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Chapter 82: Winners

A ferocious battle between the 3 figures was going on for an hour.  

Slight bruises and injuries were visible though not fatal.  

Occasionally, one figure would unleash a life-threatening strike at others.  

However, they seemed evenly matched and would block or evade the strike at the last moment.  

Therefore, the battle showed no sign of ending.  

While the people crowding around them were shouting curses or rooting for them in loud voices.  

After all, this battle was the most discussed and awaited battle between the senior brothers.  

Hou merely glanced at the battle before losing his interest.  

Even though the battle appeared ferocious and interesting than the usual battle, he discovered they had not mastered their skills properly and clearly lacked battle experiences.  

Hence, he took a step to leave the place and not waste his time.  

Although those senior brothers fought each other with no distraction, they still kept their eyes on Hou.  

When they noticed him leaving, they panicked thinking they needed to end the battle sooner.  

Hence, the brute boy and the thin boy shot a meaningful glance at each other.  

 Without a single hesitation, they both gathered all their Qi and relentlessly attacked the handsome boy with a powerful blow one after another.    Find authorized novels in Webnovel, faster updates, better experience, Please click <a href=""></a> for visiting.

The sudden change halted all the loud shouting and cheering noises.  

Hou too stopped his step and shifting his sight to their battle.  

A slight sly smile formed on his face when he saw those 2 boys together thrashing the other boy.  

He sat on the ground and waited for the result.  

After a while, the brute boy and the thin boy stopped and glared at each other with a serious expression.    

They raised one hand above their head and shouted out loud.  




In an instant, they formed a hand sign and displayed it.  

The brute boy had Rock sign while the thin boy had scissors sign.  

When the brute boy realized he won, he let out a wild hysterical laughter.  

Meanwhile, all the onlookers became rendered speechless and stared at them with their eyes wide open.  

Only after hearing the wild laughter, did they recover their sense.  

Instantly a loud, angry, cheering and joyous uproar resonated in the whole battleground.  

A few people cheered and jumped in joy with their greedy expression plastered all over their faces since they won the bet.  

While few people sprinted toward the battle platform while hailing their curses with dejected faces. After all, they bet on the losers.  

Meanwhile, a pale girl puked a mouth full of blood before falling and fainting on the ground.  

A trembling boy and a badly beaten boy approached the girl before carrying her and leaving the place with reluctant and pained expression.  

They were the same betting stake boys.  

Even though they knew the reason for their senior brothers' actions and the scheme beforehand, they still felt marrying such an arrogant girl would only create more troubles for them.  

Just as the trembling boy inwardly gloated at the badly beaten boy, a loud childish voice froze his thoughts.  

"So, since you both won against the handsome boy, will both your junior brothers marry that girl?"  

Hearing his voice, everyone halted and remained in silence.  

The brute boy also froze, his laughter stopped, while the thin boy stared at Hou in shock.  

Meanwhile, the handsome boy almost puked blood from his mouth and glared at Hou with furious eyes. Yet he didn't dare to attack him out of fear.  

However, before those senior brothers could speak, Hou once again spoke.  

"Since you cheated and won, both your junior brothers have to marry her and become one happy family. I hope to see their babies next year."  

Afterwards, Hou disappeared from the battleground.  

While the trembling boy turned paler and paler before looking at the badly beaten boy beside him.  

He cursed his fate and regretted ever meeting the badly beaten boy and the unconscious girl.  

Just when he thought he dodged a bullet, it curved and landed right into his heart.  

If he knew this would happen, he would not have begged his senior brother to lose the fight.  

The night before, his senior brother told him everything about the bet and asked for his opinion.   

Even though he found the girl very attractive and beautiful, he didn't want to marry an arrogant and narcissistic girl.  

Hence, he instantly begged not to win and promised to pay a hefty sum of rare resources to his senior brother.   

Meanwhile, the badly beaten boy only glimpsed at him with his malicious eyes and pondered over something since he would not share his woman.  

The brute boy and the thin boy glanced at each other and sighed in relief.  

As long as the result pleased Hou, they wouldn't care whether both their junior brothers married that girl.  

Furthermore, they could start cultivation in peace.  

Only the handsome boy stood rooted on the ground with a helpless expression.  

Although he didn't like the pale girl after learning her actions, he still promised to win the fight for her.  

Now, none of his clan disciples would give him the same respect instead they might just loathe and mock him.  

After all, he betted his junior sister and lost the fight so miserably.  

With a lifeless and humiliated expression, he walked slowly toward the trial ground's exit.  

Afterwards, everyone slowly dispersed from the battleground.  

Meanwhile, Hou reached the frozen lake and scouted for any sign of spirit beasts.  

When he discovered none, he sat down and revised his Battle Attribute Skill: Ten Thousand Heart Strike.  

As for the actual reasons, once he saw those senior brothers fighting without mastering their skills completely, he realized he too needed to master his skills.  

Hence, he came here to practice since he didn't know when Lily would recover and come out.  

He circulated his Qi and instantly formed 10 weapons Qi above his head.  

Then, he closely examined those weapons Qi before striking it toward the ground at a 10-meter distance.  

Afterwards, he once again formed 10 weapons Qi and rotated them around within a meter before running at a rapid speed on the frozen lake. 

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