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Chapter 31: Red fire

After mother Bing, Hou and miss Lily returned their courtyard. Find authorized novels in Webnovel, faster updates, better experience, Please click <a href=""></a> for visiting.

Mother Bing tenderly stared at Hou before she fished out a box from her sleeves before gently place it in front Hou, then softly said.

"Hou'er, now you've taken the first step into the cultivation world, you should be really careful while cultivating, any misstep can lead to a deadly consequence. Here in the box is the Blue Icy Volcanic fruit. I think you still remember it since you and your grandpa got it from the auction 2 years ago. I've always kept it for you and planned to give it to you when you start cultivating. "

"For now you should take rest then tomorrow go to the Clan library to get yourself cultivation manual. "

After saying that, Mother Bing left to her room while Hou smiled brightly.

He hurriedly took the box before heading toward his room. Once he entered his room, he started to gather all the fire attribute resources and place them on the table.

There were around 50 boxes containing mostly spirit plants and beast cores for alchemy pill. Only 7 boxes contained fire attribute spirit fruits though they were only Low rank Heavenly Mortal Grade.

He picked those spirit fruit boxes and placed it together with Blue Icy Volcanic fruit next to his bed before he started to hop in joy in the room.

First, he carefully and gently opened all the boxes then looked left and right before hurriedly gobbled them all.

As soon as he swallowed it, suddenly extreme violent raging ice fire Qi along with chaotic unstable mixed with the different fires Qi within it started to spread everywhere inside his body.

He felt like he was being burned and frozen alive at the same time. Soon all the fire Qi covered his entire body then all his meridian and organs started to get damage one by one before he started to desperately weep and wail loudly in agony.

When mother Bing and miss Lily heard his cries, they madly rushed and entered his room. They saw Hou desperately moving his body while howling in misery.

Miss Lily started to get panic as she didn't know what was happening to him nor how to help him. Before she could go near Hou, suddenly Mother Bing looking awfully calm, caught her then shook her head.

While mother Bing looked calmed, inwardly she was very worried for him but she knew it was likely a trial for Hou.

After an hour of wailing and weeping, finally, Hou fainted before the flickering colorful fire started to appear within his eyes.

Slowly green and blue fire from there spread everywhere within his body before coating around him. The green fire started to heal his organs and meridian one by one smoothly while the blue fire devoured all those chaotic fire Qi and the ice fire Qi leaving behind no trace at all.

After he was fully healed and without any trace of those fire QI in this body, both green fire and red fire quickly returned back within the flickering colorful fire inside his eyes. Once both fires merged, suddenly red fire among them shone brightly before seeping out there and merging into his entire body and disappeared like it was even there.

Meanwhile, after Hou fainted out, he was once again inside the colorful bird. Just like last time, he went to the raging volcanic mountain with fire Qi to devoured it.

But this time he went to many different volcanic mountains with each containing different fire Qi and devoured each time.

Finally, once he was done, he started to shriek loudly resonating the whole Realm Plane. After that, suddenly red fire out of the wings and rapidly started to burn then spread everywhere in the entire body before seeping inside in the body at each heartbeat.

However this time, he didn't feel any pain but just warmth and belonging. Soon he started to feel sleepy then slowly closed his eyes.

After a while, he woke up and found himself sleeping in the bed. He looked around and saw mother Bing was affectionately looking at him while miss lily was just in a daze.

As if remembering something, Hou looked his entire body then closed his eyes before waving his right hand up in the air. Suddenly a red fire started to emerge in his right hand and spread all over his right arm.

He softly threw the red fire then it hit on the table with a loud bang entirely burning down.

Hou froze then started to hop in joy before happily jumping on mother Bing's bosom.

Finally calming down himself, he happily and slowly started to explain everything in detail but just to get a loud smack on his cheeks by mother Bing. She angrily reprimanded him for being recklessly and eating those fire attribute spirit fruits like food.

After an hour mother Bing left, but just before she left, she glanced at dazed miss Lily.

When miss Lily saw her gaze, all her hairs stood behind her back and started to tremble. She knew she has seen something she shouldn't have. But mother Bing just left without saying anything. Still, she knew, if she tries to leak any of this then she'll definitely disappear before she could speak at all.

Hou also noticed mother Bing glancing at miss Lily before leaving but he didn't try to think much about it. As he didn't see the flickering colorful fire within his eyes.

Finally, he looked at where the table was, then started to grin before thinking something was missing in the room. Once he remembered, he started loudly curse and blame on his bad luck. Then he sighed in pain.

"Damn red fire, why did you have to burn down my wealth? How am I going to make some Growth Pill in future? Such a life, gain something lose something "

When miss Lily heard that, she coldly glared at him before started to clean the mess in the room.

While Hou did notice her but pretended not seeing her cold glare instead just stared at her body lecherously.


At the Liu Clan Hall

Grandpa Zong, Patriarch Fu, and all the grand elders were present and seated in their seats.

Grandpa scanned everyone in the hall before seriously saying.

"Since all of you are knowledgeable and know what it meant for Hou to have unknown fire attribute grade rank, so I won't discuss about that. What I want to discuss is. "

"Firstly I want each of you to not disclose anything about his attribute grade rank and if by chance it was leaked by any of you then you better not blame me for being ruthless. "

"Lastly I want each of you to honestly help Hou with cultivation and teach him all about general knowledge since he lacks that most. "

All the grand elders nodded in agreement in the hall while feeling little scared and most excitement at the same time knowing finally a true genius has emerged in the Clan. Then grandpa Zong and Patriarch Fu left.

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