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Chapter 75: Outside the Ruins

Meanwhile, outside the ancient ruins  

A few rumours were circulating around the area before spreading toward the entire Empire.  

One said someone found a heavenly treasure and battle skill inside a trial ground. Those were someone's legacy and graded at least High Rank 8 Heavenly Mortal Grade.    

While the other said someone obtained a rare spirit beast that had so high prowess in combat, even a Supreme Stage Mortal Realm expert won't dare to fight it.    

A few even said a crazy kid ate a huge bag filled with rare spirit plants and fruits before jumping down the bridge. But no one ever saw him exit the ruins. So, everyone just assumed the kid died or that it was just a fake. 

Even though most people believed none of it, they still talk about it every day.  

Somewhere far away in a dense forest.  

Chu Mang and Fan Le were hiding and recovering their Qi.  

After they left the ancient ruins, they thought no one would pursue them. However, a week later, a few groups chased after them.  

Fan Le recovered and looked at Chu Mang's anxious and hesitant expression.  

He knew he had to explain to him or he won't understand their dire situation.  

So, he took out the Heavenly Silkworm and showed it with a grave expression before speaking in a serious tone.  

"Elder Mang, those people chased us for this silkworm. Although this silkworm has only a tiny Qi left and is on the verge of dying. It showed no sign of death during this whole week instead rather absorbed the heavenly Qi while recovering itself slowly."  

"Now we need to return to our Clan and leave this Ice Empire as soon as possible."  

"As long as we heal the silkworm, we can turn any place into a paradise. There won't be a shortage of Heavenly Qi for us."  

An excited and surprised expression appeared on Chu Mang's face.  

Without hesitation, he carried Fan Le like a princess and ran at an insane speed.   

Just a few mountains behind, an intense battle was happening.  

Piles of corpses lied on the ground.  

A group surrounded an old man at a narrow cliff and sent a few strikes toward him occasionally.  

Inside a small gap at the cliff, a youth hid and clutched his armless shoulder while shivering in fear watching the battle.  

The youth was Xiang Chu. After he explained everything to the old man, instead of leaving, they came straight here.  

Without a single word, the old man fought with their pursuers.  

Xiang Chu knew that the old man turned extremely pissed and enraged learning about their situation. So, he was only venting his anger toward them.  

As the battle carried on, a thin old man wearing a red cloak appeared behind that group.  

Before anyone discovered him, a few long ice spears pierced their backs and impaled them on the ground.  

Afterwards, the thin old man glanced towards the cliff before turning around and strolling towards another direction.  

Immediately, Xiang Chu and the old man sprinted and followed the thin old man.  

Meanwhile, inside an old carriage.  

Shi Lei, Cheng Shuang and the red-cloaked mid-aged woman sat and discussed everything about the ruins. Beside them, 4 huge bags hid under with a few common fruits.  

When Shi Lei and Cheng Shuang learned that Hou jumped into the endless flames, they became worried and had a complex expression.  

While the mid-aged woman laughed in surprise and happiness discovering a lot of rare resources in those 4 huge bags.  

Suddenly, Shi Lei declared in a serious tone.  

"Sister Shuang, now we got enough resources, I won't return to the sect. I'll hide somewhere and cultivate. Once I reached a high level, I'll return to the Sect before going to the Everlasting City."   

"We should part from here."  

However, Cheng Shuang didn't reply but stared at him with a shocked expression.  

She closed her eyes and spoke in a pained voice.  

"Elder Tong, capture him."  

In an instant, the mid-aged woman appeared and sealed Shi Lei's cultivation and movements.  

Before Shi Lei could ask, Cheng Shuang stood and said in a bitter tone.  

"Now I realised Hou's words were correct. I should become selfish and obtained the things I wish."   

"Brother Lei, I know you already noticed my feelings for you and won't accept me. If you had chosen another option, I would accept that happily."   

"However, I cannot let you do something so stupid even if I have to force you and imprison you for life."  

"How can you even use those resources? Do you really believe Hou would give those resources to us?"  

  Shi Lei didn't look at her and only spoke in a low voice.  

"But, he jumped into the endless flames and should be dead."  

Cheng Shuang also thought the same and sighed yet still felt Hou won't die there. So, she said.  

"If he didn't, he'll come after us someday."  

"By that time, even if you successfully reach a higher realm and marry Ouyang Lanyu. You would lose everything or even your life once you meet him."  

"Why would you decide to suffer from that decision?"  

"As long as you return along with us to the Sect, I'll find some other way for you to reach a higher realm."  

"So, won't you change your decision?"   Find authorized novels in Webnovel, faster updates, better experience, Please click <a href=""></a> for visiting.

Shi Lei listened and recalled everything before closing his eyes in dejection.  

A few lines of tears drop from his eyes.   

Seeing his tears and no reply, Cheng Shuang sat with complicated emotions and pondered over everything.  

Even though she told him every fact in truth.  

She still hid a few things from him. Like once they reached their Sect, she won't let him leave.   

Also, she didn't remind him of the enmity between Xiang Chu and Hou.   

Fully understanding Hou's nature, she had no doubt if Hou survived and returned, he would search and take his revenge on Xiang Chu.  

But she decided to become selfish and follow her heart.  

Meanwhile, the mid-aged woman only stood in silence and pretended not to hear anything.  


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