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Chapter 19: Meeting Lolita

When Miss Rose and miss Lily were walking on the street along with the bald old-man following behind them.

While few lustful youths peeked and gathered around them.

When with a cold glare, the bald old man stared at them, those youths dispersed in the different direction.

As they're walking, they kept hearing rumours going about a weird stalking baby and young miss of Jia Clan who likes to beat kids.

When Miss Rose eavesdropped those gossipers, she found it very interesting.

A curious expression plastered on her face.

She demanded to see the baby.

After making a few inquiries, she found that baby was Hou from Liu Clan.

As she was trying to go to Liu Clan, miss Lily caught her hand and stopped her.

She remembered her character, she perceived, it wouldn't be any good to meet the baby.

Her sister might just offend Liu Clan. That was not in her plan.

After walking around for a while, they appeared tired and hungry, so; they went at the Wind Cloud Tavern.

Soon, they entered the tavern and sat in the corner at the floor 5 while ordering the dishes.

When they were ordering, someone was intensely staring at them from another corner.

Noticing the gaze, they turned their sight toward the corner.

They discovered a baby around 3 years staring at them without blinking.

While a servant looking like a sissy stood behind him.

Obviously, It was little Hou. Ever since he spotted their sight, he never let his eyes off them.

It was his first time him catching such a sight.

A petite Lolita matured petite lady and a barbaric looking bald old man.

When he looked at the matured petite lady, seeing her upper body, he recognized it was miss Lily from the auction house.

Then he slightly glanced at the petite Lolita who resembled the younger version of miss Lily before shifting his sight at a barbaric looking bald old man.

Hou had a big weird grin on his face before walking up to them. He sat opposite them without asking.

He stared at miss Lily's bosom before looking at Lolita's.

So, with a disheartened gaze, he quickly glimpsed back at miss Lily. Afterwards, he laughed out loud.

Both miss Rose and miss Lily saw his gaze and got angry.

While the bald old man didn't change his expression at all, staying silent like a statue.

Miss Rose stood up and pointed at his face before shouting in an enraged voice.

"Little brat, Watch your manners or I'll dig your eyes out."

"And, who told you can sit in front of us?"

"Go away!"

Hou just ignored her and glimpsed at miss Lily before asking in a blunt tone.

"Miss Lily, will her breasts also grow as bigger than yours?"

When miss Lily heard it, her face turned red as an apple before she giggled at him.

While miss Rose froze and knocked hard on the table with her petty fist.

While taking a long deep breath, fuming Miss Rose asked in a chilly voice.

"Little brat, Don't you dare ignore me?"

"Also, mine will be much bigger than sister Lily in a few years as I grow."

When Hou listened to her words, he snickered at her with a mocking smile.

"Little bitch, before you even grew any, hers will be twice bigger than now. Can you still say that?"

Miss Rose glared at him in shock then peeked at her sister to confirm. She asked her in a pleading tone.

"Sister Lily, It's not true as he said right?"

Miss Lily became speechless as she didn't know whether to laugh or cry.

As she looked at the baby and recalled his voice, she knew he was that damn prodigal baby from the auction.

She shook her head at her sister.

Then she peered at him and said with a respectful expression.

"It's the first time meeting with young master."

"I do not know how I should call young master?"

Revealing his weird smile, he replied to her.

"Hou, from Liu Clan."

"It's you!"

A shocking shout rang in the hall.

Both miss Lily and miss Rose stood and shouted in shock at the same time.

Miss Lily said in a soft voice while miss Rose shouted in a high-pitched voice.

It resonated in the entire 5th floor at the tavern to show how much shocked she was.

It dazed Miss Rose for a moment. After she recovered, she showed her bright smile and her sparkling eyes.

Watching that, Hou backed off from his seat in a slow motion.

In an instant, Miss Rose flashed her body before catching Hou and placing him on the table.

She circled around the table while peering him with a curious face at him before saying.

"Hey little brat, you can call me big sis Rose. So are you the rumoured little stalker, Hou from Liu Clan?"

Hou felt like a monster preyed him while glaring at her movements and her sparkling eyes.

He seemed very unhappy, He didn't perceive her mind, but he knew it wouldn't be any good.

He thought he better leave quietly, so he backed off without alarming her.

But, she moved so fast and caught him then placed on the table before he could try to resist her.

He silently studied her then thought something before flashing his sly grin at her.

He said in a changed tone.

"So it's big sis Rose, I know no such rumoured little stalker but I'm definitely the only known Hou from Liu Clan."

Miss Rose happily jumped and laughed before asking him again.

"Haha, so it's really you."

