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Chapter 101: Revelation II

Hou wore a cunning smile on face, waiting for the Blacksmith Hong Shun's reply.

Beside him, Ouyang Lanyu stood frozen with misty eyes, listening to his speech.

She thought of encountering Hou, her greatest misfortune yet now she learned her fate would have become worse than death if she had not met him.

A cold chill ran on her back when she looked at the Blacksmith Hong Shun.

She shuddered and became so much scared that she hugged Hou on her bosom and hid her face as if Hou would abandon her once she let him out of her sight since he was her only hope.

After all, her father and Patriarch Min whom she considered as the strongest people lost miserably against Hou.

Furthermore, she heard of the rumours how all of those girls whom the Blacksmith Hong Shun kidnapped never saw a daylight and died alive in his forging chamber.

Meanwhile, everyone became shocked and changed their opinion about Hou.

They regarded him as a wastrel and vengeful kid since they have never seen someone kidnap his or her enemy's fiancé and held such a grand wedding just take a revenge.

But now, they wondered whether he created this facade to ambush the notorious Blacksmith Hong Shun.

Some women even viewed him as the ally of the kidnapped girls and came here to deliver justice for them. Thus, they let out their loud cheers rooting for his action, echoing the whole stadium.

As for the Ouyang Patriarch Min, Ouyang Clan Head and Ouyang Clan members, they became rendered speechless as they stared at Hou with their wide-open eyes and mouth, having complicated emotions whether they should thank or hate him.

The Blacksmith Hong Shun scanned the people in the stadium with a vigilant expression.

When Blacksmith Hong Shun discovered their shocked expression, he understood they had no part in this ambush nor prepared for a battle against him.

Furthermore, Blacksmith Hong Shun had a companion who could defend against those people at ease and let him escape unscathed from this place.

So, the Blacksmith Hong Shun shifted his sight toward Hou and showed his mocking grin.

"Little brat, did you plan this ambush for me?"

Then, the Blacksmith Hong Shun pointed his index finger toward the 5 old men, the white-haired old woman and Bai Li's group before continuing his speech.

"Are these weaklings your helpers? Don't you think you are underestimating me?"

Instead of a reply, Hou rubbed Ouyang Lanyu's soft perky butt and revealed a perverted face while comparing hers with Lily.

As he felt a soft sensation on his hand, he decided later he would rub Ying Yue and Long Anqi to find whose bottom is better among them.

Because he discovered the pleasure of rubbing girl's bottom, much the same as those people said back in the Red Mist City.

Although Ouyang Lanyu noticed his hands roaming around her whole body, she took a blind eye because she feared Hou would become displeased if she lashed out at him. Then, he won't save her from the Blacksmith Hong Shun.

Everyone watched his shameless act in front of them and doubted whether they mistook their opinion on him earlier.

A few wise people realised Hou did every action in a genuine way with no pretence nor hesitation. They sighed in distress and cursed those people who influenced him to grow up as such a person.

While some lecherous people drooled at the sight and wished they could replace Hou and enjoy Ouyang Lanyu's hug and her body.

But, they could not enjoy the sight any longer as the Blacksmith Hong Shun let out his angry roar, seeing Hou ignoring him.

"Little brat!"

Displeased with the roar, Hou voiced in an annoyed tone.

"Damn crook Blacksmith, why are you interrupting me? Can't you see I'm busy right now?"

He shook himself to break free from Ouyang Lanyu, however, his body didn't budge from her strong grip as if she stuck her hands with glue on his back.

With helpless, he poked his head out and shifted his sight toward the Blacksmith Hong Shun before replying to his earlier question while hiding the embarrassment look due to his awkward position.

"Crook Blacksmith, I never planned anything for you. In fact, a week ago, I didn't even know about him."

"However, when you arrive here, someone informed me everything about you. After I learned all your evil deeds, I decided to bring justice for all your innocent victims."

"Now raise your head and let me give you a quick death."

"Ha ha, ha ha," unable to hold himself, Blacksmith Hong Shun let out his maniacal laughter hearing his reply. It wasn't the first time someone threatened him but was the most daring one with only the Earth Origin Realm speaking to him in such a tone.

Meanwhile, everyone regained their trust in Hou when they listened to him admitting that he wanted to revenge on behalf of those tragic girls.

Their blood boiled and regained some confidence knowing even the kid had the courage to face Blacksmith Hong Shun without fear. Hence, they slowly approached the Blacksmith Hong Shun to battle him.

Lily, Long Anqi and Ying Yue knew his shameless reason, so they pretended not to hear anything.

Blacksmith Hong Shun stopped his laughter and scanned the approaching people with a darkened face.

He felt humiliated and became furious at the sight of people rallying against him. Thus, he decided to remind them of the fear he had implanted in the Ice Empire for so many years.

He tilted his head toward his followers and spoke in a vicious voice, pointing toward the crowds.

"Kill them all, leave none alive!"

Without delay, the followers and Bu Feng dashed toward the crowds, leaving Blacksmith Hong Shun along with one hooded-cloaked person.

When the 5 old men and Bai Li's group caught those people moving toward the crowds, they knew it was the final moment and their turn to contribute in the battle. So, they too sprinted to intercept them before they could reach the crowds.

As for the white-haired old woman, she stood unleashing her aura between Hou and the Blacksmith Hong Shun, prepared to battle with her long claws.

Blacksmith Hong Shun merely glanced at the white-haired old woman and turned behind him toward the hooded figure.

With a respectable tone, Blacksmith Hong Shun spoke.

"Sovereign Ling, please handle that old woman. I'll take care of that kid."

Sovereign Ling ignored the Blacksmith Hong Shun and peeked toward Hou as if waiting for something.

The atmosphere became awkward with such reaction, the Blacksmith Hong Shun prepared to ask again.

However, a cheerful voice interrupted him, "Aunt Ling, as long as you fulfil your promises, I'll join your organisation."

As soon as the voice died, Sovereign Ling flickered for a blink of an eye from her spot.

Slowly, she raised her hand and revealed a throbbing heart in her grip before crushing it into pieces.

The Blacksmith Hong Shun became horrified at the sight and touched his chest. There was a fist size hole, missing his heart.

Blacksmith Hong Shun pointed his finger toward Sovereign Ling and spoke, "Sovereign Ling, why?" but his voice ended as he lost his last breath.

Even after losing his life, his eyes remained wide open and stared Sovereign Ling in disbelief.

Sovereign Ling showed no emotion and searched the corpse before finding a black thick old book.

She picked the massive long sword beside the corpse and walked toward Hou.

Then, she passed the sword and the book to Hou while peering toward a direction in the sky for a second.

Afterwards, she disappeared into a thin air like an illusion.

Meanwhile, when Sovereign Ling walked toward Hou, the white-haired old woman shuddered and didn't dare block her sensing the fluctuating Qi around the Sovereign Ling. Find authorized novels in Webnovel, faster updates, better experience, Please click <a href=""></a> for visiting.

The white-haired old woman understood Sovereign Ling reached the pinnacle and stood at an inch toward Supreme Mortal Realm.

Even though, she became curious about the organization that Hou mention, she didn't ask instead rushed to clean up the remaining followers.

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