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Chapter 14: Next Level Shameless

At the VIP room no.1

Fatty was standing in front of the bald old man and a young, charming Lolita.

With a fear in his eyes, Fatty waited for them to speak.

The bald old man looked nothing like a monk instead like a gigantic barbaric ape and the young, charming Lolita looked like miss Lily but younger.

Lolita stared at fatty and asked.

"Fatty, when is sister done with this stupid auction?"

Fatty replied in a shuddering voice.

"Miss Rose, We've arrived at the final phase of the auction."

"Miss Lily will come here after she finished auctioning this final item."

Lolita Rose pouted and asked in an angry expression.

"Why are we even selling that here?"

"Is it better to sell in here instead of the Imperial Palace City?"

Fatty also thought that too but since higher up ordered so he didn't ask at all.

Fatty replied in a shaky tone.

"Miss Rose, It also baffled us but we're following the orders. Since young miss Lily is auctioning here for the first time, it might be the reason."

Lolita Rose pondered for a sec, and it seemed possible so just nodded.

With a timid glance, Fatty asked.

"Miss Rose, When are you returning to Rain Forest Academy?"

Lolita Rose stood up before saying.

"Fatty, answer only when asked, If you dare ask again, baldie gorilla might flatten you.

Fatty shuttered in fear and dashed out of the room.

While Lolita had a wicked grin on her face and drank her tea in silence.

The whole time, the bald old man never open his mouth neither moved his body. He stood there like a statue while guarding Miss Rose.


At the auction stage

Miss Lily gestured towards the guardian. Two guardians, covered with a black cloak placed the big trolley with item no.49 and stood next to it.

With an excited and nervous emotion, Miss Lily stood near the trolley and said in a cheerful voice.

"Now we have reached the finale of our auction."

"Since everyone already pumped up and dying to see the last item."

"With no further delay let me present it to you all."

She slowly removed the golden clothing from the big trolley.

A glowing fruit appeared on the plate. It was sparkling like crystals, looked like a peach but inside was a glowing blue ice flame raging and ready to erupt anytime.

She glanced around the hall and explained it.

Only a few people had the general knowledge about this spirit fruit in the entire Ice Empire.

Even she didn't know till she read, only then she realised how marvellous this fruit was.

"We recognized this fruit as Blue Icy Volcanic Fruit, Mid Rank 5 Heavenly Mortal Grade."

"It grows on a small plant called Blue Iced Grass, found inside the core part of the Forbidden Northern Zone."

"The fruit has an extremely violent and rare ice fire Qi."

"This must only consume by the fire attribute cultivator."

"For the Fire attribute cultivator, this fruit is beneficial for refining their fire attribute."

"Some extreme Ice attribute cultivator also has used it to refine their soul and attribute."

"But this way of refining is the riskiest and tormenting as success depends on one's endurance."

"Our Crimson Auction House would recommend not to take this risky method."

"Starting bid at 20,000 gold and raise limit least ———."

Meanwhile, When Hou said that, grandpa Zong startled and laughed while nodding in a forced smile.

As for Father and daughter, they glimpsed at each other with a sour look before sitting in their seats.

While Inwardly both cursed them as prodigal scoundrels.

When Miss Lily unveiled the item no.49, they lost interest but when she described it, all of them stared at it again.

Grandpa Zong's eyes were sparkling, Hou started back away from him and gave a contemptuous glance.

When Father and daughter duo noticed that, they watched at him in a disdainful expression. But they quickly shifted their sights at the stage as if they saw nothing.

Without even letting miss Lily finish her speech. Grandpa Zong abruptly stood up and declared in a loud voice. His aged voice resonated in the reverberant hall for a while.

"1,000,000 gold, Liu Clan Liu Zong."

"1,000,000 gold, Liu Clan Liu Zong."

"1,000,000 gold, Liu Clan Liu Zong."

Total Silence…

At the VIP room no.1, Miss Rose spit out the tea from her mouth and cursed.

"What the heck! Old bastard, scoundrel, shameless! Have you gone senile?"

As if remembering something, she hurriedly closed her mouth before with a happy expression, she clapped her hands.

At the stage, Miss Lily had her eyes and mouth wide open.

With a stupefied expression, she gazed at the origin of the sound.

When she realized, it came from the same VIP room no.10, she froze.

Everyone else got startled and alarmed.

They knew meaning behind by declaring. if anyone offended him here, he or she has to run and hide outside the Red Mist City.

Wang Ming, Wei Wei, along with those other big Clans and Sects finally figured out how Hou turned out that way,

Everyone had one thought that the apple doesn't fall far from the tree.

When grandpa Zong saw no one bidding against him, he smirked and humbly thanked everyone.

"I thank everyone here for letting me win this bid today, Liu Clan shall remember this and repay someday."

But, Nobody believed they got any favour from him. Because the price he shouted was enough for the big Clan and Sect to operate their business for a few years.

With a complex feeling, Miss Lily glared at the VIP room no.10 due to that shameless old man for ruining the auction. Find authorized novels in Webnovel, faster updates, better experience, Please click <a href=""></a> for visiting.

Even claiming to be the winner before she declared. But, realising his bid price, she beamed with happiness. She hurriedly declared him winner then bowed politely toward everyone in the hall before running toward the VIP room no.1.

The whole time, Hou silently gazed at his grandpa Zong's shameless behaviour from the corner. His eyes were glittering every passing time. He discovered a new way of bidding and thought himself if he should try when he found something he liked.

Grandpa Zong's shameless level totally amazed father and daughter duo.

They doubted their decision associating with them.

After a while, miss Nina noticed Hou's eyes glowing and filled with schemes.

When she couldn't bear it anymore, she moved closer to him.

Then, she smacked him in his face, sending him flying in the air before plummeting him again on the ground.

Pitiful cries and curses broke the whole awkwardness from the room before they heard distressful and pleading voices along with the loud spanking.

"Damn you, ugly bitch! just you wait one day I'll get my revenge on you. You'll never forget for your whole life."

"You little stalker, say that again!"

"Ugly bit——."

"I didn't hear it, say it again."



"Big sis Nina, you b—— noo more."

"Will say it again?"

"Big sis Nina, I'm sorry, please spare my poor life."

"Good boy, let me give you a hug."


Hou wiped his tears and walked back limping toward his seat before showing his arrogant attitude at grandpa Zong and Jia Kong as if nothing happened.

Grandpa Zong and Jia Kong stared at each other and smirked.

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