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Chapter 69: Mishap

When the smoke cleared from the area, Hou's appearance was visible again.

He had a tiny golden silkworm in his hand which was resisting and tried to break free from his grasp.

It was the Heavenly Silkworm at Early Stage Supreme Mortal Realm.

Only now did Shi Lei and Cheng Shuang understood their actions.

They both became happy for him.

However, Ruby and Fan Le stared him with conflicted expressions after discovering the Heavenly Silkworm in his hand. They showed a bitter smile on their faces and waited for him.

A contented and smug grin formed on Hou's face as he glanced towards them.

Afterwards, he pondered about something before a sudden bizarre idea hit him.

He opened his mouth wide and took a bite at the Heavenly Silkworm.

Yet he couldn't scratch a dent on the Heavenly Silkworm's skin, instead, an acute pain came from his teeth.

Before he took out the Heavenly Silkworm from his mouth, an abrupt suction force occurred from within it.

The suction force froze his body as he could only move his eye before it affected his whole body. At a rapid speed, the Heavenly Silkworm absorbed the fire Qi from his entire body before it was also invading his dantian's core.

Within a breath time, all his fire Qi was drained from his body and his dantian's core.

Meanwhile, Hou circulated his breathing technique to stop the suction force and even tried to block it with his Qi but nothing stopped it.

Furthermore, his attempts to stop it only hasted its speed.

Hence, he bitterly watched his Qi deplete and cursed at his stupid decision.

Once his Qi emptied, the Heavenly Silkworm forcibly absorbed his life force.

However, before the Heavenly Silkworm extracted his life force from his body, the colourful flickering fires within his eyes glowed.

Suddenly, the blue fire among them split and charged toward the suction.

Then, the blue fire halted the suction force before reversing the whole situation.

It madly rotated and devoured all of Hou's stolen Fire Qi, before flowing back toward his dantian's core.

Once his core filled up, the blue fire absorbed the Heavenly Silkworm's Qi.

After a breath time, the blue fire returned into his eyes and blended within the colourful flickering fires.

It was almost depleting the Heavenly Silkworm's Qi.

Meanwhile, when Hou discovered all the happenings, it confused and puzzled him, as he only saw a blue fire appeared out of nowhere and help him deal with the crisis.

However, he didn't think much about it because he gained his freedom once more as the suction force disappeared.

Instantly, with an extreme raged expression on his face, he grabbed the Heavenly Silkworm out of his mouth before glaring at it.

Meanwhile, his weirdness startled and baffled Shi Lei, Ruby, Fan Le and Cheng Shuang.

They caught him biting the Heavenly Silkworm before angrily removing it out from his mouth.

Just as they wondered about his action, a hazy shadow appeared behind Hou and stabbed with a long sharp ice blade towards him.

Hou subconsciously moved his body an inch away from his spot while dodging the sneak attack aimed at his heart.

However, the long sharp ice blade pierced his shoulder.

Even with a sharp pain and coldness in his shoulder, Hou tilted his head towards his assaulter.

When he recognized his assaulter, all his rage intensified even more.

The assaulter was Xiang Chu who stared at him with his wide-open eyes.

After he escaped far away from them, he suddenly heard a loud explosion.

He rushed back here to check on them whether they or the White Yeti won the battle.

When he discovered only them in the garden, he knew they won.

Afterwards, he thought as long as he killed Hou, he would easily grab all the resources from the others. As he feared only Hou's speed and sneak attack.

Hence, he hid and waited for the perfect timing to sneak an attack at Hou.

Yet he still missed the mark.

Meanwhile, Hou formed a huge weapon Qi and raised it above Xiang Chu's head.

Just before he thrust the weapon Qi, a slit of wind passed by his hand.

When he shifted his sight toward his hand, he noticed no sign of the Heavenly Silkworm.

He scanned the area and found a pink figure escaping at rapid speed.

Instantly, he roared at the pink figure in a loud voice.

"Bastard, how dare you snatch my stuff?"

But he didn't chase after the pink figure as he discovered Xiang Chu also escaped towards the opposite direction within that slight distraction.

He shot a furious glare at Shi Lei but said nothing.

Afterwards, he sat down and recuperated his wound with his Qi and spirit plants while pondering something.

The pink figure was Fan Le who dashed toward Hou and stole the Heavenly Silkworm from him as soon as he found the opening. Find authorized novels in Webnovel, faster updates, better experience, Please click <a href=""></a> for visiting.

Shi Lei felt very wronged because he only met Fan Le a few weeks ago.

Also Fan Le's act didn't surprise Ruby because the temptation was too much.

Even she wanted to try but didn't dare when she recalled her elder's words.

As for Cheng Shuang, she trembled and hid behind Shi Lei in fear. Only after she saw him sitting down without a word did she relaxed and sighed in relief.

After a while, Hou stood up and grabbed all the bags, including the 2 bags he passed toward Shi Lei.

He sorted the spirit fruits, plants and flowers in each different bag.

Finally, he completed arranging and passed 2 bags each, towards Shi Lei and Cheng Shuang.

He glanced at his only bag on the ground and showed a happy smile.

Experiencing a betrayal, he lost his trust in them. So, he had sorted and kept all the non-poisonous spirit plants, fruits and flowers with him.

Afterwards, he carried the bag and walked toward Xiang Chu's direction.

Both Shi Lei and Cheng Shuang had a confused look on their faces but asked nothing and followed after him.

Meanwhile, Ruby giggled with an odd expression on her face.

Because everything Hou kept with him, could be found outside the ruins while the rest were rarest spirit fruits, plants and flowers, even though poisonous and dangerous.

She also followed after him.

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