 9 Mirage Dash Step.

Afterwards, he moved closer toward the Green-Scaled Snake and dodged all its hits.

On each attack, he slowly increased his fire Qi.

As time passed, he realized he could dodge more than a hair's breadth.

Hence, he continued practising with a smug grin on his face.

Finally, when he dodged the attack by an inch, he took out his dagger.

Suddenly, he dashed circulating tiny Qi just like when he dodged and slashed at the Green-Scaled Snake's head before returning to his original spot.

Instantly, the head of the Green-Scaled Snake rolled over while his afterimage slowly dissipated at Its headless body.

Feeling satisfied with this improvement, He headed further into the wilderness.

Soon, Loud wails and howls of the different spirit beasts resonated in the wilderness.

At the evening, Lily and Long Anqi were sitting near the campfire and preparing the dinner which was the One-Horned Rabbit: Mid-Stage Mortal Origin Realm.

Few approaching footsteps rang in their surroundings in a slow pace yet they ignored.

Instead, they waited as they knew it was Hou.

Finally, Hou appeared in their sight, he seemed not tired nor weak like yesterday though his face and clothes were dirty.

He showed a sly smile at the Lily.

When he reached about 2 meters away from her, suddenly, he dashed in front Lily and reappeared again at the same spot.

Lily froze then looked down at her own chest. There were palm prints on her left breast while in front her, an afterimage slowly disappeared.

Meanwhile, Long Anqi only rubbed her eyes before glancing at Lily. As she only saw a blurry afterimage in front Lily.

Hou rubbed his palm again and he disappeared again.

Just when he wanted to slap hard Long Anqi on her cheek, at once Lily caught him and hug him in her bosom. Find authorized novels in Webnovel, faster updates, better experience, Please click <a href=""></a> for visiting.

She became very excited and happy for Hou, for improving his dash skill and now he won't become pitiful and miserable as before.

However, Hou felt depressed and unhappy when she ruined how his fun time.

Thus he bit hard on her chest yet he didn't expect her to push him away.

He fell hard on his butt on the ground before crying and laughing out loud while pointing his finger at Lily.

Lily giggled and appeared behind him before softly massaging his butt.

Meanwhile, Long Anqi stared at them and laugh out loud when she saw him crying and laughing at the same time.

After staying for a week, They left the place and headed toward Forgotten Frozen City again.

Finally, after 2 weeks, they spotted a small city ahead of them.

Afterwards, Lily signalled the Purpled Snow Dove to speed up, before long they reached in front of the city gate.

TriggeredTurtle TriggeredTurtle

This chapter is meant for tomorrow however I shamelessly decided to write more tomorrow to push myself further.

Thank you for reading, enjoying and supporting.

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