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Chapter 91: Where is Ban?

Ouyang Clan Head grabbed the paper and kept reading the text in total disbelief.

Just as those arrogant people standing in front tried to spoke, Ouyang Clan Head bellowed out loud resounding in the entire mansion.

"Damn Bu Feng, if your disciple doesn't return my daughter, I'll trample on your Sect."

With his murderous eyes, he cast a glance at those arrogant people and spoke in a hoarse voice.

"Thrash them and send them to the Black Wind Sect with a warning."

"If Bu Feng doesn't come here in person with my daughter and his 5th disciple Ban, he should prepare coffins for his Sect."

Instantly, a few shadows flashed from each corner of the hall and pummelled those arrogant people to the ground.

Soon, begging and crying voices filled the hall before someone dragged those people out the hall.

As for the rest people, they trembled and nervously waited for an order.

After remaining in silence for a long time, Ouyang Clan Head scanned the hall and spoke in a frosty voice.

"Pay whatever price to the Shadowless Sect and get all the information about this kid, Hou. Bring me his location within an hour."

All of those people hastily dispersed and ran in a rapid speed leaving only windy noises.

Half a day later, they all returned with a grave and bewildered expressions on their faces.

All of them kneeled on the ground and remained silent.

With annoyance, displeased and impatience, Ouyang Clan Head shouted in a furious voice.

"What is it?"

Everyone shuddered in fear yet none dare to speak.

Once Ouyang Clan Head saw no one speaking anything, he lost his control and burst his powerful aura toward them, slamming them on the ground.

Finally, one among them opened his mouth and let out a weak voice.

"The Shadowless Sect refused to sell the kid's information even after we offered 10 million gold."

"Instead, they sold us advice for a million gold."

Ouyang Clan Head appeared shocked and baffled hearing his words.

He frowned and asked in a heavy tone.

"What is the advice?"

That person hesitated for a split second and responded to him in fear.

"Do not involve your Clan in the mess."

Instantly, Ouyang Clan Head slapped that person into the air before slamming him to the wall with a swift kick.

An angry roar echoed changing the hall to an overbearing atmosphere.

"You useless idiots, instead of bringing his information, you lot got a gall to buy such nonsense advice."

"How can I sit on the sideline when that kid kidnapped my daughter and already involved us?"

"Summon all the disciples and send them to search each corner in the entire Empire.

"As for elders and grand elders, notify them to prepare for a battle."

Meanwhile, on the rocky mountain.

A dazed lady watched ahead at the 4 figures chatting and drinking wine in joy at a shade.

She walked toward them and asked in disbelief.

"Ban, can you stop joking and return me to my home?"

Hou cast a disdained glance at Ouyang Lanyu and mocked.

"Stupid lady, where is Ban?" Find authorized novels in Webnovel, faster updates, better experience, Please click <a href=""></a> for visiting.

"I'm Hou, your kidnapper."

"Sit with us and enjoy the wine before the show."

Meanwhile, Lily, Long Anqi, and Ying Yue pitied for her luck but didn't seem to stop Hou.

Once Ouyang Lanyu realised everything was real, she tried to run.

But, Hou appeared next to her and grabbed her before kicking on her butt.

She crashed with a bang to the ground beside their seat.

With a dishevelled appearance, she shot a cold glare at Hou yet he only ignored and sat on his seat before gulping his wine in a shot.

Suddenly, Ouyang Lanyu threatened him.

"Little brat, do you know what you are doing?"

"Once my father learns about this, the whole Ouyang Clan would search and hunt you."

"If you release and return me to my home, I'll forget everything happened today."

Hou showed his weird smile and replied in a casual tone.

"Not only Ouyang Clan, Black Wind Sect would also learn about your kidnapping today. However, they would never find me unless I reveal myself."

"You should rethink your situation and stop intimidating me with your clan since I dared to kidnap you knowing everything."

She crouched on the ground, shaking and unable to comprehend why only misfortunes befall on her, one after another.

First, her forced marriage and now kidnapping.

Tears poured from her eyes while she let out soft sobbing noises.

After a while, she wiped her tears and glared at him with her clear eyes before questioning him to clear her doubts.

"Why did you kidnap me?"

When Hou stared at her clear eyes and caught no sign of fear, it startled him for a split second.

Even so, instead of replying to her question, he asked her a question.

"Do you remember the short story?"

She nodded her head before staring at him with a shocked expression once she recalled his words.

With a doubtful thought, she asked.

"Are you that righteous kid from the story?"

Hou showed his bright smile toward her.

Instantly, she stood up fuming in anger and pointed at him with her trembling index finger.

"How could the righteous kid kidnap an innocent lady like me?"

"Were you also lying about the story?"

While Lily spat wine from her mouth and stared at Ouyang Lanyu as if she was looking at an idiot.

How could she believe his nonsensical story?

With a slightly red face, Hou blinked his innocent eyes and spoke in a hurt voice.

"How can you doubt my story?"

"I said everything in a complete truth."

"If you don't believe, you could visit the ancient ruin and ask everyone there."

"I almost lost my life because of your fiance."

"Also, you told me earlier, I should take my revenge on them."

"That why I didn't hesitate nor feel guilty kidnapping you."

Ouyang Lanyu became speechless listening to his shameless words.

She controlled her urges to charge at him.

Afterwards, she sat and closed her eyes completely ignoring him.

She believed her Clan would rescue her soon.

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