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Chapter 68: Search for the Heavenly Silkworm

Shi Lei, Fan Le, Ruby and Cheng Shuang watched Hou rushing toward the White Yeti before the explosion occurred. Find authorized novels in Webnovel, faster updates, better experience, Please click <a href=""></a> for visiting.

Everything happened so fast, they couldn't completely process it in their minds as they had no idea who won the battle.

Once everything settled down, and the vision became clearer, they slowly entered the area.

When they entered, they found no sight of Hou nor the White Yeti.

Slightly scared and curious, they searched for them in the area.

After an hour, Ruby stumbled upon a small deep crater on the ground.

Slowly she peeked into the crater before she grasped her breath in shock.

She found a small charred body stuck deep in the crater; however, the body had a slight movement, twitching in pain.

When she recognized the charred body, Ruby hurriedly grabbed the body and laid it on the soft grasses.

Afterwards, she examined the entire body but only found a few broken bones and a few light injuries along with a few remnant chaotic Qi inside the body.

She placed her hand on the body and circulated her Qi, removing the remnant chaotic Qi.

Once she finished, she carried the body and headed towards the small garden.

Along the way, she met with the rest and explained where she found the body.

The charred body was Hou.

Everyone felt relieved but still, Shi Lei rushed towards the garden to search for the spirit herbs.

While Fan Le had a slight change in his expression and glanced at Hou.

Ruby noticed Fan Le's expression and glared at him before speaking in a cold tone.

"Don't even dare!"

Fan Le only smiled at her before also heading towards the garden.

Meanwhile, Cheng Shuang stood beside her and pondered whether they should escape before he wakes up.

After an hour, Shi Lei returned with glittering orange leaves in his hands. He quickly mashed the leaves and fed them to Hou.

Soon, the leaves dissolved and emitted cold Qi before flowing into every part of his body. Slowly cold Qi soothed his pain while recovering his minor wounds.

Hence Hou stopped twitching in pain and fell asleep.

Then, Shi Lei fished out a mushroom-shaped spirit flower from his sleeves and turned it into a liquid before feeding it to Hou.

It instantly flowed toward his broken bones and reattached them.

Afterwards, Cheng Shuang grabbed a piece of cloth and cleaned his charred face.

After a day, Hou slowly woke up and scanned his surroundings before recalling everything that happened.

He stood up and examined his whole body with his hands.

When he found no injuries, he heaved a sigh of relief before laughing wildly.

Even though he discovered Ruby, Cheng Shuang and Shi Lei beside him, he only ignored them like they didn't exist.

Finally, he looked towards the small garden and dashed up with excitement.

Shi Lei watched his back and shook his head before also following after him.

While Cheng Shuang didn't want to follow him and wanted to wait for them here, she felt too scared to stay here alone so, she too walked up behind him.

As for Ruby, she sprinted and caught up with Hou.

When Hou reached the garden, he caught sight of Fan Le strolling and searching for something.

A cunning smile formed on his face, but he didn't call Fan Le and also started to search the garden.

While Ruby giggled and also scattered.

She knew nothing was more valuable than the Heavenly Silkworm in the entire garden. However, searching it was like trying to find a needle in the desert.

As she scanned around everywhere, she spotted Hou just standing on his spot with a big grin.

Once she thought that he might have found the Heavenly Silkworm, she dashed towards him.

Meanwhile, Fan Le also discovered his grin and stared at him with wide eyes open.

When Ruby reached near Hou, she instantly scanned around everywhere.

However, she sighted no signs of the Heavenly Silkworm.

A disappointed expression appeared on her face and she glared at Hou before asking.

"Hou, why are---."

She froze her words halfway when she found Hou fishing out a silk bag from his sleeves.

Afterwards, she saw him blowing air into the silk bag.

The silk bag enlarged twice bigger than her height.

Before she could figure out anything, in a flash, he plucked the spirit flowers one after another and threw them into the bag.

Soon he filled the bag with the spirit plants, flowers and fruits.

Afterwards, he grabbed another similar bag from his sleeves and continued with collecting them.

Both Ruby and Fan Le stared in a daze and remained rooted on the ground for a minute.

Once they recovered, they too followed his steps because this was the easiest way of luring out the Heavenly Silkworm.

But, they had only small bags.

When Shi Lei and Cheng Shuang arrived, they became confused with their greediness and wanted to stop them.

But, Hou threw 2 heavy bags filled with the spirit plants, fruits and flowers towards them.

Shi Lei caught them in both hands and showed a happy smile.

While Cheng Shuang bitterly smiled as she knew he only passed the bags because he considered them as his servants.

After a few hours, Hou stared at the almost empty garden while 3 huge similar bags lined up on the ground beside him.

Afterwards, he glimpsed at everyone and said in a loud voice.

"Leave the garden."

Without waiting for their reply, he circulated his Qi around both his hands.

Dark red flames appeared like a fireball.

Then, he threw the flames toward every spot in the garden.

Before long, the whole garden burned and turned into ashes while the smoke blinded the sight.

Somewhere in the garden, a tiny golden light sparkled.

Just like an arrow, Hou appeared in front the light and caught it in his hand.

It was a small golden silkworm.

Soon, his hysterical laughter reverberated around the mountain's peak.

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