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Chapter 64: Ruby

Hou gazed at both youths before tilting his head towards the lady.

He showed a fake smile at them and turned back before disappearing into the bushes.

Both youths showed a delighted expression and thought Hou ran in fear.

Later, they peered at the lady as their eyes swept every part of her body.

On the other hand, the lady stared at Hou's empty spot with disbelieving eyes.

After a while, her eyes showed hints of unswerving determination, she shot a cold glare at the youths before unleashing her full strength.

Her whole body as covered with fine scales while her hands appeared like claws, just like a dragon.

She charged toward them and started relentless attacking them.

Both youths also unleashed their Qi and faced the lady.

The white-cloaked youth formed a fire around his hands while the navy green-cloaked youth formed wind blades above his head.

At first, everything was smooth as she managed herself to attack and defend against them.

But soon as time passed, she barely defended herself against them.

Even though she was also at Early Stage Earth Origin Realm, she couldn't defeat them both.

Later, she lied on the ground panting with an unwilling face.

Both youths glanced at each other with a meaningful expression before one of them approached the lady.

Just as the lady closed her eyes and tried to kill herself.

A few rustling footsteps came from behind them, like someone was dragging something on the ground.

Both youths halted their movements and turned back around towards the footsteps' direction.

As for the lady, she also stared in the direction but with a dagger placed on her neck.

Slowly, Hou's figure came in their sights. Find authorized novels in Webnovel, faster updates, better experience, Please click <a href=""></a> for visiting.

Hou pulled along a few long green vines with him on the ground.

After Hou discovered the lady still fine, he showed a happy smile and dropped the vines on the ground.

He took a deep breath and stretched his body like a bodybuilder.

However, it looked like nothing to them as he had no muscles to show.

Meanwhile, his appearance startled and baffled the youths as earlier he ran away without even speaking a word.

As for the lady, she put down her dagger with a relieved expression and only glanced at Hou's weird body exercise.

Before the youths could speak, Hou suddenly dashed off and appeared in front of the navy green-cloaked youth.

Without hesitation, Hou formed 5 weapon Qi and thrust them aiming straight at that youth's crotch.

When the navy green-cloaked youth hastily tried to avoid it, another 5 weapon Qi appeared right above his head.

An intense crisis came at his head.

In a flash, he raised both his hands above his head and formed a small tornado around his hands while head-on crashing with the oncoming weapon Qi.

The collision created a shocking momentum.

The small tornado completely blocked the weapon Qi though the shock wave forced and nailed the youth's feet deep under the ground.

His feet were buried till his knees into the ground, disabling him from moving from the spot.

Just when the youth heaved a sigh in relief, an unbearable burning sensation came from his crotch.

Before he could look down, he fainted in pain.

The scene shocked the other youth and the lady, however, the lady recovered at once and attacked towards the other youth without fear.

Soon, they began their intense battle with each other, though, the other youth tried to create an opening to escape from here.

Hou didn't bother anymore and just picked the vines before tying the unconscious youth's hands and legs.

After finishing, he took out his wine gourd and drank the wine while observing the battle.

As he viewed the battle, he found out that the lady was quite strong and could defeat the white-cloaked youth soon.

Just like he predicted, the lady beat the shit of that youth, totally making him unrecognizable with all the swellings on his face.

Finally, with a satisfied expression, the lady grabbed the youth and came in front of Hou.

Hou in a quick motion grabbed the youth from her hand and tied him same as the navy grey-cloaked youth.

Afterwards, he glanced at the lady with a bizarre smile.

When the lady saw he finished tying the youth, she was somewhat puzzled and curious about his acts, she closely stared at him before introducing herself.

"Young Master, I am Ruby, an inner disciple from the Five Dragon Sect."

Her words startled Hou as he recalled her Sect name from somewhere. But he didn't think much as it was not that important than his question.

At once, he asked her the question.

"So, what was the reason for the White Yeti protecting this mountain's peak?"

Ruby seemed slightly displeased when he didn't inquire further about her and instead asked a question.

But, she still remembered her elder's words before entering the trial ground so, she quickly dispelled her displeased thoughts.

She slightly tilted her head towards the youths before looking at him.

However, Hou didn't care about the youths and only stared at her with an expectant gaze.

When Ruby noticed his gaze, she explained everything about the peak.

"Young Master, a small garden is located at the peak of this mountain, filled with various rare spirit plants, flowers and fruits."

"However, the actual reason the White Yeti guards that place is not because of the garden. But, in fact, because of a spirit beast."

Watching his curious face, she at once continued with a playful smile.

"It is a Heavenly Silkworm at Early Stage Supreme Mortal Realm."

Hou grasped his breath in shock and stared with his eyes wide open.

With a bitter and a reluctant expression, he dispelled all his thought about entering the garden to steal the rare spirit plants, fruits and flowers.

Even he knew his own limits and definitely wouldn't dare to seek an early death.

When Ruby caught his expression, she instantly giggled before her laughter rang around the area.

Now she knew the kid had no knowledge about the Heavenly Silkworm.

At once, she forced herself to stop laughing when she saw his cold glare on her.

She clutched her stomach and said in a low laughing voice.

"The Heavenly Silkworm is actually a harmless spirit beast and considered as a treasure whether for cultivators, spirit beasts or spirit plants & trees."

"Because it only refines Heavenly Qi and emits a dense pure Heavenly Qi."

"I think you already feel the dense Heavenly Qi here. The Heavenly Silkworm emitted all these pure Heavenly Qi around this small mountain."

Hou nodded his head and ignored her mocking laugh instead his eyes sparkled and his creepy smile slowly formed on his face.

Afterwards, he walked and pulled the vines, dragging the tied-up youth on the ground.

Ruby too followed behind him.

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