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Chapter 13: That Little Brat Is from Liu Clan

Miss Lily stopped her hammer at once.

She stared up at the VIP room no.10 with a surprised and bewildered expression.

Seeing that, everyone followed her gazed at VIP room no.10 and tried to guess the baby's background, since his demeanour was exactly like those rotten prodigal young masters.

Only a few big clans guessed correctly but remained silent.

Wang Ming and Wei Wei simultaneously glanced at VIP room no.15 and expressed their condolences while pitying them for offending Hou.

As disciple Su recalled his voice, he promptly stood up and glared at VIP room no.10 with an angry and malicious expression.

He gritted his teeth and clenched his fists before yelling at Hou in a loud voice,

"Damn you little brat! Wait till I catch you."

"I'll feed you alive to the wild beasts."

Hou ignored his words. Instead, he sneered and shifted his sight to miss Lily.

The whole auction hall was in the awkward atmosphere.

Miss Lily bowed toward everyone and asked disciple Su in a polite tone,

"Esteemed Sir from VIP room no.15, Could you please not disturb the auction and leave inappropriate remarks? Would you please respect the rules of our house?"

One guardian appeared behind miss Lily. He eyed VIP room no.15 for a split sec before scanning around the hall.

Disciple Su felt wronged and mistreated.

However, he calmed down and still apologized,

"Miss Lily and everyone here in the hall, I am extremely sorry and ashamed of myself for my rude demeanour here. I let myself be blinded by hatred. I will not show these from now on, so please continue with the auction."

First, he bowed toward miss Lily and then, toward everyone in the hall and sat back in silence.

When Elder Mo and Elder Mu heard the voice, they were both puzzled and confused.

But after recalling the earlier event, they cast a cold glare toward VIP room no.10.

When disciple Su yelled, both elders had a disgusted look.

But, after disciple Su calmed down and then he conducted himself by apologizing to everyone, it surprised them and they had a new view on him.

Both thought if he could stay calm and see ahead like this constantly, he'll achieve a high level at cultivation.

Miss Lily looked at VIP room no.15 before counting the bid.

Elder Mo straightened his back and stood.

He glared at VIP room no.10 before saying in a domineering tone,


Hou noticed another voice, trying to flaunt in front of him.

He raised the bid without delay.


Elder Mo heavily breathed and tried to bid but his voice cut off halfway.


"My final bid 450,000. Old geezer if you bid any higher than that, then it's yours. If not, don't flaunt in front me. Also if your Sissy wife does as I say, I'll give it to you."

Elder Mo froze and fiercely broke the wine glasses before storming out while Elder Mu and disciple Su hastily followed behind him.

Suddenly, Elder Mo stopped at the stairs and asked disciple Su to investigate that room before walking out again.

Disciple Su knew it wouldn't end right here. He grinned with a malicious smile before finding a maid.

Meanwhile, a few people laughed, while a few mocked, but most of those big Clans recalled Hou, pitying them and blaming their luck.

Hou kept his smug look while miss Nina was laughing and clutching her stomach.

Miss Lily banged the hammer and ended item no.48's auction. With her sparkling eyes, she glanced at the VIP room no.10 and thought to meet them after the auction.

She scanned the hall and saw everyone remaining on their seat with no sign of leaving, eagerly waiting for the finale.

Even though the item no.47 & 48 were rare items and already auctioned, the next item would be even rarer than those items.

After all, the auction house placed the next item as the auction's main highlight.

Meanwhile, A mid-aged, fat plump man led Jia Kong toward VIP room no.10.

After 10 minutes, grandpa Zong also arrived at the auction house. The same fatty led him toward VIP room no.10.

With a curious expression, the fatty glanced at VIP room no.10 before heading toward VIP no.1.


Outside the auction house, Elder Mo and Elder Mu were listening to disciple Su's report.

"Elder Mo, two people occupied that VIP room no.10. The first person is the young miss Nina from Jia Clan, the beloved daughter of Jia Clan head."

"Young miss Nina is 17 years old already, at the Early Stage Spirit Origin-Realm and the youngest Alchemist genius to reach Mid Rank 1 Origin Grade Alchemist."

Elder Mu frowned finding out it was miss Nina from Jia Clan.

When Elder Mo caught his expression, he was somewhat worried.

So, he asked.

"Elder Mu, Is there something wrong?"

Elder Mu hesitated and became worried. He peeked at elder Mo and said,

"I think you already know about Jia Clan."

"Jia Clan is also considered as a big clan in the city but compared to Wang or Wei Clan, they are slightly weaker because of their wealth."

"Everyone knows Clan head Jia Kong had reached Peak Heavenly Origin Realm for a long time, and also has an extremely short-tempered reputation."

"Unbeknownst to everyone, he also has a younger sister, Jia Mei, the elder of Rain Forest Academy. She dotes on miss Nina like her own daughter."

"As for why Jia Clan for remaining low-profile, only Jia Kong can explain."

"So we should carefully plan before acting against miss Nina."

Elder Mo thanked Elder Mu and nodded at discipline Su to continue talking.

Disciple Su said with a dreadful expression,

"That little brat is from Liu Clan and he's also the only grandson of Clan head Liu Zong."

Both Elder Mo and Elder Mu expression changed when they heard the Liu Clan.

Elder Mo gritted his teeth in anger as now he realized whom he was dealing with.

After all, they couldn't just offend the Liu Clan, the strongest clan in Red Mist city, unless they consider going to war against the Liu Clan.

There is also the Jia Clan.

But, he was only an elder in the Sect so he couldn't decide these things unless he wished for death.

With an expectant expression, Elder Mo gazed at Elder Mu and asked,

"Elder Mu, Is there any way to negotiate with the Liu Clan? We're on a mission issued by grand elder Chen."

"We have to get the scroll back to the Sect at any cost."

Elder Mu shook his head in helplessness.

Elder Mo's expression turned serious, he considered for a sec.

After that, he took out an orange-coloured talisman with a few strange writings on it.

That was the High Rank 8 Origin Mortal Grade: Thought Exchanging talisman, can reach around 10,000km anywhere to communicate, very extravagant to create it.

He crushed the talisman and remained silent a few minutes before he said,

"I've notified Grand Elder Chen. He'll be arriving here soon. We should wait for him while also paying attention to them."


Back at the auction hall.

Both Hou and miss Nina stared at the last item, waiting for Miss Lily to show it.

Suddenly, a knock rang at the door. They looked at each other before replying.


When Miss Nina saw her father standing outside, with a surprised expression, she asked.

"Daddy, how come you have come here?"

"Are you also interested in this last item?"

Instead of answering, Jia Kong carefully checked at his daughter before shifting his sight at Hou.

Hou had few palm prints on clothes and a little red bump on his head.

Jia Kong froze and looked at his daughter again like he was looking at another person. He assumed it was only a rumour but now he has seen it, he thought he was still dreaming.

He also remembered her weird behaviour when visiting Liu Clan last time.

No words came in his mind, so, he stood and stared at them in silence.

When Miss Nina glanced at her father, she felt embarrassed and gave an apologetic smile at Hou.

As for Hou, he watched the father and daughter show while refilling his tea.

Another knock rang at the door.

A white-haired old-man entered without caring for any reply.

He sat next to Hou without saying a word.

The awkward father and daughter duo stood up and greeted the white-haired old man. Find authorized novels in Webnovel, faster updates, better experience, Please click <a href=""></a> for visiting.

While Hou didn't bother looking at him, Hou pointed toward the auction stage and said in a cunning tone.

"Grandpa Zong, have you come to buy me that item?"

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