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Chapter 46: Ying Yue

When Hou, Lily, and Long Anqi were leaving the 2nd floor, a matured lady, as beautiful as Lily and had even bigger bust than her, was looking at them and sending flirtatious glances at Hou.

Momentarily startled by her look, Hou quickly dashed to her table and sat opposite to her.

Just as he would say a word, a brute youth wearing an orange-cloak slammed on the table before shouting.

"Brat, go drink your mommy's milk, instead, let me sit here with this gorgeous lady."

A slightly annoyed expression appeared on his face when the brute youth interrupted his words, he stood up and glared at him.

His hand flickered for a sec before he smiled towards the matured lady.

However, the brute youth received a hard punch in his face before he flew out of the spot and landed beside the next table.

The brute youth stood up staggering and pointed his finger at Hou and shouted in anger.

"Meng, kill this brat."

Suddenly, a mid-aged man appeared behind the brute youth, but he didn't follow the order, instead turned his head toward the sideways.

Lily staring at them with a sly smile while Long Anqi was looking at Hou who smiling and ogling at the lady.

However, the mid-aged man understood if he tried to move any further toward Hou, both he and the brute youth would die before he could even react.

When he found his guard Meng disobeying his order and only standing behind him, he shot a cold glare at his guard and was about to shout.

But, suddenly, his guard Meng grabbed him and left the floor.

The guard startled Lily, at how fast he reacted, she only had circulated her Qi to unleash an attack on them.

She looked at the empty spot, she dissipated the circulated Qi before walking ahead with Long Anqi. Afterwards, she stood behind Hou and stared at the lady.

As if nothing happened, the matured lady glanced at Lily for a second and turned at Long Anqi before she winked at Hou and said.

"Nice to meet you, Young master Hou. I am Ying Yue, a member of the Shadowless Sect. I've been waiting here for you ever since I heard you were travelling around this area."

Her words alarmed Hou and Lily.

Hence, Hou promptly stood up and left without saying.

While Ying Yue giggled in surprise before rushing at Hou. She quickly locked her arms at his shoulders and led him upstairs to the top floor.

While Lily also wanted to know why she was waiting for them, thus she allowed her to lead them and followed behind them.

Outside the tavern.

The brute youth and his guard Meng stood in the corner. The brute youth looked at his guard Meng and asked in an angry voice.

"Damn Meng, Why didn't you kill that brat?"

"Instead, why did we leave the place?"

With a somewhat displeased and annoyed, Meng glimpsed him but still replied in a polite tone.

"Young master Ruge, If we had stayed any second longer, we would have died there. There was a Peak Stage Heavenly Origin Realm expert protecting that kid, we do not want to create any commotion here. Furthermore, we arrived here for the ancient ruin. Once we met with the rest of the elders, we can find them anyway."

After listening to his words, Zhao Ruge finally relaxed and nodded his head, however, he shot a malicious glare at the tavern before walking away.

Finally, Hou, Ying Yue, Lily and Long Anqi came to the top floor and entered a room. A huge bed placed in the centre and a dressing chamber beside it.

Hou parted apart from Ying Yue and laid his body on the bed, before staring at her eyes, as if he could peep everything hiding there.

Ying Yue showed a seductive smile before undressing herself naked and spun around her body.

She spoke in an ambiguous tone.

"Young master Hou, what should we do now?"

However, before Hou could reply, Lily quickly unsheathed the sword, making Ying Yue shudder and hastily dress.

Hou sighed and gave a relieved look at Lily before asking her in suspicion

"How do you know me?"

"And, why are you waiting for me?"

Ying Yue answered. "Our Shadowless Sect is the most known for gathering any information in the entire Ice Empire, and none were false. So when we learned that a genius emerged in Lui Clan, we begin to collect everything about you. Later, we discovered that you would be passing here. Thus I've been waiting for you here."

Hou pondered before asking again.

"But why are you waiting for me?"

"We noticed that young master Hou has remained at Peak Stage Spirit Origin Realm for a long time, Coincidentally we also obtained an intel about ancient ruins very beneficial for you. Thus, I've been here waiting to inform you about this," replied Ying Yue.

Finally understanding her words, Hou directly asked.

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His straightforwardness startled Ying Yue, however, her expression didn't waver at all.

She replied.

"Since it's our first interaction, we would give this one for free as a token of our appreciation. We hope to keep working with young master Hou."

"As for the ancient ruins, it locates within our vicinity. Just 2 days away north from here, you'll find a very old ancient ruin. It was discovered recently and a few people know about it. Reports say people spotted a few rare cultivation resources and also an enlightenment trial for breaking through Peak Stage Realm there."

"So, Young master Hou, what do you think about this information?"

Without saying anything, Hou promptly stood up and nodded his head, then headed toward the exit. Just as he stepped out, he turned his head and his body flickered for a brief second before leaving the room.

While Lily glared at Ying Yue and left with Long Anqi.

Only Ying Yue stood alone, stupefied and blushing in the room, as there was still a faint afterimage in front of her. She touched her lips and still felt a little warmth from his peck.

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Proofread by SpacePhoenix.

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