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Chapter 79: Waking Up

Outside the trial ground

Few people stood and gazed at the entrance gate, particularly a small hole at the centre.

Earlier, they heard a loud shriek before something flashed in front of the gate and penetrated through the centre, leaving a small hole.

Suddenly, the massive suppressive aura disappeared around the area.

Hence, few people rushed here to check though they didn't dare to enter the trial ground.

After all, they didn't understand all the changes happening inside the ancient ruins. So, they waited for newcomers to test the water before taking any actions.

A week passed, in front of the entrance gate, a crowd of people gathered and waited in silence.

Just when a burly youth lost his patience and stepped towards the small hole.

Suddenly, two tiny sparks flashed and transformed into two youths.

Everyone discovered them and became surprised before laughing in joy and relief.

A person approached them, however, those youths sprinted away from the entrance gate bothering nothing.

They had terrified and dreadful expressions on their faces.

A few people followed behind them, they were their guards and elders.

Even though those guards and elders asked them a few questions, both youths only ignored them and headed straight towards the exit.

As for the actual reason for such reaction, a week ago, a dreadful figure entered the trial ground and shattered their blissful life.

For a whole month, they discovered no one entering the trial ground, so they thought the entire place as theirs.

Furthermore, they found so many spirit plants, flowers and fruits, literally they ate them like candies every day.

Also, the Heavenly Qi was so much purer here, they already broke through Mid Stage Earth Origin Realm.

As for the battle experience, they would stroll and fight a few spirit beasts once a day.

However, a powerful explosion occurred and shattered the whole sky into pieces before a flaming figure appeared there.

The flaming figure looked so dreadful along with huge red wings and an enormous purple fire sphere in the dark sky.

Abruptly, a forceful aura swept outwards in every corner with a shocking momentum, suppressing every living being on the ground.

Afterwards, the flaming figure dropped on the ground and passed through those youths in a distance before disappearing toward the cliffs.

However, an intense dreadful feeling crept on them.

Even after the suppression vanished, they didn't show a slight movement and remained rooted on the ground for a week.

Once the sky recovered into its original shape and brightness lit the whole sky, they regained their sense.

Hence, instantly they escaped towards the exit without hesitation. Find authorized novels in Webnovel, faster updates, better experience, Please click <a href=""></a> for visiting.

Meanwhile, the flaming figure entered a cave at the cliffs and fell to the ground beside the purple fire sphere.

Slowly, the flames dissipated, leaving the figure completely naked.

Back to the current time, after those youths left, everyone dashed towards the small hole.

However, only below Sky Origin Realm could enter.

Hence, everyone dispersed to bring either their disciples or young masters or misses.

Though they wanted to keep it a secret, it still spread everywhere like a wildfire.

Before long, a lot of the young people entered the trial ground.

At the cliff, a fat boy and two teen girls peered at the caves and searched for a suitable one.

When they entered one cave, the two teen girls let out a loud high-pitched scream.

They discovered a naked body lying on the ground beside a huge purple fire sphere.

The scream woke the naked body, in an instant, the body appeared in front of them and choked the teen girls' neck.

A pair of cold eyes glared at them, scaring the life out of them.

The eyes had a double ring of white coloured pupils.

Suddenly, the fat boy called in a stuttering tone, while one girl also spoke but in a pained voice.

"Young master Hou."

"Master Hou."

When Hou scanned their faces and remember them, he released his hands from those girls' neck.

Afterwards, he closed his eyes and recalled everything before examining his surroundings.

When he discovered the huge purple fire sphere, he walked over and touched it.

A faint heartbeat came out, he appeared confused as he sensed a familiar aura slightly leaking out it.

On the next heartbeat, he froze when he recognized the aura.

It was Lily's aura.

He jumped and hugged the purple fire sphere, with an overjoyed expression and teary eyes.

Meanwhile, the other teen girl shot a questioning look at the fat boy and the teen girl.

However, noticing their silence and faces, she knew the kid was someone powerful with some background.

So, she too stood in silence and waited for the kid.

After a while, Hou turned toward them and posed a question.

"Fatty Hai and Gu Qing, what are you guys doing here?"

Fatty Hai hurriedly took off his upper cloth and passed it to Hou before answering him.

"Now, every single person knows the news about this ancient ruin and the trial ground."

"So, many people entered and cleared the dangerous spirit beasts here, decreasing the danger level here."

"Once our elders knew the trial ground opened again, they send us along with all the best disciple here."

"Even though the rare resources are decreasing daily, this trial ground is still the best cultivation place for our Realm. So, we arrived here to stay in a closed cultivation for a couple months."

"How about young master Hou? Are you also cultivating here?"

However, Hou only listened to his story and ignored his question.

Afterwards, he glimpsed at the purple fire sphere before examining his body.

When he discovered no changes and still at Peak Stage Spirit Origin Realm, he decided to breakthrough to the next realm.

However, he still needed to do something.

He glanced at them and said in a cold voice.

"From today, you three will stay and guard outside the whole place within 200 metres. If anyone enters, kill them without hesitation."

Then, he formed a massive weapon Qi and thrust it towards outside the cave.

The weapon Qi landed exactly at 200 metres distance.

Afterwards, he sat in a lotus position and closed his eyes.

Fatty Hai and Gu Qing dragged the other girl toward the weapon Qi.

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