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Chapter 16: Pitiful Sissy

At the Jia Clan Manor,

Jia Kong and miss Nina were looking at a mid-aged old man sitting on the guest seat waiting for them in the hall.

He wore a white-coloured cloak, an emblem with tiny green tree insignia representing Rain Forest Academy.

He was the Elder Yu who arrived along with miss Rose and her guard in Red Mist City.

Jia Kong greeted and asked in a cautious tone.

"Elder Yu, I didn't expect you to be here today, or I'd welcome you."

"Senior, is there anything you want?"

Elder Yu showed a heartily smile at miss Nina before he looked at Jia Kong and said in a cheerful voice.

"Brother Kong, No need for politeness."

"I came just to relay a message from Elder Mei."

"Elder Mei asked miss Nina to join the Rain Forest Academy this year. The Academy Recruitment will start in 2 months."

"I'll be remaining at the Crimson Auction House. please send me a message there, once miss Nina has prepared to leave."

"Then, we'll at once set toward the academy."

He glanced at Jia Kong then slightly nodded at miss Nina before departing.

It surprised Jia Kong and miss Nina.

They had a happy and sad expression on their faces at the same time.

With an affectionate gaze, Jia Kong watched at his daughter for a moment.

After remaining silent for a moment, he said in a serious tone.

"Don't refuse."

"Your aunt has been keeping an open slot for you to join the academy ever since your awakening ceremony. You shouldn't make her unhappy and anxious. She has been waiting for you ever since you reached Spirit Realm."

"You have already grown big. So, start your own path instead of living with this old-man. Go prepare your things soon. I'll stroll outside for a while."

Miss Nina silently listened to her father and reluctantly nodded and headed her room.

Jia Kong sadly watched his daughter figure leaving out the room before slyly grined and looked toward the Liu Clan direction.


Next day, When Hou woke up, a maid came in front and informed him that clan head was waiting for him at Clan hall.

When Hou entered the hall, he found a few extras people along with grandpa Zong, they were sitting and leisurely talking about something.

When he looked at them again, he recognized their faces. He showed his wicked smile, knowing why they came here.

He slowly approached them.

Hou hopped on his grandpa's lap then looked at the unknown face among them. He retorted in an enraged voice.

"Damn sissy, are you here to bully me again? is this your another sugar daddy?"

Grand Elder Chen froze for a sec.

After that, he shot a cold glare at Hou as if he wanted to shred him into pieces.

Elder Mo and Elder Mu stared with a speechless expression while disciple Su gritted his teeth in anger.

Just when Grand Elder Chen wanted to unleash his aura at him, to shut his shitty mouth, he heard a soft chuckled from grandpa Zong. He forced himself and calm his anger.

Grandpa Zong looked at Hou and said while pointing them.

"These men came from Red Fire Sects. The front person is the Grand Elder Chen."

"He wants to negotiate with you for that Red Flamingo battle technique skill scroll, you bought it from auction yesterday."

"You should decide for yourself what you want."

When Grand Elder Chen realised, a negotiation could happen, he sighed with relief before looking at Hou. With a forced smile, he asked in a polite tone.

"Young master Hou, First, Let me apologize for my disciples unintentionally offending you and hope for you to forgive them."

"Today I've come here to ask if you could sell us that Red Flamingo battle technique scroll. I'll remember this favour and repay you one time in this lifetime."

Hou glared at Grand Elder Chen before saying in a mocking tone.

"Old bag, Do you think I lack money here? and your lifetime favour, What a joke. Your life is already ending. I am only 3 this year. Do I find you at your grave and revive you to demand this favour?"

Grand Elder Chen nearly puked blood and fainted.

He wished how he could beat and tore Hou into pieces. He considered his place before he asking in a pleading tone.

"Young master Hou, is there any way for me have that scroll?"

Hou hopped off from his grandpa's lap.

After, he took out the scroll from his sleeves, tossed it in the air.

He smiled with a wicked grin and said in a low voice.

"There is a way. In fact, an easy task for you to do it."

Grand elder Chen raised his head to peek at the scroll while seeing this tiny hope.

Greed appeared in his eyes.

He asked in a shaky voice.

"Young master, please say it, I'll complete it as soon as possible.

With an amusing face and a sly smile, Hou glanced at the grand elder Chen before he stood in front of sissy and pointed at him.

"I want this sissy as my slave." Find authorized novels in Webnovel, faster updates, better experience, Please click <a href=""></a> for visiting.

Everyone's jaw dropped in the hall. They expected him to ask unreasonable and outrageous demands.

But, never did they imagined he wanted the weak disciple.

Sissy become speechless and terrified. When he turned his sight at his elders, he saw none of them rebuking him but instead saw their greedy stares.

Hou discovered they didn't rebuke a single word.

He felt thrilled that they didn't refuse to sell the Sissy.

At once, he passed the scroll to grand elder Chen then nodded them while shifting his eyes toward the exit.

Taking the hints from his gaze, Grand elder Chen took the scroll and bowed at Hou and grandpa Zong.

Afterwards, he dashed toward the exit without looking at sissy.

Both elder Mo and elder Mu also took their leave while leaving the pitiful Sissy alone and shattering his only hope.

Grandpa Zong took a slight glance at pitiful Sissy.

With a strange look, he stared at his hopping grandson in a joy, who was pointing his fingers at pitiful sissy with his creepy grin. He sighed and left toward his courtyard.

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