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Chapter 6: Old Tattered Building

By the time Hou returned, it was already dark.

When he entered his courtyard, he saw Mother Bing giving him a death stare. As if nothing happened, he just strolled back to his room and slept in his bed.

Next day he told Mother Bing that he met Grandpa Zong and Grandpa Fu. He also told her that Grandpa Fu gave him a box with a Growth Pill as a meeting gift and that Grandpa Zong gave him the token for the library.

Mother Bing quietly listened to his story and remained silent for a moment.

Finally, with a complex expression, she said:

"Hou, you decide whether you want to eat this Growth Pill, as your talent and attributes will show itself even if you do not eat this pill. As for the token, you get access to any books to read at the clan library."

"I know that I said, you cannot cultivate before your first awakening ceremony but, you should at least learn the history of our empire and the cultivation levels.

"There are many books with different knowledge and unique experience which might even suit you."

"If you find anything that is interesting and you don´t understand, you can ask Grand Elder Li to explain them. There's also a surprise for you but you'll know it as soon as you enter."

"Study diligently and do well inside our clan library during this month, I might even decrease your time and let you leave early."

Hou looked pitiful and reluctantly nodded at Mother Bing, but when he thought about cultivation paths, he grinned and looked at his hands.

He walked toward the clan library.

Into Hou's sight came an old tattered and tall building at the clan's inner part.

It was rooted here for 400 years, that was the clan library.

The building's top had various defensive formation arrays with tiny lights and golden sparks glittering together.

A few clan disciples were entering inside and out of the building.

Hou looked amusingly at the top of this building before entering inside.

Just as he entered different arrays slightly touched on his body and blocked his vision.

After that, he disappeared.

After opening his eyes and he checked his body, finding nothing wrong.

He scanned his surroundings, only to discover an enormous ancient room with a stock of books everywhere on the shelves.

He closely watched the room, but those shelves had not a shred of dirt on any books.

At the entrance, there were two colossal dragon statues and under them was a small counter.

A lazy sleeping old man wearing a blue cloak was there.

Hou walked in front of the counter and looked interested at him while trying to say something but the lazy, sleepy old man kept ignoring him and snoozed.

After getting such a reaction, Hou knocked noisily at the counter desk.

Suddenly, he struck on this old man's head.

A loud smack resounded so deafening and resonate in the entire hall which startled everyone in the room.

He cried in very high-pitch tone and begged for help around the room while cursing at the lazy, sleepy old man.


"Waaah Help,"

"This shitty rotten old man is bullying me, a 3-year-old baby for no reason."

"Shitty old man, why don't you pick someone your age? I bet you cannot even speak to them, instead you pissed yourself while shaking your legs. Rotten bastard just because I am young and live longer than you."

"You don't have to hit me so hard."

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The lazy, sleepy old man's and the rest of the people's jaw in the room dropped with wide open eyes, some even dropped their books.

After snapping out of it, a few of the female disciples ran over and picked Hou up.

They soothed him while staring daggers with their eyes at the lazy, sleepy old man.

One of the female disciples couldn't resist and even cursed at him.

"Old bastard. It's fine, being lazy and sleepy here at the counter, but, why did you beat a baby? have you gone senile while sleeping constantly?"

The lazy, sleepy old man shot a cold glare at the baby and scanned around the disciples in the hall mocking him.

Suddenly, he stood up and released his aura. A tremendous pressure bore on everyone inside the room and the noisy room became quiet.

When his pressure fell on everyone, they suffocated and panted.

He spoke as he took a step toward the baby:

"Little mutt, who the heck are you? And, why the hell are you here? If you here to mock me here, you better run back to your mother."

As if feeling no pressure against his aura, Hou just smiled at the lazy, sleepy old man and jumped off from the female disciple's bosoms.

He hopped around like a crazy rabbit in front of him and he said while blinking his eyes.

"Shitty geezer, I am Hou, nice to meet you. I have come here to read. Look after me well."

The lazy, sleepy old man froze when he heard his name and halted his aura.

Meanwhile, all the disciples looked at him and remained rendered speechless because of his words. All the female disciples closely glanced at Hou, trying to confirm their doubts. When they recognized his face, they panicked and ran towards the exit. Before exiting, they peeked at him again as if he was a plague.

The lazy, sleepy old man forced a smile and said.

" So, it's our young master Hou, pleased to meet you here. Your humble servant, Li is at your services. Please let me guide you around here.

Hou glimpsed at the old man and thought he recalled his name somewhere but couldn't remember it. Shaking his head, he said.

"Ok, geezer, take me at the cultivation manual area."

The lazy old man Li followed behind him just like a loyal servant around the hall.

But, inwardly he cursed at his shitty luck today, getting stuck with this crazy kid.

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