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Chapter 12: Old Tattered Beast Skinned Scroll

Jia Kong was drinking and enjoying his tea in his courtyard.

A servant came and told him about the rumours spreading around about miss Nina in the whole city.

Jia Kong froze for a split second before spitting the tea on the servant's face. Then, he rushed with a complex emotion toward the Crimson Auction House.

Likewise, grandpa Zong also found it. With a pleasant smile plastered on his face, he headed toward the Auction.

At the Auction stage, miss Lily scanned all the people with her flirtatious gaze.

She looked at the maids and nodded her head.

Two maids dragged the trolley with the item no.48 in front of her.

With a swift movement, she unveiled the black cover and revealed an old tattered, ordinary beast skinned scroll.

Everyone felt somewhat disappointed with it but still waited for miss Lily to speak.

As if knowing and expecting this result, with a contented expression, Miss Lily said,

"A skill technique manual is in this old ordinary beast skinned scroll."

"One elder from our Crimson Auction House placed this scroll for auction."

"We've verified the skill's authentication and guarantee this with our reputation."

Even though everyone knows how the grading of skill works, let me explain it. "

"The skills divide into two types: physical skill and attribute skill."

"Finally, the skill is comprised of three different grades, and each grade is divided into four stages: Low, mid, high and peak."

"Origin Mortal Grade: Anyone above the Spirit Origin Realm can create their own skill with enough knowledge but stages differ depending on the realm."

"In rare cases, Mortal Origin Realm experts can also create it but need enlightenment and the skill still might just be low stage grade skill. One can easily find and learn about it."

"But, practising is slow and mastering skills requires a longer time resulting with the least achievement."

"Heavenly Mortal Grade: Only Supreme and Monarch Realm or above expert can create it."

"It is rare to find these skills." Find authorized novels in Webnovel, faster updates, better experience, Please click <a href=""></a> for visiting.

"But, practising is a lot smoother and the mastering process is faster than the Origin Mortal Grade while giving better results."

"Mysterious Mortal Grade: Rumors says only Sage Realm experts can create it."

"It depends on luck and fate to find this skill while one must learn it facing different difficulties, pain, and dangerous trials."

"Also, it requires a long process to master yet once one does, its benefits will make one invincible."

"So if I say a Low Stage Heaven Mortal Grade Skill is contained in this old tattered ordinary beast skinned scroll, would everyone believe me?"

Like a soulless body, everyone had a dazed look and showed their greedy grin and drool while looking at the scroll. As soon as they recovered from the daze, they wiped their mouth before someone asked,

"What skill is it?"

Everyone's attention was on miss Lily at the stage while waiting for a sudden surprise. But, a few big clans and sects dashed out to get more money for bidding.

At the VIO room no.15, Elder Mo nodded at disciple Su and waited for a bid.

Miss Nina with a curious look on her face and glanced at the stage. But she soon lost interest, while Hou just glanced at miss Nina and sighed in dejection before looking back at the stage and continued leering at miss Lily's bosom.

With a teasing smile on her face, Miss Lily glanced at everyone before saying,

"Fire Attribute skill: Red Flamingo Battle Technique."


Everyone stood up and remained rooted. All of them wanted to see attribute skill but when she finally said it, they couldn't believe it.

They considered any Heavenly Mortal Realm Grade as a heaven-defying skill, even though it was a low stage skill. But, if added that to Battle Technique, anyone could imagine themselves defeating and becoming invincible at same Realm with this skill.

Before anyone recovered, miss Lily announced in a quick voice,

"Bid starts with 10,000 gold while raising limit is at least 1,000 gold."

As if someone threw a bucket filled with cold water, everyone recovered before impatient ones bid while poor could only observe the show.




Within 10 minutes, bidding was rising at the fast rate and reached 110,000 gold.

Finally, Elder Mo made an eye contact with the already impatient disciple Su who nodded and shouted,

"Red Fire Sect bids 120,000."

With a naughty smirk on his face, Hou glanced at VIP room no.15.

Miss Nina noticed him and looked over there in puzzlement. But, she didn't say a thing.

After hearing the Red Fire Sect, most of the people in the hall stopped bidding.

Red Fire Sect was a mid-rank clan comparable to the strongest clan in Red Mist City.

But, a big clan like Wei Clan didn't bother at all and raised the price.

Arrogant miss Wei voiced, "130,000."

Disciple Su - "140,000."

Arrogant miss Wei - "155,000."

Disciple Su - "170,000."

Arrogant miss Wei - "185,000."

Disciple Su tilted his sight toward Elder Mo and saw still giving a nod.

He straightened his neck and shouted in a resolute tone.


The arrogant miss Wei snorted but didn't bid anymore.

No more bids came out.

Miss Lily waited and gazed at everyone for a while.

After, she loudly knocked twice on the table with her hammer, resonating at every corner in the hall.

When she raised her hammer to knock the last time and declare the winner...

Meanwhile, with a happy smile on their faces, Disciple Su, Elder Mo and Elder Mu stood up.

They tried to jump into a joy.

...suddenly, a high-pitched voice resonated into the hall.

"300,000 gold! Damn, Sissy, you bullied me back at the Wind Cloud tavern."

"If I don't hear you say: you're the damned big sis Sissy, don't think about winning this scroll from me."

With his arrogant demeanour, Hou stood on the table and hopped on his feet, while miss Nina stared him in speechlessness as his tone and his demeanour shocked her.

Meanwhile, with the awkward expression, Elder Mo and Elder Mu sat on their seats. Then, they looked with questioning gazes at Disciple Su while Disciple Su tried to recall the voice.

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