"Tell me your secrets for stalking people?"

Hou rolled his eyes, with an arrogant tone, he said.

"There's no secret at all. I'm not even that stalker baby."

"So stop asking me that. Little bitch!"

With a slightly annoyed face, Miss Rose pinched hard on his cheeks till he begged her before removing her fingers.

Hou's both cheeks turned bright red and few drops of the tear fell off out his eyes.

With a cold glare, he stared at miss Rose while deciding to proceed with his scheme with no guilt.

Meanwhile, Miss Lily just stared at them with a smile while sissy was gloating at his young master.

Finally, Hou wiped his tears and stood up on the table, showing his bright smile which looked so creepy that gave even shudder to that barbaric bald old man.

With a cunning smiled, he asked.

"Big sis Rose, Do you want to grow your breasts like miss Lily? I can help you achieve that easily."

When he said that, his words shocked and baffled everyone.

But, each had a different expression.

Miss Rose appeared so happy, she was beaming with a smile,

While Miss Lily was slightly suspicious and wanted to learn more.

The barbaric bald old man stared into his eyes to see any hidden scheme.

Only, Sissy sweated a lot and genuinely thought he was hiding something since he did nothing without a reason.

Miss Rose happily nodded her head but still asked with a suspicious look.

"Can you really grow mine as big as Sis Lily? how are you going to help me and what do you need for helping me?"

Hou ignored the question instead directly fished out the box from his sleeves.

He stood up and said in an arrogant tone.

"This box has a pill Low Rank 2 Heavenly Mortal Grade: Growth Pill. Like the title, it helps grow your breast. Honestly even bigger than miss Lily."

"As for where I got this, grandpa Fu gave it, Patriarch from our main Liu Clan."

"He got this pill from the Ancient Forbidden Tomb Zone during his youth."

"And I need nothing from you since I lack nothing. But you can do one thing, as long as you stop bothering me from today, I'll gladly give it to you."

"So do you want it?"

Before miss Rose could reply, the bald barbaric old-man took the box and opened it.

After tasting a tiny part and finding no poison in it, he passed it back to Hou before nodding his head at miss Rose. Find authorized novels in Webnovel, faster updates, better experience, Please click <a href=""></a> for visiting.

With a cheerful expression, Miss Rose laughed and took the box from his hand.

After she at once glanced around everyone.

While it surprised miss Lily, still thought she should recommend her sister Rose to not take it.

But before she could voice it, Miss Rose swallowed it.

When Hou found miss Rose eating the pill, he suddenly laughed like a madman. He even hopped on the table while kicking all the reserved tea.

Finally, spotting him, Miss Rose stared at him with a puzzled expression. But, she at once sat on the floor to absorb the pill.

Soon the pill reacted, flowing powerful Qi toward every part of her body before slowly changing her body.

Miss Lily, bald barbaric old-man, and Sissy froze with their mouth and eyes wide open, looking at the effect of the pill.

Suddenly, Miss Rose stood and checked her breasts with her hands even though she felt slightly odd. It was even bigger than miss Lily's.

With a contented expression, she shifted her sight at them. But, she saw them staring at her with a peculiar face.

She glanced at her whole body again, then fished out a mirror from her sleeves.

With a disbelieving glance, she looked at herself.

What she saw was chubby little hands and fingers, chubby feet, bulging stomach, chubby thigh.

She closed her eyes and threw the mirror with a trembling hand, afraid to glimpse her face.

She shrieked and cried out loud while hiding her face and her body at the corner.

Finally, With a cold gaze, she stared and pointed at Hou before ordering in a high pitched voice.

"Gorilla, Kill him."

As soon as her voice died, the bald barbaric old-man suddenly appeared in front Hou, turning his own arm into a dark metallic rod.

He punched with all his strength piercing through his heart.

Hou didn't even see the bald old man appeared in front him before he fell down to the ground.

After a while, he heard the sissy calling him.

He tried to speak but couldn't at all.

After, he received a sharp pain in his chest and blacked out.

When Hou fell to the ground, Everybody finally caught it.

Sissy rushed and yelled his name.

Miss Lily had a ghastly horrified expression. She panicked and thought of everything to solve the problem.

But, she shook and sighed in helpless.

Once she realised, she picked up the wailing miss Rose and dashed out of the tavern.

The barbaric bald old-man looked at Hou lying lifeless on the ground before rushing after Miss Lily.

When Hou blacked out, a talisman under his chest flickered.

Suddenly, a loud angry roar echoed from Liu Clan resonating in the entire Red Mist City.

A Dozen of powerful aura flew out from Liu Clan toward the Wind Cloud Tavern.

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