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Chapter 100: Revelation

Somewhere near the rocky mountain's peak, high above the sky.

A few people with no emotion were observing the stadium.

They wore a white-coloured robe with a sword emblem placed on their chest.

When they discovered Lily releasing her aura and revealing her Realm, one among them spoke.

"Looks like that lady is also the wrong target. Should we end this nonsense?"

A handsome mid-aged man with a sharp sword aura hidden within his eyes scanned the stadium and shook his head.

"Let's wait for a little, it seems something is going to happen soon."

At the stadium

Hou was standing and glaring at the 2 tied up men with iron chains on the ground.

When he caught their malicious stare toward him, he walked toward them and gave a good beating with his kick.

He stopped once a bead of sweats appeared on his face. With a satisfied smile, he wiped his face with sleeves and chuckled.

"Hehe, Ouyang Clan, why would you oppose me instead of celebrating the wedding?"

Afterwards, Hou moved towards a trembling youth who was kneeling in tears beside the injured old man.

Once he reached near them, he grabbed the trembling youth's neck and whispered in his ear.

"Sneaky bastard, this is only the begin. I will show you what happens when someone offends me."

Hou threw the trembling youth aside to the ground and placed his feet on head of the injured old man who was wailing in excruciating pain after losing his lower body.

"Bu Feng, right? Won't you call your helper or should I do it in your stead?"

Bu Feng shot a vicious glare toward Hou and tried to push Hou's feet from his head but he could not gather enough strength on his hands due to the fall.

In the end, Bu Feng let out his maniacal roar which echoed around the stadium.

"Old Shun, please kill this brat for me!"

Suddenly, a massive long sword with an ancient eerie aura appeared aiming toward Hou in a swift speed. It let out a howling which resounded as if thousands of girls were screaming in tragic pain.

Just at the mid-way toward Hou, in a blink speed, the white-haired old woman appeared and blocked the massive long sword with her both claws.


Due to the powerful impact, numerous cracks appeared on the ground spreading outwards in all direction.

Though the white-haired old woman managed to halt the sword, the clash caused her to stumble back a few paces leaving long line trails of deep footprints on the ground.

Meanwhile, the sword floated at the exact spot in the air without any damage.

The white-haired old woman glanced at her trembling arms and wrinkled her eyes when she found cracks appearing on scales and peeling off from her claws.

Her claws slowly turned back to normal hands but there was a long deep wound on her arms, healing at a slow rate.

Meanwhile, Hou seemed unfazed by the attack on him as he walked toward the highlighted spot and lied on the table with a calm expression before scanning toward the stadium.

A few footsteps resounded and revealed a group of people approaching toward the floating massive long sword. They wore a hooded-cloaked hiding their faces.

One among them who seemed like a leader grabbed the massive long sword and gave a soft stroke on it.

The leader glanced toward Bu Feng and shook his head in disappointed before signalling one of his followers.

In a flashlight, the follower dashed and appeared in front of Bu Feng before feeding an odd pill in his mouth.

Once the pill took the effect, Bu Feng's eye turned bloodshot while all his wounds stopped bleeding. He seemed relieved feeling no more pain and gained strength in his body.

Bu Feng floated in the air using his Qi and flashed behind the leader.

The leader scanned the stadium and examined everyone's expression before shifting his sight toward Hou.

"Little brat, give me Ouyang Lanyu and I will give you a quick and painless death. If not, you would regret making such a decision."

Instead of a reply, Hou tilted head toward the trembling youth and said, "Sneaky bastard, did you know your master planned to give Ouyang Lanyu to that man?"

Hou laughed out loud when he saw the trembling youth staring at Bu Feng with a frozen expression in complete disbelief.

His words startled the leader and Bu Feng since that was a secret between them while everyone became confused and curious wondering the identity of the newest arrival people.

Hou saw their expression, so he uttered a name showing his disdained smirk toward the leader.

"Blacksmith Hong Shun, why are you hiding your face?"

The whole stadium became deadly quiet hearing the name.

Each person had changed in their faces after recognizing the leader as the Blacksmith Hong Shun. However, most had a common complexion; fear and hatred.

After all, Hong Shun ranked as the 2nd best blacksmith. But, known as one of the most notorious evil people in the whole Ice Empire for kidnapping thousands of teen girls and massacring a whole town.

Now they understood why that sword let out a wail of tragic screams earlier. It was because Blacksmith Hong Shun crafted the sword smelting the alive young girls and women as one of the materials.

Meanwhile, Ouyang Patriarch Min and Ouyang Clan Head became shocked at the sudden revelation of Bu Feng how they never imagined him in cahoots with Blacksmith Hong Shun.

While the Black Wind Sect disciples and elders appeared scared and helpless knowing their Sect would face a wrath from everyone once the news spread around the empire. They also realised the reason for the mysterious disappearances of the young female disciples for all these years.

As for the Blacksmith Hong Shun, he seems startled how Hou could recognise him.

Blacksmith Hong Shun removed his hood and showed his vicious face with scars as he examined Hou from head to toe. He tried to recall whether he had met Hou somewhere.

But, even after a long inspection, Blacksmith Hou Shun remembered no one resembling like him, so he asked in a hoarse voice.

"Brat, how did you learn about me?"

Hou ignored the question and moved his hand toward Ouyang Lanyu but he fell off the table when she dodged his hand and stepped back a few steps.

With an awkward expression, Hou stood up and responded hiding his embarrassment.

"Not only that, I even know the real reason you want Ouyang Lanyu. Bu Feng must have informed you that she has a rare special Spirit Physique Body only heard in the ancient books."

"All these years, you have searched for a rare Physique Body to complete the final phrase of bestowing a spirit on that ancient sword."

"So, when you learned about Ouyang Lanyu, you planned a scheme to obtain her by marrying with that sneaky bastard without confronting Ouyang Clan."

"However," Hou paused and grabbed Ouyang Lanyu's hand when he found her standing in a daze, listening to his speech. Find authorized novels in Webnovel, faster updates, better experience, Please click <a href=""></a> for visiting.

Afterwards, he continued while stroking her hand.

"Since Ouyang Lanyu had yet to reach Sky Origin Realm which was the ideal Realm you needed to forge her soul to transform into a spirit. So, you delayed it knowing Ouyang Clan would nurture and keep her safe there."

Hou smiled revealing his pointy teeth and added, "But your plan failed when I kidnapped her and declared to wed her with someone else. Thus, you came here to stop the wedding. After all, you need to keep her purity to maximize the success rate."

"What do you think about this?"

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