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Chapter 98: The Meteoroids

At the stadium, somewhere within a sea of people, Cheng Shuang was watching the long white-haired old woman with a confused expression.

She shifted her eyes toward a white-haired old man beside her and asked.

"3rd grandfather, who is that old woman?"

Before her 3rd grandfather could speak, a cheerful voice responded to her question.

"She is our previous Sect Master, Ye Wan, the strongest person of our Five Dragon Sect."

Cheng Shuang shot a glance toward the voice and found a violet-cloaked lady sitting beside them.

For a moment, the lady appearance startled Cheng Shuang since she recognized the lady. Hence, she asked in a surprised tone.

"Ruby, so you came from the Five Dragon Sect."

Ruby nodded her head and approached toward them while looking at a tied and soulless figure on the ground beside Cheng Shuang.

She asked with a questioning gaze on her face.

"Sister Shuang, why is your senior brother Lei looking this?"

Cheng Shuang didn't reply her instead she glanced toward Shi Lei with a bitter emotion.

As Ruby caught Cheng Shuang's expression, she realized that she should not inquire about the situation so she quickly changed the topic.

"Were you also invited here to attend my senior brother Chen's wedding?"

Cheng Shuang shook her head and forced a smile on her face.

"No, we came here to return the rare resources a month ago. However, at that time, we were the only people around here. So, we had to stay and help organize everything for the wedding."

"Ruby, is your old Sect Master really strong?"

This time, her 3rd grandfather interrupted Ruby from replying.

"Yes, that mad old hag is a very powerful cultivator. At least the strongest person within this stadium."

Cheng Shuang became surprised, but she asked with a confused expression scanning around the people who were as clueless as her.

"How come people does not remember her?"

Her 3rd grandfather gave a weird gaze toward Ruby and hesitated for a second before blurting the truth.

"Because the Five Dragon Sect removed and blocked her name from appearing in the history to hide their dark pasts."

"As for the dark pasts, do not to poke your nose into others business though you might hear them soon."

Cheng Shuang thought the reason seemed reasonable since even their Sect had a few hidden people and things.

As for Ruby, she felt embarrassed and awkward listening to the words since she knew the whole truth.

After all, that was the biggest scandal within her Sect how the old Sect Master squandered almost all the Sect's resources on a disciple for her own benefits to win his affection and marry him.

Though Ruby didn't learn the disciple's name, the rumours said the disciple became a genius within a short period.

So, during that time, a lot of disciples and elders tried to exploit each other but none became a genius as that disciple instead the sect became filled with babies.

Therefore, the sect changed the rule and added that every disciple must only complete a mission to obtain the cultivation resources while forbidding the elders from exploiting the disciples.

Although Ruby guessed one among the 4 other strongest people in her sect, she never expected Bai Li as that disciple when she heard her old Sect master's words.

She sighed in distress and didn't bother to imagine anything as she was only an inner disciple. As for whether her sect could stop the truth from spreading, with all of these people presence here, that would seem near impossible.

Meanwhile, Ouyang Lanyu kept giving pleading glances toward Hou while worrying whether her Clan could rescue her when she discovered fear within Patriarch Min's eyes.

Just as she prepared to beg, Hou pinched her lips with his fingers stopping her words in her mouth.

He spoke showing a cunning smile and glittering eyes while signalling the beautiful dancers and singers to resume their performance.

"Let's watch the geezers show."

As the music started to echo around the stadium, everyone held their breath and stared at the Ouyang Patriarch Min to see his reaction.

Just like they suspected, once the music began, something triggered within Ouyang Patriarch Min as he released his aura sweeping toward the entire stadium.

Suddenly, Ouyang Patriarch Min raised his hand above his head and gathered a massive amount of Qi at his index finger.

Once the tip of his index finger glowed and twinkled in a bright radiance, he directed the massive Qi toward the high above the stadium.

Just like a laser beam, in an instant, the Qi reached high above the stadium and dispersed in every direction.

Thousands of meteoroids appeared out of nowhere and floated high above the stadium.

Each meteoroid seemed as if ready to descend and strike on everyone in the stadium.

When the sea of people discovered the shadows shrouding over them, they looked up in the air and froze upon seeing the sight.

Instantly, they panicked and tried to run away from the stadium.

But, Ouyang Patriarch Min let out a loud hysterical roar.

"Since it has come to this, everyone should die here."

As his roar reverberated in the stadium, those meteoroids one after another descended toward everyone with an explosive speed, resembling a start of the Armageddon.

All the weak people became terrified and fell to the ground as their trembling legs petrified on the ground. Hence, they only waited and watched those meteoroids approach in front of their horrified eyes.

While the powerful people formed a barrier around them and braced themselves for the impact.

Meanwhile, Hou buried his head on Ouyang Lanyu's bosom as if scared of the sight, yet he had a sly grin plastered on his face.

Ye Wan glanced at those descending meteoroids and chuckled with a mocking smile before she stomped on the ground with her bony leg, creating a tiny shock wave which slowly enlarged and swept outwards to all the direction.

Before long, the shock wave shrouded the entire people and formed a thin coated barrier to block all of those descending meteoroids.

One after another, all the meteoroids landed on the barrier exploding in a thunderous bang shaking the whole stadium.

Yet the thin barrier stood aloof with no sign of crack nor ripples while protecting everyone within it.

After a while, the explosion came to an end with only the dust sweeping above the barrier.

Meanwhile, when the explosion occurred, everyone lost their hearing for a moment. Find authorized novels in Webnovel, faster updates, better experience, Please click <a href=""></a> for visiting.

However, they didn't bother instead seemed relieved and happy as they jumped and cheered in joy for surviving from the near death moment.

Afterwards, they glared toward the centre with their murderous gazes once they remembered the culprit.

But the sight startled them when they spotted no sign of Ouyang Patriarch Min.

Ye Wan laughed and disappeared into a thin air.

Instantly, she appeared high above the stadium up in the clouds and mocked.

"Little Min, do you expect me to fall for your trick?"

In front of her, Ouyang Patriarch Min, Bu Feng and the handsome mid-aged man stood floating in the air.

When Ouyang Patriarch Min had roared, he signalled Bu Feng and the handsome mid-aged man to escape once the opening appeared on the impact.

However, they never expected the thin barrier would also block them from leaving outside.

Hence, they spent a long time to create a tiny hole in the barrier and finally escaped before the explosion ended.

But, Ye Wan didn't allow them to escape and caught up with them before they could decide a direction.

With a grim expression, Ouyang Patriarch Min motioned Bu Feng and the handsome mid-aged man for a decisive battle with Ye Wan.

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