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Chapter 18: Shadow

Back at the Jia Clan Mansion,

A Few maids and servants carefully selected stuff like books, scrolls, cloths, alchemy resources materials and packed them for miss Nina.

Nina was gazing outside through the window.

She appeared very sad and lonely, knowing she would leave soon, leaving her father alone.

She then thought she should at least enjoy her remaining days and planned to visit Hou before she departs.

Suddenly, she caught a sight of her father returning.

She shrieked and dashed outside towards her father.

Jia Kong looked very haggard with messy hair and clothes along with blood stains covered on his chest.

From far, he caught a figure rushing at him then sighed in sadness.

Nina looked at her father in tears.

With an anxious look, she checked his body before asking.

"Father, what happened? who did this?"

Jia Kong raised his right hand and explained to her.

When Nina listened to his words, she looked at her father in amazement.

After she retorted in an angry voice.

"Father, how can you do this? also isn't Hou just a baby? I adore him but I still see him as a weird baby." Find authorized novels in Webnovel, faster updates, better experience, Please click <a href=""></a> for visiting.

"Also, this explains nothing over your injuries."

"How did you injured?"

With a complex emotion, Jia Kong stared at his daughter.

He hesitated for a sec before he explained to her everything, including mother Bing's words.

But, without disclosing her identity.

Nina became speechless and remained complete dazed for a sec.

She knew both grandpa Zong and Hou have an arrogant demeanour like they saw no one above them. Yet, Mother Bing's arrogant words placed her above on the top of all. No mother in this empire would tell her daughter-in-law had to be Sovereign Mortal Realm to be qualified as his concubine. Now, She figured out Hou's arrogance might be normal.

She looked at her father explaining her with a calm expression.

It got her puzzled.

No matter how strong the Liu Clan was, her father won't bear the humiliation and defeat.

Given his personality, he should retaliate for a few days before calming himself.

She coldly glared at her father.

She fumed in madness, she took a deep breath before asking in an enraged voice.

" Father, don't you feel humiliated by her words? why do you look so calm?"

Jia Kong gazed up into the sky and answered in a loud voice.

"Of course, I feel humiliated and ashamed about it."

"Even though Liu Clan is just a branch here but her words stand as same as main Liu Clan from Imperial Palace City. So, I could do nothing instead endure it for now."

"You should go join your aunt at Rain Forest Clan and work hard."

"Once you reach Sovereign Mortal Realm, I'll tell you about your mother. Also that time we'll pay another visit to Liu Clan."

After saying, he left toward the inner part of the mansion, while Nina stood in silence, clutching her fists tight when she heard him say, mother.


Jia Kong stood nervously watched the shadow at the sealed garden inside the mansion's inner part.

In a complete silence, the shadow meditated and absorbed the heaven Qi from nature. After a while, the shadow stopped and glanced at him without speaking.

When Jia Kong realised, the shadow looking at him, he shuddered and said in a trembling voice.

"Mother, You were right all along about Liu Clan. They have a deep connection with the Royal Family."

"In fact, I myself met the deceased Empress Bing today who is the daughter of Lui Zong when I went with a marriage proposal for Hou. While I failed due to the strong refusal of Empress Bing but she said as long as Nina reached Sovereign Mortal Realm, she'll consider her as Hou's concubine. I also did not inquire about anything about Empress Bing, fearing I might offend and ruin our relationship with them."

The shadow had a pleasant surprise expression and a happy smile before saying.

"Well done, finally, we found the way to Monarch Zhu legacy."

"Even though there was no record of having a second child of Empress Bing. You should still keep close an eye at Hou and keep a friendly relation with Liu Clan. Also, send a message explaining everything to Mei that she must let Nina reach Sovereign Mortal Realm as soon as possible."

Having a slight suspicious with her orders, Jia Kong nervously nodded before he asked with a dubious face.

"Yes Mother, But, is the Monarch Zhu legacy really that powerful to let us return to the Mid Mortal Realm Plane again."

Shadow glared at him and shouted in a high pitched voice.

"What do you know? 1,500 years ago Monarch Zhu single-handedly barged into the Mid Mortal Realm Plane then loudly declared."

"If any Sovereign or above tries to intervene in the Lowest Mortal Realm Plane, He'll wipe out all Monarch Mortal Realm from the Mid Mortal Realm Plane."

"Even after 1,500 years, no one has dared to intervene here in the Lowest Mortal Realm Plane."

"If they do, the Guardians guarding the Monarch Zhu legacy will do anything to wipe them all out of the Lowest Mortal Realm Plane."

"So, you can imagine how powerful the Monarch Zhu's legacy left behind for his descendants."

"The only reason we're staying alive here, Monarch Zhu gave the favour to asylum here to our Ancestor for staying loyal to him."

"Anyway, you should stop worrying about that and complete the tasks without failure."

"After all, you're the most anxious one waiting to return in Mid Mortal Realm Plane.

After saying that, shadow closed her eyes.

Jia Kong bowed at the shadow and left from there.


At the Liu Clan

Hou was gazing into the skies in a daze while Sissy was pouring tea for him.

Finally, he recovered from his state.

He indifferently said.

"Sissy, Let's go to the Wind Cloud Tavern.

He hopped around before jumping up on Sissy's back.

With a helpless face, Sissy headed toward the tavern.

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