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Chapter 113: Meeting Madam Liao

Even after Hou returned to his seat, everyone had his or her eyes on him and didn't dare create any movement.

Only when Princess Chu Ci gave a light cough, they recovered and murmured trying to figure his background.

However, no one recognised him. In truth, only a few people knew Fatty Bo.

As they kept their discussion around him, someone finally spoke whether they should leave the Flowery Teahouse.

However, Princess Chu Ci started her speech as if nothing happened.

Hence, everyone stayed and listened to her while worrying about their safety.

A half hour later, Princess Chu Ci stopped talking and motioned a servant to begin the feast.

Soft strokes on a zither rang from a corner and echoed a calm melody throughout the hall.

Several servants from the Flowery House entered the hall pushing a small cart with various well-seasoned dishes and wines.

The boys and girls began to eat and drink as they realised whose party they were attending at the moment.

Meanwhile, Hou slept on Lily's shoulder after learning the reason for the party when the long speech began.

Princess Chu Ci has organised the party to introduce the young man with a tiny sword insignia as hers. He was her Senior Brother from the Sky Sword Sect, Song Huai. He came to gain experience and would stay in the Imperial Palace City for a few years. Thus, she wanted everyone to interact and maintain a friendly relationship with him.

However, it didn't interest Hou like the other people.

As the time passed, a fat, mid-aged woman in a red outfit entered inside the hall. She scanned the people and walked toward a round table in a corner once she found the person whom she came to meet here.

Without a word, she took a seat on the roundtable and showed her dazzling smile toward a figure beside her.

Before she could speak anything, Hou opened his eyes and said, "Fatty Bo, is she your mother?"

Startled with the fat woman's sudden appearance and Hou's question, Fatty Bo dropped his cup from his grip.

The cup fell to the roundtable, and the wine splashed all over the dishes.

As for the fat woman, a tremor ran throughout her body while muting her voice when she heard the word, mother. She shot a glare toward Hou with a few dark lines on her forehead while clutching her fists.

Fatty Bo squeezed a smile on his face and replied, "she is the owner of the Paradise Mansion, Madam Liao. Also, we don't have any connection with each other."

The fat woman pinched her thigh to regain her voice and said while showing a teary look toward Jum Bo.

"My dear, Jum Bo, please don't treat me like an outsider in front of everyone. Soon or later, we would become a husband and a wife. I don't mind if you introduce me as your woman."

Fatty Bo stood from his seat and shouted while pointing his index figure toward her.

"Madam Liao, stop talking nonsense. I already told you I don't like you. Furthermore, I already have someone in my heart and plan to marry her. So, for your own sake, please stay away from me."

At once, Madam Liao grabbed the dishes and stood on the roundtable before throwing them toward Fatty Bo.

All the dishes landed on Fatty Bo covering his entire face.

"What the heck! Every day I spent my time dressing up for you instead of working yet you reject me again. Since it has come to this, let me warn you. If you don't marry me, I will cut your D*** and send to your sweetheart," shouted Madam Liao as her loud voice reverberated in the hall.

Meanwhile, all the boys and girls had their sight on Madam Liao ever since she entered the hall. Even the people at the long table watched her and seemed puzzled at her appearance.

They recognised her as the owner of the most famous brothel in the City.

However, the main reason they focused on her because of her other identity, the descendant of the most loyal follower of Monarch Zhu, yet people didn't understand why the follower had opened a brothel.

Only Song Huai drank his tea without bothering anything as he didn't recognise her nor had his interest toward them.

Princess Chu Ci glanced around the people at the long table and said as she nudged at Song Huai's shoulder to follow them, "Let's greet them."

Startled, Song Huai scanned the people's expression and discovered they appeared normal without any shock. Only then, he realised the fat woman was someone important figure in the Imperial Palace City. However, he didn't understand why Princess Chu Ci decided to meet them at their spot instead of calling them here. Even so, he followed behind them.

At the same time, after Madam Liao shouted, Hou burst out his laughter, almost choking his saliva. Find authorized novels in Webnovel, faster updates, better experience, Please click <a href=""></a> for visiting.

He calmed down and stole the cup from Lily's hand. Then, he gulped the wine in one shot and said, "Fatty Bo, don't deny the match made by the Heaven! Take your time and reconsider otherwise you will lose the opportunity to become the father of the fattest person in the Ice Empire."

Fatty Bo nodded and sat on his seat ignoring Madam Liao though he didn't need to reconsider anything as he had already given his answer.

Madam Liao calmed and stepped down from the roundtable. As if nothing happened, she greeted with a smile toward Hou.

"Young master, thank you for help. If you ever need help in the Imperial Palace City, please send me a message at my Paradise House. I would solve it for you."

Instead of a reply, Hou blinked at her once then shifted his eyes toward the approaching group.

With a happy expression, he sat in an upright position and waited for them to greet him.

However, he froze when those people walked toward Madam Liao and chatted with her, ignoring him like thin air.

Enraged! Hou flipped the roundtable in the air toward them.

Princess Chu Ci unsheathed her sword from her waist and slashed the roundtable half in two pieces.


Those pieces flew apart and landed sideways on the ground.

She pointed her sword toward Hou and said, "Young boy, do you think just with your guardian we won't harm you? Try it once again, and I'll show you the strength of the Royal family."

Hou peeked toward Madam Liao but discovered she didn't plan to interfere, so he shifted his gaze at Fatty Bo and asked,

"Fatty Bo, which one among them is Ping Min?"

"The one wearing the sky-blue robe with the axe insignia," replied Fatty Bo without delay, pointing his finger toward one girl in Princess Chu Ci's group.

A silver-haired girl wearing the sky-blue robe stood behind the group with her head lowered, clearly hiding her face.

Even so, Fatty Bo recognised her with a split glance. He had ogled and pursued her every day for almost three years that her figure already etched in his memory.

Hou nodded and scanned the group with his cold gaze. Then, he advanced toward them at a slow pace and said in a cold voice, "This grandpa here has never met nor heard of the Royal Family. Let me see whether your so-called Royal Family would stop me from taking Ping Min in front of your eyes."

As soon as his voice died, four different powerful auras locked on Hou from somewhere high above the roof.

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