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Chapter 96: The Wedding I

Inside the ceremonial stadium

A bustling sea of people was chatting and enjoying a lively atmosphere while a few beautiful ladies were singing and dancing in the middle of the stadium.

Just beside them, was a highlighted spot with a long-decorated table and chairs while tiny gems glittered on the floor.

A beautiful lady wearing a white bridal gown and a handsome young man in a black groom outfit was sitting on the highlighted spot without speaking with each other.

Today was their wedding day, however, their faces seemed unwilling and bitter with a fake smile.

A few youths were cursing at the groom's luck for getting such a beautiful wife while wondering whether they too would find one for themselves.

Slowly, Hou, Lily, Long Anqi, and Ying Yue entered the ceremonial stadium.

When the sea of people detected their presence, everyone halted their action and remained silent.

The entire stadium became as quiet as pin drop silence.

Hou swept his gaze around everyone before nodding his head in approval seeing their numbers for the wedding.

At least 10,000 people stood in the stadium, from young to the old age but everyone were a cultivator.

Everyone heaved a sigh in relief once they saw him giving a nod as this was the first time in their lives, they got a payment only to attend a wedding.

The payment was rare resources enough to cultivate for a few months.

Slowly, the liveliness return to the stadium.

While a few people opened a path for Hou toward the centre of the stadium. Find authorized novels in Webnovel, faster updates, better experience, Please click <a href=""></a> for visiting.

As Hou and the girls reached the centre, a fatty appeared and bowed them in respect.

Hou ignored the fatty and walked toward the bride and the groom before hugging them.

He squeezed and sat between them while he placed his arms around the bride's shoulder.

To everyone, he seemed just like a little brother showing his affection, however, the bride and groom shuddered in fear watching the devil sitting with them.

Lily, Long Anqi and Ying Yue also sat beside them while the fatty stood in front of Hou peeking toward a corner of the stadium.

Hou noticed the fatty's action and followed his gaze toward the corner.

He spotted 5 old men sitting and drinking wine with a solemn expression on their faces.

When he recognized those old men, he understood the reason for fatty's action. He grabbed a fruit from the table and spoke in a casual tone.

"Fatty Hai, stop mopping over the past. Although the trial ground seemed better, that place was a prison. So, I turned this whole rocky mountain into a small town for you. Now you could enjoy your life with your loved ones."

Fatty Hai bowed toward Hou and left to complete his work while inwardly he rebutted Hou as he didn't care about the trial ground.

Fatty Hai had never expected himself to meet Hou again.

Hence, Fatty Hai hated those old men for taking the trial ground as their payments since he had to work for Hou again.

As for Hou, he became pleased with Fatty Hai for gathering those 5 old men here, High Stage Sovereign Mortal experts.

Time slowly ticked as everyone waited for the wedding to begin however, Hou did not announce the wedding ceremony instead seemed like waiting for something.

Only the powerful people and the hired guards knew the reason, so they waited and peered their sights toward the exit.

An hour later, a mass of people entered the stadium startling everyone as they wondered why those people appeared here in their battle armour on the happy occasion.

Those mass of people scanned around the stadium before they found the bride in the centre spot.

With a loud shout, 3 people instantly sprinted and appeared in front of the bride.


Ouyang Lanyu did not respond to them instead glanced toward Hou next to her.

Hou showed his smug grin toward the new arrival a silver-haired old man, a handsome mid-aged man and a young man.

He moved his face toward Ouyang Lanyu and licked her beautiful cheek as he teased the young man.

"Sneaky bastard, will you stab me in my back again?"

The young man froze and examined Hou's face before absurdly his complexion changed in disbelief when he recognized him.

With a trembling hand, the young man pointed his finger toward Hou and asked in a stuttering voice. However, he quickly withdrew his arm remembering the past.

"How did you survive from the endless flames?"

The young man clearly remembered his grand elder saying Hou had no way of escaping from the endless flames since even his grand elder would not survive there for a week.

So, the young man only ordered to gather the information from the ancient ruin for a week whether anyone appeared from the endless flames.

However, once the young man found no signs of Hou on the report, he thought Hou died there and completely forgot about him.

Now the young man understood because of him, the entire situation happened.

His complexion turned furious and malicious as he took a step and prepared to attack Hou.

Suddenly, a hand appeared and slapped on the young man's face plummeting him on the ground.

The silver-haired old man walked rubbing his palms as he glared with his cold eyes at the young man.

"Bastard Xiang Chu, so, you caused the entire mess."

Just as the silver-haired old man picked the young man and seemed ready to trash him, an old man appeared and caught the silver-haired old man's hand.

"Senior Min, please quell your angry. We should not waste our time on him instead deal with that brat."

Ouyang Patriarch Min glanced at the old man and suppressed his anger while releasing the young man from his grips.

"Bu Feng, this matter won't end here and your disciple can forget marrying Lanyu."

Bu Feng nodded his head while pondering whether he should force Xiang Chu to enter closed cultivation for a few years.

Ouyang Patriarch Min glared Hou with a deadly stare as he walked toward him.

He spoke in a bone-chilling voice.

"Little brat, everything happened between you and Xiang Chu."

"How dare you involve our Lanyu in your mess?"

Hou climbed onto Ouyang Lanyu and sat on her lap while letting out his hysterical laughter.

"Ha, Ha ha ha."

"Old geezer, why don't you check around the stadium and say it again?"

Both Ouyang Patriarch Min and Bu Feng scanned the entire stadium when they heard his words.

They discovered each person attending here for the wedding very familiar and well-known person.

The sight startled them seeing almost a quarter of the famous people in the entire Ice Empire.

However, they showed a disdain and mocking smile toward Hou since they knew no one among those people would dare to battle them here till death.

Furthermore, only a few could match them and those were their friends.

Ouyang Patriarch Min shouted toward everyone in a loud voice while keeping his eyes on Hou.

"Who among you would dare to defend this kid?"

As soon as his voice died, out of nowhere, 5 old men appeared beside Hou just like a ghost.

A tattered-clothed old man resembling a beggar spoke in a bitter voice.

"Brother Min, why would you involve yourself in the youngster mess?"

"If you had taken the advice from Shadowless Sect, we would not have to involve ourselves here."

Meanwhile, around 200 people flashed and surrounded the disciples and elders of Ouyang Clan and Black Wind Sect.

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