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Chapter 76: Shriek

Deep within the endless flames  

There was a shining platform floating and surrounded with various formation arrays inside the flames.  

The top of the formation had a small hole recovering slowly and repairing the arrays.  

Inside at the edge of the platform, a person lied on the ground unconscious along with a long sword.  

Hou slowly opened his eyes while feeling a slight pain in every part of his body.  

Though he had no injuries.  

He staggeringly stood up and scanned his surroundings before recalling everything.  

When he finished refining the chaotic Qi inside his body, he opened his eyes.  

However, something entered inside his eyes and before he could comprehend anything, he smashed on something and passed out.  

As he also noticed Lily was missing and only her sword left with him.  

He had a bad premonition before shouting in a loud voice.  


"Where are you?"  

"Answer me right now?"   

Even after calling her name a few times, he heard nothing but only his own voices.  

He panicked and ran toward every place to search her while dragging along her sword.  

However, the entire platform was empty and had no sign of Lily.   Find authorized novels in Webnovel, faster updates, better experience, Please click <a href=""></a> for visiting.

Even so, he didn't stop shouting nor searching her since their master and servant contract was still intact.  

Finally, after losing his strength, he sat on the ground before wailing and sobbing.   

Just then, an indistinct voice resonated everywhere.  

"Boy, do not grief anymore. Meeting and parting with someone is a common thing for a cultivator."  

"Anyway, let's start the trial." 

When Hou heard the voice, he looked around everyone before he roared.  

"Shut your damn mouth, I can still sense her presence. I'll find her no matter where she goes."  

Then, he closed his eyes and sense their contract before heaving a sigh in relief.  

However, the indistinct voice once again came and shocked him.  

"The lady with you indeed died as I saw everything happen. Also, if you don't believe me, I can show you."  

Before long, the heavenly Qi gathered and formed into a big screen image in front of Hou and replayed the scene.  

On the screen, it showed the moment where Hou told Lily to take care of his body.  

The image changed and revealed everything slowly.  

1st scene: Lily formed a barrier around them and glanced at their surroundings.  

2nd scene: The flames intensified and burned all her clothing before she formed a purple fire barrier around him and protected him from those flames.  

3rd scene: She created a dragon soul and aimed it in each direction while focusing her hearing.  

4th scene: The flames pressure rose once again and affected Lily so she created a barrier with her purple fire.  

5th scene: The flames redoubled and invaded the purple fire barrier on both of them. So, she removed her barrier and instead reinforced the barrier around Hou.   

While the flames burned her yet, she forced herself and didn't let out any a wail.   

6th scene: The flames pressure increased so much that it burned half of her whole flesh and her bones became visible. She grimaced and howled in burning pain. However, she still held and circulated her Qi toward the barrier protecting Hou.  

7th scene: She reached her limit and slowly closed her eyes in despair. But suddenly, she caught a tiny shining dot and entered the barrier around Hou   

At the 8th scene: While somewhat hesitant, she reached her hands toward Hou's face but she halted just before she could touch him.   

Afterwards, she mustered all her Qi and formed 3 dragon souls and surrounded the barrier. With a determined gaze, she aimed a strike toward the tiny shining spot.   

Finally, once the 3 dragon souls dragged the barrier toward the spot, she showed her dazzling smile before her body turned to ashes and swept toward Hou.  

The whole screen stopped and scattered into pieces just like a firework.  

Meanwhile, Hou stared in disbelief and stood deeply rooted on the ground.  

After a long time, he recovered and dropped on his hands and feet before he wailed and wept in heart-wrenching pain.  

Just as the indistinct voice spoke.  


The voice halted after noticing him remaining in silence.  

The indistinct voice didn't bother him since it was reasonable for his age to lose himself in grief over his loss. 

Though, afterwards, the indistinct voice spoke.  

"If you never want to experience this, complete the trial and become a powerful person to control your own fate."  

"So, should I begin the trial?"  

However, instead of a reply, an ear-piercing shriek pierced through the whole platform, followed by the powerful suppression aura.  

High above the formation arrays, a pair of eyes watched Hou in a shocked and horrified gaze.  

Hou stood there, and his eyes remained closed as if he was sleeping.   

While slowly white flames completely wrapped Hou and changed his aura.   

Once again, another shriek came from his mouth but with a powerful suppressive shock wave.  

It shrouded the whole platform and even reached toward the eyes in a blink of an eye.  

Instantly, everything crumbled and dissipated into nothingness.  

The eyes had a disbelieved and frightened look before also dissipating and leaving no traces.  

Meanwhile, a red fire appeared out of Hou's back and formed into gigantic red fire wings. They were 10 times bigger than his height.   

The wings flapped and floated in the endless flames.   

A tiny blue fire appeared on Hou's mouth and created an enormous suction force.  

All the endless flames flowed toward the suction at a rapid speed.  

Meantime, inside the ruins.  

Everyone discovered the changes in the sky.  

The whole endless burning flames were decreasing and also the heavenly Qi gathered toward the trial ground.  

However, no one dared to go toward the trial ground since abruptly a powerful suppressive aura surrounded it.  

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