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Chapter 11: They're My Close Aunts

Miss Lily was smiling so brightly and her eyes couldn't stop roaming around all of those big Clan's and Sect's VIP rooms.

She knew her commission gained from the main event couldn't compare to all of those profits generated from the normal auction for a year.

Three items were placed on the big trolley for today's main event, covered with a different coloured-cloth for each one; red for item no.47, black for item no.48 and gold for item no.49.

Even auction Guardians were standing right next to her before she even revealed the items.

Feeling somewhat excited and nervous, she looked at one Guardian besides her and nodded at him.

That Guardian clapped his hand yet it created an ear-splitting sound which silenced all the uproar in the whole auction hall.

Finally, miss Lily stepped forward.

In a slow motion, she unveiled a red cloth from the item no. 47 while all the bewildering gazes where focused on the item. Every alchemist froze and held their breath looking at item no.47, including miss Nina.

It was an ancient cauldron, although slightly damaged with twined dragon-headed engravings and long-lost ancient symbol with the formation arrays that released all the previous owners' aura.

If someone looked in the eyes of the twined dragon head, he or she would feel like they were sucked inside and refined as a material.

Miss Lily sighed in relief after seeing these reactions. She waited for them to catch their breath for a few minutes before explaining its origin.

"Before I say anything, this is a damaged ancient cauldron and cannot use for refining pills anymore."

"Some roaming cultivators group accidentally found it at Forbidden Northern Zone."

"Some might've read in the ancient books about this cauldron. An unknown Monarch crafted it and known as Twin dragon-headed: Heavenly Mortal Grade Mid Rank 2."

"From generation to generation, someone has passed this ancient cauldron down."

"These remaining powerful auras leaking out is the living proof."

"Furthermore, Sovereign Jun from the Rain Forest Academy has authenticated it."

"Some of you might think why we're auctioning this damaged ancient cauldron here."

"However, this cauldron is the most valued item sought after by the alchemists as it allows them to encounter enlightenment and help them breakthrough to next grade."

"Bidding starts from 100 gold and minimum raise is also 100 gold, please bid."





At the front of the stage, a man stood up and bid while ogling at miss Lily.

"500 gold."

The man was followed by another bid with another raising on the bid. Only the bidding voices continuously rang inside the hall until it reached 8,500 gold. Then the bid slowed down. But everyone knew it was finally the stage for the real bidder.

Elder Mu looked relaxed and uninterested while sipping his wine and watching the ongoing bid.

With an anxious look, Miss Nina checked her pouch again and again while Hou peeked at her pouch and her wavering expression in amusement.

With a loud voice, a brute young youth stood up and said,

"Hong Clan bids 10,000 gold."

Right before the brute youth sat down, someone raised the bid from VIP room no.15.


With an angry glare, the brute youth stared at VIP room no.15 but reluctantly sat down.

Hou glimpsed at VIP room no.15 before watching miss Lily's greedy expression.

When no more sound came, miss Lily tried to lift her hammer to count.

With an aloof voice, a bid came from VIP room no.4, interrupting miss Lily.


As soon as the aloof voice died, an arrogant mocking voice came from VIP room no.5.

"30,000. A little girl from the Wang clan, are you trying to show off your little money in front of your aunt Wei?"

As if turned deaf, an aloof voice ignored the taunt and raised the bid again.


The arrogant voice only snorted and raised the bid again.


Elder Mu looked at both VIP rooms no. 4 & 5 and then sighed in helplessness.

Anyway, he was only accompanying Elder Mo here.

Meanwhile, hearing those voices, Miss Nina was startled and had a shocked expression.

She realised it was hopeless to outbid those geniuses.

Those two people were from Wang Clan and Wei Clan. Wang Clan is the 2nd strongest Clan and Wei Clan is the 3rd strongest Clan in this Red Mist City.

The aloof voice's owner was Wang Ming, the most talented genius, at the Peak Stage Spirit Origin Realm at 19 years in Wang Clan, also the beloved disciple of the Clan head.

The other arrogant voice's owner was Wei Wei, as talented as Wang Ming, also in the Peak Stage Spirit Origin Realm at 20 years.

She herself considered Wang Ming as her rival but didn't like standing next to her.

She is also the beloved daughter of the Clan head.

As miss Nina abandoned bidding, she heard Hou whispering at her.

"Big sis Nina, do you want that ancient cauldron?"

She felt conflicted but still gave a nod. Hou showed his creepy grin at her before shouting in a loud voice.

"I bid 60,100 gold. Aunt Ming and Aunt Wei, Long time no see, I hope you both let me join this game too."

Total silence remained in the entire hall. Most people glanced at VIP rooms no. 4 & 5 for their reaction to watch the show. But only to found them staying mum.

They looked at the VIP room no.10 and tried to guess their Clan.

Aunt Ming and Aunt Wei inwardly cursed at the mid-aged fat plump man for giving them the wrong information.

Yesterday they sent their servant to ask him if any Liu Clan member attends today's auction.

The mid-aged fat plump man replied none as no one came to reserve a room for Liu Clan.

As a regular person in the auction, they recognized his voice.

It was the rumoured weird crazy baby. The also prodigal baby.

If he didn't win, he'd stalk them for a few weeks. He'd follow them everywhere including the bath. Since he was just a baby, they didn't feel bothered much that time. But, that was the biggest mistakes of their life when they heard him describe their sizes to those perverted old-men and lecherous young masters in the city.

Finally, they mentally broke down.

Even though they wanted to thrash him till he begs them but didn't dare because of his background. Find authorized novels in Webnovel, faster updates, better experience, Please click <a href=";re-my-close-aunts_29252072897570312">;re-my-close-aunts_29252072897570312</a> for visiting.

Thus, they always tried to avoid this plague and if they couldn't, they'd give him whatever he wanted. From then on until he stopped following them.

Recalling those weeks of hell, both simultaneously stood up and declared.

"I give up."

"I give up."

After seeing both backings off from the bid, other didn't even try to bid and let it end for the next item.

Miss Lily threw a disappointed look at VIP rooms no. 4 & 5 before declaring with her hammer.

Just like that, Hou won the bid, all-the-while with a speechless expression, Miss Nina stared at him and asked,

"Little stalker, do you know them?"

"Of course, they're my close aunts. We've become very close to each other. We hang out a lot and play a lot of games."

"They even give me expensive gifts when they see me."

Obviously, he was lying shamelessly, however, miss Nina believed him, since the Liu clan were close with the Wang and Wei Clan. They also ran some business together.

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