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Chapter 86: The Girl II

On her first day in the auction house, Lily found too many rich people and gained a lot of golds from her commission through the sales.  

She thought within a few years, she would become rich and live the rest of her life in happiness and prosperous.  

However, her fate changed when she discovered Rose also followed her here.  

When she and Rose accidentally meet the prodigal and famous rumoured kid, Hou, she had planned to create a good relationship between them.  

But his action made Rose very enraged, and she ordered her servant to kill him in an impulse of anger.  

Once Lily discovered Hou lying dying on the ground, she returned towards the auction house along with Rose.  

She explained everything to Elder Yu hoping for his help, but he couldn't help them solve the mess.  

Without option, she took the talisman and used it on Rose, sending her towards the academy.  

Afterwards, she left towards the Luo clan since she knew they wouldn't let her escape from them.  

Later, she found Hou in front of her eyes and stared at him in disbelief.  

She tried to guess how he survived but his mother's words scared the hell out of her.  

Even so, she kept mum and accepted anything they wanted to do against her.  

However, Hou stopped his elders from harming her and only mocked her.  

While she trembled with fear and kept remembering her time with her mother.  

After a day, she learned her grandfather was arriving for her rescue and she found her hope, but she was also with complicated emotions.  

Later, they even captured her grandfather.  

That moment, she lost all her will to live and blamed herself for involving her grandfather.  

But she learned a shocking truth.  

Her grandfather was her own blood-related father.  

Even though she had so many questions to ask him, yet she didn't ask her father.  

She just couldn't accept the fact and recalled her mother's fate, hence, she agreed with Hou's proposal to live as his prisoner for life.  

As she didn't want to face the truth and accept him as her father since she had always blamed her father for everything that happened to her mother.  

Afterwards, she lived with Hou as a prisoner, but everyone only regarded her as his nanny.  

Thus, she encountered no problem and passed her days peacefully.  

After Hou's awakening ceremony, something weird happened to him.  

He ate all the rare resources he possessed and suffered from overflowing energy which burned and damaged his organs.  

However, flickering colourful fires appear within his eyes and completely stabilised his situation while healing and protecting him.  

At that moment, she discovered a shocking truth, Hou was not an ordinary kid.  

Something was protecting him and that might have also revived him previously.  

Later that night, suddenly, Hou's mother asked her an odd question about whether she would stay loyal to him for the rest of her life.  

She knew it had to do with the earlier event, so she hastily replied she would remain and protect him for her whole life.  

In the next moment, she realised she made the biggest decision in her entire life.   Find authorized novels in Webnovel, faster updates, better experience, Please click <a href=""></a> for visiting.

Hou's mother performed a master and slave ritual between her and Hou.  

However, at the end of the ritual, mysteriously, she appeared inside enormous colourful flames.  

There, she formed a Rebirth Master-Servant contract with Hou changing her entire fate.  

Her whole attribute changed into a purple fire while her aptitude turned from low to limitless.  

Even her realm reached Peak Stage Heavenly Origin Realm.  

This discovery alarmed yet delighted her, after all, she always wished to become a powerful person.  

Just like that, she stayed with Hou and travelled along his journey.  

She followed his every order without hesitation whether it was correct.  

During the journey, she met a vixen who wanted to bewitch Hou. Somewhere within her head, a voice told her to eliminate the vixen, however, she didn't since Hou issued nothing to do against her.  

Although the voice puzzled her, she didn't bother and only thought it was her imagination.  

Later, they entered an ancient ruin, but she did nothing and let Hou train inside there.  

A few days later, she separated with Hou to eliminate any threat towards him.  

She followed his trails to group up with him, but she found him entering a portal tunnel toward a trial ground.  

An unclear voice rang in her mind as if guided by an instinct, she shouted at him to stop, however, he just disappeared.  

She tried to break the gate but not even a dent appeared, so she stopped and waited for him while trying to recall the voice.  

After a few weeks, Hou returned but with a huge bag garnered and attracted all the greedy people.  

As she readied herself to unleash all her strength to let him escape from the place, suddenly, Hou ate all the rare resources from his huge bag. 

Afterwards, he jumped into the endless flames under the bridge.  

With no consideration nor hesitation, she followed him.  

As they descended deeper into the endless flames, Hou asked her to protect his body before entering a meditation.  

Only then did she realise their situation while an excited voice kept ringing in her head but still with unclear words.  

Hence, she did everything to find the exit and protected his body while enduring excruciating burning pain.  

Finally, at her last moment, she spotted a tiny hope, so; she used all her remaining strength to fulfil her duties.  

Losing her strength, she disintegrated into a speck of ashes.  

Just as she thought she died, a powerful suction appeared and engulfed her before an indistinct voice resonated.  

"A truly loyal fellow. As such, let me break a shackle for you. I hope you'll succeed and continue your duties."  

Instantly, excruciating burning pains appeared on her soul similar to tiny needles piercing her until she burned into a purple flame.  

While she suffered like an eternity, a vivid memory slowly was planted in her mind.  

It showed an enormous figure turning into purple flames resembling a burning bird.  

Every flap of its wings, purple flames would strike and burn the whole place with its shock wave into a sea of fire.  

Just as she saw the burning bird opened its peak to shriek, darkness appeared while loud cracking noises echoed like a bird hatching from an eggshell.  

Before she figured out anything, a figure jumped onto her and shouted in a loud voice.  

"Finally, I can see you after the whole 2 years of waiting." 

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