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Chapter 34: Training

As soon as Hou entered the 4th floor, he saw a green-coloured hair robust old-man standing like statue and wore a red coloured cloak.

A youth around 17 years who was a lot similar to the robust old-man also stood next to him.

They were waiting for him.

Hou slowly approached him but this time he didn't sit in front the grand elder like others.

But instead stood on a dashing position while thinking if this grand elder also talks a lot like previous ones then he'll directly run out of the hall.

The robust grand elder looked at him before laughing out loud.

"Stupid brat, I know what you are thinking so stop trying to run from here."

"I won't say anything nonsense here but actually will teach combat techniques to you."

"So little brat, what do you think?"

As soon as Hou heard that, he relaxed his body and smiled while his eyes glowed.

The robust grand elder saw that he didn't plan to leave so introduced himself while grinning before starting.

"From now on you will call this old man as grand elder Wu, First every combat technique needs strong physical strength and experiences."

"So we'll directly start with some real combat. Little Zan, Beat the shit out him so he can learn to fight from the pain."

Zan was the youth standing next to the grand elder Wu.

Before Hou could protest, Zan dashed in front and beat the shit out of him.

Finally, after 2 hours of begging, crying, threatening and cursing, Hou slowly left limping toward the next floor while coldly staring at the duo. However, before he left, grand elder Wu passed a scroll with set combat technique to Lily to pass him at the top floor.

Next, he came to floor 5th, there was a red-coloured hair old-woman wearing a purple-coloured cloak waiting for him at the corner of the room.

He directly came in front and sat opposite her before ordering Lily while totally ignoring her as she didn't exist there.

"Lily, massage me on my back." Find authorized novels in Webnovel, faster updates, better experience, Please click <a href=""></a> for visiting.

After he closed his eyes and slept.

Suddenly, the water completely drenched him, waking him up.

He looked around oddly before staring at the red-coloured hair old-woman.

With an amusing gaze, the red-coloured hair old woman stared at him while the water was circling and floating above her hand. She slyly said.

"Little brat, you can sleep again if you want, I still got more water for you."

Hou felt like punching the old woman, however, he was hurting so bad and couldn't care less about anything.

Even so he still arrogantly said.

"Old hag, hurry and say what you are going teach me here. If it requires me to get beaten, you better pray, I don't get to revenge on you later."

The red-coloured hair old woman giggled and said.

"Little brat, you better call me grand elder Shui or you won't get to rest after coming from the 4th floor."

"Anyway, I'll teach you to control your attribute freely and use it on combat."

"Since you've fire attribute, try to feel fire Qi within your body before-----

However, Hou showed a disdained smile, so he channelled fire Qi in his hand and a small red fire appeared on his hand.

Once he did that, the already-talking-grand elder Shui halted her words before getting a daze seeing the red fire.

Seeing her reacting, he knew he already mastered whatever she was trying to teach him.

Hence, he sprinted toward the top floor while grand elder Shui looked at his back without saying anything.

At the top floor, there was no one hence Hou asked Lily to let him sleep on her lap.

Finally, after a few hours, Hou woke up and took out the Rhythm Heart Breathing Scroll from his sleeves before reading it.

"If you're reading this, it means you're considered as the most talented and genius in the clan."

"This scroll contains the skills which I've made during my journey experiencing around the world."

"I've combined the breathing technique from different spirit beasts and made this skill into the most formidable technique I've ever seen."

"First step you must feel the source of your attribute within your body. The source of your attribute locates at dantian."

"First, on each heartbeat, you need to take a breath and gather the fire Qi toward your dantian. Once you gather, on next heartbeat, exhale your breath out while releasing all those gathered fire Qi from the source toward every part of your body. After you completely refine the fire Qi inside your dantian, slowly a core will form inside your dantian."

"The second step, you must use the fire Qi from the core inside your dantian and refine your soul on each heartbeat. Once you completely succeed, you can start to with next step."

"Third Step you must use the fire Qi from the core and refine your every part of your entire body on each heartbeat. Once you have completed, begin with the next step."

"Fourth Step you must also use the fire Qi from the core on each heartbeat and refine your blood to make it purer on each hard beat. Once you complete, proceed to the next step."

"Fifth step you must also use the fire Qi from the core on each heartbeat but use it to expand your meridian vein inside your body. Once you expand all your meridian, the aura will leak out of the body. After you've completely reached the limit, you can step on the sixth step."

"Sixth step you must use the fire Qi from the core on each heartbeat and form a new core at your heart. Once you form a core at your heart, you'll gather and store heavenly Qi inside that core."

"Seventh step you must use the fire Qi from both the cores and refine them at the same time on each heartbeat. Once you finish refining, you'll complete the seventh step."

"Eighth step, I could only create up to the seventh step so if you complete 7th step, you'll need self-create the skill further. I hope you'll succeed to reach the height that I couldn't reach."

"Work hard and good luck, my descendant."

After Hou read the scroll, he followed through the instruction. He closed his eyes and focused to gather all the fire Qi to move toward his dantian in a heartbeat. Little by little he gathered but fail to complete in a heartbeat.

After 5 hours of trying, he finally completed successfully and reached Early Stage Mortal Origin Realm.

When he opened his eyes and stood up, he saw Lily passing him the combat set technique manual she got it from grand elder Wu.

He opened it and flip through the pages it before closing it again. It was combat set technique at Low Rank 4 Origin Mortal Realm.

Just as he was going to burn it down, he remembered the beating.

So, he reluctantly read the scroll. It had only 5 sets of skill.

"First was punch: Without using any attribute Qi, using only your arm and waist strength, punch hard with your fist. As long as you practice for million times, you'll master it."

"Second was Front kick: Without using any attribute Qi, lift your knee and snap your lower leg into your target. Practice this for a million times if you want to master it.

"Third was Dodge: dodging requires running stamina so run 50km every day till you stop losing breath.

"Fourth was Block: Without using any attribute Qi, for this, you need real combat experiences so take a beating while blocking the hits. Once you block every hit and stop feeling pain, you will master it.

"Fifth was Jump: Without using any attribute Qi, carry 500kg training weight boots and jump around till you jump higher than 10 meters.

Once he finished it, he burned the manual before returning to his courtyard.

He had no plan to waste his time doing these useless things.

After Hou and Lily return to the courtyard, Mother Bing called them to get in the training room.

Mother Bing sat beside a small pool in the training room.

Many various spirit plants and medicines filled the small pool. The water inside the pool looked crystal-clear as there was nothing mixed in it however the smell of the medicine was clearly inside the training room.

Hou and Lily entered the room. Once mother Bing saw them, she told them.

"Hou, from today, you'll come here after returning from the library."

"Get undress and meditate inside the pool while circulating your breathing technique."

Hou undressed before entering into the water.

Afterwards slyly looked at Lily and said.

"Lily, get undress and come inside too."

Lily hesitated for a moment before removing her dress and entered the pool.

While mother Bing didn't say anything but only sighed and left them alone.

Hou leered at her chest before shaking his head and closed his eyes.

Soon, he meditated following the Rhythm Heartbeat technique.

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